Afternoon Reads

Enough is too much, already: Nancy Pelosi sez another stimulus package may be required.

Over at Fr33Agents, I’ve just associated Attorney General Eric Holder with serial killer Ted Bundy in a preemptive strike against the gun-grabbers waiting to exploit recent tragedies in Alabama and Germany.

Google is going to get even more personalized personal.

Three fingers pointed back at cha: “Republicans try to blame recession on Obama while branding him a socialist.”  Uhm, Obama hasn’t been in office long enough take all the credit.  And as Obama readily admits, he used President Bush’s programs as the platform upon which to build his own.

Obama: “Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.”  Doug Mataconis sez that’s Obama’s imitation is the sincerest form of Hoover flattery.

Diana West states that Rush Limbaugh is not the problem. Michelle Malkin blames Bush. Robert Stacy McCain would prefer to fisk David Brooks.  Personally, I’ll blame post-Republican-Revolution-Big-Government Conservatism on two primary factors: a Rovian win-at-all-costs strategery and what Bob Barr once described to me as “more discussion of substantive and constitutional issues in a few weeks of working with Libertarians than in thirty years of working with that other party.”

Camile Paglia: “Heads should be rolling at the White House for the embarrassing series of flubs that have overshadowed President Obama’s first seven weeks in office and given the scattered, demoralized Republicans a huge boost toward regrouping and resurrection.”

Mitch McConnell: “In just 50 days, Congress has voted to spend about $1.2 trillion between the Stimulus and the Omnibus,” McConnell says. “To put that in perspective, that’s about $24 billion a day, or about $1 billion an hour—most of it borrowed. There’s simply no question: government spending has spun out of control.”

Glenn Reynolds provides yet another reason why the tree-pulp press continues to suffer financially.  In this example, California Editor of the Los Angeles Times David Lauter fills a blog posting with pablum about why the LA Times chose not to cover tax protest activities in California.  Somehow the Times managed to inform us of “The colorful saga of Los Angeles’ first subway tunnel,” rather than waste ink on the local angle of a very serious issue which dominates the headlines every day.

Andrew Sullivan throws a link to a YouTube about Ron Paul the Porker.

NY Post via Drudge: “If the US government assumes greater control over US bank Citigroup or automaker General Motors, that might ‘trigger’ their removal from the Dow index, the Dow Jones Indexes said yesterday.”

What’s a few hundred billion when we’ve been talking about trillions so much lately?: The U.S. Senate approves a “$410 billion measure to fund the government.”  The earmark-laden bill now goes to “no-more-pork” President Obama for his signature.

In a moment perhaps better suited for Schoolhouse Rock*, Markos Moulitsas scribes: “It’s really funny how some in the media — and even in Congress! — don’t know the Constitutional roles of the legislative and executive branches.”  An additional point of education should be that pesky little portion of the Constitution which requires that “All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives,” something which certainly didn’t occur in the constitutional reach around leading up to the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.

* For those not familiar with the Schoolhouse Rock description, or who wish to relive a moment of their not-so-wasted youth: