Going John Galt?

All of a sudden, Republicans are “going Galt.”  To some degree, this is a good thing and about damned time.  My friend Robert Stacy McCain (who went Galt some time ago and never looked back) describes the phenomon like this:

Michelle Malkin has begun hammering the “Going Galt” theme, and it’s the subject of a long post by Melissa Clouthier today, and Donald Douglas also weighs in. I believe Dr. Helen may have been the first to raise the issue, so I’ll link her to be on the safe side.

I’ve heard talk radio host after talk radio host lambasting Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama for the recent stimulus packages.  I don’t recall them lambasting former president Bush for his spending increases with such fervor (if any fervor at all), nor was there more than token resistance to McCain’s proposals to increase the cost of government.  Hell, McCain and Sarah Palin took ink to paper over at the Wall Street Journal to promote the bailout of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Republicans (Ron Paul supporters notwithstanding) have an enormous credibility problem, not just with libertarians, but with more typical voters as well. Before the election, I wrote that the “only remaining claim for McCain defenders is that ‘John McCain may be a socialist, but at least he’s our socialist.'”

In my own state, Senator Shelby speaks out against bailouts while he’s got pork grease dripping down his chin.  To be sure, he’s the second best pork king in the Senate.

I fear that if the Republicans were to suddenly regain political power, all of the cries of “socialism” would be buried under the rug as Republican defenders of big government race to outdo the Democrats with additional deficit spending.

  • http://freestateproject.org ArmedPorkypine

    I’m sort of scared of all of these Jonny-come-latelies, too

  • http://thelibertypapers.org/ Brad Warbiany

    So maybe Steve Jobs isn’t really sick, he’s just “Gone Galt”?

    Or maybe you’re right, and this is some crazed fantasy of the Malkin conservatives who were defending big-spendin’ G-Dubya-B for the last eight years… I guess we won’t know they’re missing until they’re gone. When will that be?

  • http://pith-n-vinegar.blogspot.com/ Quincy

    As I’ve said before on this site, I must at least credit Democrats with consistently being on the wrong side of the big government problem. Republicans go from being the solution to the problem the minute they gain power.

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  • tfr

    Like I said over at Below the Beltway, this isn’t “Going Galt”. The Soviet Union held up for 70 or so years with people just going along doing the minimum to get by

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  • silvermine

    I don’t know about you, but I wrote to my government over the nonsense Bush and company did too (prescription benefits, money for everyone who asked, the insanity of the stupid bailout that paved the way…). But apparently writing didn’t do the trick.

    I quit my full-time job a year and a half ago, and work part time on my terms now. Push me too far and I’m done.

    And yes, I can do that. In a two-income family, women are *constantly* evaluating whether working is worth not being with their kids. Working means paying money in daycare, convenience foods, eating out, even house cleaners, and frankly I’d rather just relax and do it all myself. Who wants the stress of a cubicle and daycare??? Not too many people. When I quit, every woman I worked with came to me and quietly told me how jealous they were.

    You just make it worth it to them to stay home, and they will. (Or men even — I know quite a few house husbands!)

  • Richard
  • Steven Brockerman

    “I fear that if the Republicans were to suddenly regain political power, all of the cries of “socialism” would be buried under the rug as Republican defenders of big government race to outdo the Democrats with additional deficit spending.”

    Every major event that happens in AS–from the psychological enslavement of a great tycoon by a mother, brother & wife who both hate & envy him, to the disintegration of art & music, to the obliteration of great centers of learning, to the rise of corrupt businessmen, to the destruction of great industries, to the elevation of thugs in politics, to the collapse of a nation–all derives from the ethics of self-immolation, the old morality of suicide: the 2,000 year old Judeo-Christian creed of self-sacrifice.

    This is the morality of both the Dems & the Repubs. It is, oh by the way, the same morality of the Islamic killers who took down the WTC. And, OMG!, of the Koran & Islamic jihad theocratic tyranny.

    Imagine that.

    In terms of solutions, turning to the Repubs is like asking the Fascists for help against the Nazis–or the Maoists for help against the Marxists. As a friend of mine succinctly put it in his blog: “To oppose the Democrats’ calls for sacrifice, they (the Republcans) hold up the image of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. That is not a refutation, it is an exclamation point….”

    Neither the Republicans nor the Libertarians are the solution. Christianity is not a repudiation of socialism. And anarchy is nothing but a society’s epitaph.