Early this morning, The Liberty Papers recorded our millionth unique visitor. A visitor from Terre Haute, Indiana. I’ve got fond memories of Terre Haute; from a mardi gras party at Rose-Hulman [I attended Purdue, but visited a friend there] and a visiting Indiana State coed… But that’s a story for another time.

The Liberty Papers was started in November 2005, just over three years ago. In the interim, we’ve written almost 3,000 posts, had nearly 27,000 comments, and the blog has grown from a little outpost on the libertarian frontier to at least a midsized suburb around the libertarian center of action.

I’d like to thank the contributors of this blog, both past and present, for everything they’ve done to make this site what it is today. I’d also like to thank the regular readers and commenters for helping to make this a conversation. Finally, of course, I’d like to thank the founder of the site, Eric, for having the thought to create The Liberty Papers in the first place.

Where are we headed in the future? I’m not sure that the roadmap is clear, but I do know that we’re kicking around ideas. We’d like to see The Liberty Papers ascend to become a more regular stop for those who appreciate liberty, as well as a site where our political opponents are welcomed for cordial debate. We’ll continue to work hard at what we do, and to try to expand the scope with new ideas and new contributors over time, and hope that one day The Liberty Papers will move out of the ‘burbs and into a mid-town high-rise.

  • Akston

    Congratulations on your milestone (megaversary?)

    I wonder if there’s an analogue to RIAA certification for websites. Probably, but I don’t know what it is offhand. I’ll go all “libertarian” on you and issue my own personal Platinum Perusal award, suitable for framing until you find the site for the industry standard version.

    Also, please delete all references to my location and particulars from your logs. That kind of information causes vibration while bouncing off my tin foil hat and gives me a headache. :-)

  • Eric

    Well, as the guy who started all this, all I can say is that I never imagined it would do this much when first paid for the domain name. Now that it has, I wonder how much more you guys can do with the blog?

    If you like the place, I accept donations. If you hate the place, I’m retired from blogging, it’s not my fault!

    Way to go guys, thanks for all of the hard work continuing this place.

  • http://robertopia.blogspot.com Robert Bell

    Way to go TLP!