“Messes with Joe”

Despite President Obama’s assertion that “Nobody messes with Joe” in his speech before congress on Tuesday, does just that in this video entitled Real Man of Genius: Joe Biden

Just when we thought that with Bush being replaced by a virtually “parody proof*” Barack Obama would make life difficult for comedians, satirists, humorists, and bloggers, Joe Biden comes through in a big way! Between his goofy grin and tendency to place his foot firmly in his mouth at any moment, our new vice president is the gift which keeps giving.

Far from “No one messes with Joe,” how can anyone NOT mess with Joe?

*Some have said Obama is parody proof. I disagree. Anyone else notice when Obama stepped on Pelosi’s introduction?

  • Donna Hughes

    Steven Littau,
    I’m not familiar with this site, but if the little production above is yours then YOU, Sir are dumber than a post! Just for starters, anyone who believes that plagiarism story is uninformed of the truth of the matter and stupid if he ignorantly repeats it. The rest of it is just cheap shots.

  • tarran

    Donna, it’s a bad idea to accuse someone of being dumber than a post while demonstrating that you didn’t comprehend the first sentence he wrote.

    With that being said, this was not one of Reason TV’s finest moments.

    Of course, Biden is one of the major reasons why the war on Some Drugs, that loveable relic of Jim Crow is still wrecking lives today.

    I’ve long suspected that Biden was brought in as Obama’s insurance against assassination. As bad as Obama is, he doesn’t hold a candle to the policy disasters Biden has supported.

    That sort of insurance does not necessarily work; After all having the psycho Teddy Roosevelt as his VP did not save McKinley.

  • Stephen Littau

    Donna, you say I’m “dumber than a post”? As I indicated in the title, it was which produced the video and how do you manage to misspell my name when its spelled correctly under the title?

    As to the plagiarism story: I haven’t really looked into it. I’m sure I can find conservative sources which will claim it’s true and left leaning sources that would say otherwise. Both sides probably have some sort of “proof” to support their claim (the truth is probably somewhere in the middle). So fine, I’m uninformed on this particular issue. I bet there are quite a few issues where I am more informed than you.

    And cheap shots? It’s an attempt at humor and I found it to be funny. I bet you laughed your ass off every time David Letterman or Jon Stewart poked fun at President Bush, Sen. McCain, and Gov. Palin. Were these cheap shots? Some were and some were not.

    But you know what? It all comes with the territory of being a public figure (this is especially true for elected officials).

  • Stephen Littau

    For what it’s worth, Donna, I did find this article on the Biden plagiarism issue in Slate (Slate isn’t what I would consider a right wing website). According to this article, it was Michael Dukakis’ adviser who exposed Biden during the 1988 presidential campaign.

    At the end of the article, the author made the following statement:

    Note: In an article about plagiarism, crediting sources seems especially wise. I relied on three books about the 1988 campaign: Jack Germond and Jules Witcover’s Whose Broad Stripes and Bright Stars?: The Trivial Pursuit of the Presidency 1988; Sidney Blumenthal’s Pledging Allegiance: The Last Campaign of the Cold War; and Peter Goldman and Tom Mathews’ The Quest for the Presidency 1988, along with articles from the New York Times and Washington Post.

  • Donna Hughes

    Apologies for the name misspelling, Stephen. You were the one who posted this marvelous creation, and I have no idea if you are associated with “”

    I had the opportunity to be around Joe Biden when he was is Iowa, and to observe him. I never heard a “gaffe,” though I did hear him speak a number of times. He showed himself to be a warm, empathetic person who tried to explain complex issues to your average Iowans, never talking down to them. He was always gracious under conditions that were sometimes difficult.

    I do know about the “plagiarism”, which was a media feeding frenzy at the time, and it is nearly always misrepresented, because people use it for ammunition instead of telling the whole story.

  • tarran

    He showed himself to be a warm, empathetic person who tried to explain complex issues to your average Iowans, never talking down to them.

    Oh please! Even Hitler had charisma. Joe Biden’s support for expanding the War on Some Drugs, which has wrecked freedom, killed tens of thousands, and sent over a million people to jail needlessly places him firmly in the ranks of the vilest politicians to plague us.