Economic Enhancement

As reason (via Stephen Littau) informs us, all economies have “performance issues.”  Our national case of electile dysfunction has led to a stimulus package that Robert Stacy McCain says simply “won’t work.”

If we are going to continue with the sexual analogies, here’s a thought: Obama certainly isn’t going to stimulate me with a trillion-pound lady who has pork grease dripping off her chin.

If history can be used to predict the future, tomorrow’s Playboy Playmates will be even trimmer than today’s are. It’s my belief that people are more likely to pitch a political tent for a svelte fiscal policy than for an overweight and bloated one.

  • Quincy

    Everyone knows lefties are chubby chasers when it comes to fiscal policy. It’s part of their “thin guilt” for harassing people about their BMI.

  • Jeff Molby

    a trillion-pound lady with pork grease dripping off her chin.

    That’s a sexual analogy?? You’re a sick, sick man. =P

  • FatGreasyChick

    You guys know you love me for my lard — and I love people sucking on my public teat.

    Obama is such a hot, hot man.