The Silver Lining Of Libertarianism

Kevin Drum wonders why Republicans are recalcitrant obstructionists:

Republican senators have a modest proposal for Hilda Solis: that if she’s confirmed as Labor Secretary, she recuse herself from any advocacy for the Employee Free Choice Act.

That’s quite the suggestion. Rather like asking Robert Gates not to advocate for the armed forces, or Judd Gregg not to champion American business, or President Obama’s environmental picks not to support stricter fuel-efficiency standards. But then, Republicans’ opposition to unions is close to clinically pathological.

These guys just don’t know when to quit. Don’t they ever get embarrassed by this stuff?

You know, one of the advantages to being a libertarian is that I’ll never have to complete intellectual backflips to support my guys playing political games while then deriding my opponents’ guys for playing political games. Changing your morality to support your guys in power isn’t necessary when you’ll never have guys in power.

  • Robert Bell

    I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry.