Another Ridiculous Gun Regulation Challenged In Washington, D.C.

Last year’s Supreme Court case hasn’t stopped the District of Columbia from passing arbitrary gun laws clearly designed to restrict it’s citizens’ Second Amendment rights:

A D.C. woman filed suit in U.S. District Court yesterday, claiming that the city would not let her register a pistol because of its color.

Tracey A. Hanson argued that her application to register a .45-caliber semiautomatic was denied because the gun is not on the California Safe Handgun Roster, which is the standard in the city.

Hanson tried to register a two-tone, stainless steel/black pistol, according to the suit. But the list has that model in olive drab green, dark earth or black, not in two-tone, stainless/black, the suit asserts. Hanson said rejection for that reason “seemed so arbitrary.”


Peter Nickles, the city’s attorney general, said he had not seen the lawsuit and could not discuss its details.

But he said he is confident that the D.C. regulations are “completely appropriate” under the Second Amendment.

Of course he does.

Hanson’s lawsuit joins one filed by Dick Heller, the main Plaintiff in the original lawsuit, back in July which challenges new gun laws passed by the city as too restrictive.

  • http://CCKRBABlog stare

    From my perspective, calling the new gun laws passed in D.C. is much worse than the word arbitrary projects.

    In my opinion, the new laws demonstrate with total clarity that the leaders of D.C. have total contempt for the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Supreme Court; and most of all, it’s citizens.

    Knowing their city remains one of the most dangerous in the country, they are doing everything in their power to keep the citizens in the role of victims. It takes little time or intelligence to check out the FBI annual crime reports.

    While I’m sure they would never do this, it is also very easy to discover that despite all sorts of dire predictions about what will happen when law-abiding citizens arm themselve, in every state which has instituted a concealed carry permit legislation since 1982, that murder rates go down. Violent crime in general goes down. Property crimes do increase to a significant degree. Even should these sorry excuses for Americans be confronted with rock solid statistics/numbers, they would simply ignore them, believing they have the right to mess with the lives of citizens in any way they wish.

    Personally, I’m very happy with the Ensign Amendment to the Senate bill regarding giving the District a Representative in the House. If D.C. is being operated against the betterment of it’s citizens the leaders purport to represent, they do not deserve representation.

    If abiding by the Constitution, D.C. could go back to being part of the state of Maryland. They would still have representation, which the citizens deserve, but constitutional issues would be obviated.

  • Socom16

    Now madam, in all fairness, it’s only because members of the local D.C. government have utmost respect for the ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States that we’re allowing you the opportunity to be subjected to, and held in no less regard than the more common of criminals. Simply comply with all the requirements, pay the fees and register your gun to keep in your home for you to play with and feel secure and we’ll all get along just fine.
    Evidently madam, you don’t understand that after all that’s been done for you already, the very least you can do is not offend us and the law by attempting to gain our favor and have us bend the rules and allow you permission to have a gun that does not meet the color requirements.
    If we make an exception in your case and anyone finds out, there’ll be no end to what others might expect us to make exceptions for, and surely you know how unreasonable people can be.



    Upon this Nineteenth Day of April, Two-thousand and Nine Years A.D.,

    We The People, Do Hereby Declare and Proclaim Ourselves;
    To Be in Agreement with the Spirit, Meaning and Intent of the Constitution which Established the Republic Acknowledged as that of These United States, and In General with the Spirit, Meaning and Intent of Constitutions Having Established Our Respective States within the Union.
    We the People, Do Hereby Declare and Proclaim Ourselves;
    To Be Peaceful and Law-abiding American Citizens and Hold every Honest Intent to Assent, Abide and Bind Ourselves to;
    All Constitutionally-Permissible, Just and Rightfully-Enacted Laws.

    In Honor of and Having Respect for, Those Patriots who Responded to the Crisis which Occurred on the 19th day of April in 1775;
    In Honor of and Having Respect For, Those Righteous Persons who Sacrificed All Which They Had to Cause Tyranny and Despotism to Be Abolished;
    In Honor of and Having Respect for, Those who Courageously and Brilliantly Brought Forth from the Articles of Confederation a System of Government by Consent of The People;
    A System which Separated the Powers Within and Limited those Powers Afforded to the New General Government;
    In Honor of and Having Respect for, Those Who Sacrificed and Died, those now Passed Away, Those who Served and those Now In Service Defending Our Nation from Our Enemies

    We The People, as Self-Governing, Self-Regulating and Responsible American Citizens, Do Hereby Issue to All Federal, State and Local Governments;
    All Branches, Agencies, Agents, Authorities, Officials and Representatives of The People Thereof and Therein,
    An Order To;
    Cease and Desist from Any and All Further Attempts to Infringe Upon the GOD-Given and Common-law Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms.

    As Any and All Governments within these United States Derive their Just Powers Only From The People; and
    Continue to Govern Only In Accordance With the Will, By the Grace and With the Consent of The People;
    We the Independent, Peaceful and Intentionally Law-Abiding American Citizens Residing as Members of the Whole Body of The People;
    Do Declare and Proclaim by All which We Hold to Be Morally Right, Just and Consistent with Individual Rights Endowed Upon Each Person by Their CREATOR;
    Not In Any Way Granted or Afforded by Any Lesser Authority;
    In Accordance with our Moral Obligations and Duty to Ourselves, Other Citizens, State and Nation;
    As Testament To and In Accordance With Our Will;
    We The People Do Hereby Declare and Issue This PROCLAMATION.
    As It Has Been Said, So It Shall Be.


    Has been being circulated on the internet for about two or three years now, and here’s a copy for those who may not have seen it.( Date’s been changed to current year )
    In other postings suggestions have been made (for those who don’t already) to fly the Gadsden Flag every April 19.
    A copy is also available at

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