Who must suffer so others may profit?

One of my favorite TV shows is Babylon 5.  It offered interesting plots and much to think about.  The episode “Deathwalker” comes to my mind when thinking about the stimulus.  Jha’dur, a scientist from a vanquished enemy species, has become known as “Deathwalker” for her terrifying bioweapon experiments.  Now, she appears on Babylon 5 with the promise of immortality.  The price, it is revealed, is that for every life extended another must end.  Jha’dur knew that once this discovery was available, people would turn against each other, seeking to exploit each other for their own immortality.

The stimulus strikes me as being similar to this.  Obama, Pelosi, and the other Democrats selling this plan are focusing only on the gains certain parties will see.  No one is talking about where the wealth to fund this package will come from.  Notice I said wealth, not money.  While it is easy for the government to conjure money out of thin air, it cannot do so with wealth.

So, where will the wealth for this come from?  It will come from you, me, and anyone else who holds US dollars.  All our wealth stored in dollars will be diminished via the inflation tax.  Those who have saved, invested, and otherwise sought to provide for themselves in the future will be punished.  These are the people who have provided economic stability and prosperity for the nation for two centuries.

In addition, the productive workers of the future will also be punished, as they will be the ones paying back the interest on the wealth redistributed.  The current generation of people under 35 will spend their entire working lives paying the price for the excesses of the Obama stimulus plan.

This plan is a declaration of war on those who produce wealth and live responsibly, now and into the future.  Who must suffer so others may profit?  We do.

  • http://gordonunleashed.com/blog/ Stephen Gordon

    Brilliant observation: “This plan is a declaration of war on those who produce wealth and live responsibly, now and into the future.”

  • http://pith-n-vinegar.blogspot.com/ Quincy

    Stephen –

    Thanks. Unfortunately, I know it because I’m one of the ones Obama and crew are declaring war against. As a young professional, they want to fund this thing by taking wealth away from me every day for the rest of my productive years.

    Thanks, but no thanks…

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