Weekend Link Roundup (Closing Down the Open Tabs Version)

It’s midnight in Alabamastan and I’m crashing. Here’s some stuff I wanted to write about over the weekend.

  • Jason Pye brings our attention to the best and worst places to live in the country.  If you like fiscal freedom, by all means don’t move to New York.  If you like having fun, Maryland is even worse than Alabama and Mississippi.
  • On a related note, Kip Esquire lets us know that Utah is apparently the best place for online porn addicts to live.
  • Republicans are gloating over this gem which suggests that Bush was more popular early in his first term than Obama is today.  One wonders who will have the lowest approval rating at the end of Obama’s final term.
  • Daniel Gross writes about “The bogus GOP claim that Obama is trying to bleed wealthy Americans.”  The reality is that Obama is preemptively bleeding the next generation.
  • Glenn Reynolds informs us that “if you don’t support Obama’s economic plan, you’re a traitor.”
  • Megan McArdle says she doesn’t know what will happen if CitiGroup fails.  Senator Shelby says “If they’re dead, they ought to be buried.”  I guess CitiGroup hasn’t thrown enough money into Shelby’s campaign coffers.  What I do know is that CitiGroup stock (currently 1.05) costs less than Citibank’s ATM transaction fees.
  • dday@DailyKos finds nothing wrong with socialism and wants Obama to become even more radical.  He also finds the recent “cult of Galtism” absurd.
  • In a probable act of futility, I’m trying to convince Republicans over at The Next Right that decreasing the cost of government should be a litmus test for their presidential candidates.
  • Finally, Robert Stacy McCain brings us this funny-as-hell-but-not-safe-for-work-or-around-some-younger-children-there-is-a-potential-for-cardiac-risk-consult-your-doctor-accountant-and-attorney-before-viewing video about a nationalized Citibank: […]

UPDATE: Brad Warbiany was embedding the same video at the same time I was.  The Citibank video is now one blog posting below this one.