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March 11, 2009

Name That Socialist

by Kevin

Today, a news story came out where a company planned on purchasing chicken processing plants and the government was going to match the private company’s bid dollar for dollar. This plan is proposed under the guise of saving jobs. Now let me give you a hint who this socialist leader is; he’s a national leader.

Is it Barack Obama’s latest “stimulus” plan? Is it Harry Reid? Is this Ed Rendell or some other big state Democratic governor? Could it be even Charlie Crist or Arnold Schwarzenegger?

If you guessed any of the above, you’re wrong. The person proposing to give the government 50% ownership of certain chicken processing plants is none other the guy who came in second in the CPAC straw poll, Louisiana Governor and Republican Party savior, Bobby Jindal.

From the Monroe News Star

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s chief of staff said the state has found a buyer for Pilgrim’s Pride’s northeastern Louisiana operations and that an offer was expected to be made to the bankrupt company Tuesday night.

Timmy Teepell said the buyer will put up $20 million and the state will match it for a $40 million offer.

“(Jindal) has agreed to match it dollar for dollar with the stipulation that the company must keep the work force intact for five years,” Teepell said.

Pilgrim’s chief executive Don Jackson said at 7 p.m. Tuesday that he had not yet received an offer.

“I stated from the beginning that we would be receptive to any meaningful offer,” Jackson said.

The company announced Feb. 27 that it will close the Farmerville processing plants and the support infrastructure in April because of a glut of chicken on the market.

So the man who railed in a boring, self-centered speech against Barack Obama’s big government agenda plans to have the State of Louisiana own 50% of chicken processing plants. At least Obama in his takeover of Citigroup is only buying 36% of it. Maybe Rush Limbaugh can see if this is what Reagan would’ve done.

One other disturbing aspect of this proposal:

Teepell would not identify the company that made the offer to Pilgrim’s Pride, but he did say the company’s chief executive contacted Jackson before deciding to make the offer.

Bobby Jindal likes to talk about he cleaned up the most corrupt state in the country and how he reformed Louisiana’s ethics laws and improved transparency. Well, he passed some unenforceable new ethics laws while at the same time fought any attempts to bring transparency to the governor’s office. This secretive way of conducting business is the norm for the Jindal regime.

America, if you elect Bobby Jindal president in 2012, you can expect more socialism and more of the shadow government. If this is what the Republican Party has to offer, they won’t be returning to power anytime soon.

UPDATE:Pilgrim’s Pride rejected the offer from the State of Louisiana to buy the plant.

“Gov. Jindal and (Pilgrim’s chief executive Don) Jackson spoke by phone (on Tuesday night),” Pilgrim’s spokesman Ray Atkinson said in a written statement. “Dr. Jackson explained to the governor that the offer for the Farmerville complex was below our requirements.

“It would essentially put Foster (Farms) in business at a cost of entry of $20 million, well below the real cost and at a level with which neither Pilgrim’s Pride nor the rest of the industry could effectively compete.

“Dr. Jackson did not rule out a possible sale, but noted that it would have to be at a price well beyond $40 million. He also reiterated that selling the facility would not address the fundamental problem facing our industry: an oversupply of low-value commodity chicken.”

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  1. This is not even in the same ballpark as the FEDERAL government scamulous package.

    For a STATE to supply grant money to a PRIVATE enterprise in return for growth in employment, infrastructure, payroll, and taxes is normal and it happens in virtually every state (as opposed to FEDERAL funding of crap / pork).

    Get your facts straight before you rail against something you have little or no knowledge of… and if you have access to more information then please… do tell.

    Comment by bbb — March 11, 2009 @ 8:27 am
  2. If the private buyer is only willing to put up 20 million, then doesn’t that mean it’s only worth 20 million, if that? Seriously, if it deserved 40 million they would’ve offered it themselves.

    BBB: yes, it is common for state governments to sweeten the pot, rather than let beneficial deals happen & nonsensical deals simply not. That doesn’t make it right. If you need a government favor to get you to buy something…

    Comment by b-psycho — March 11, 2009 @ 9:07 am
  3. “For a STATE to supply grant money to a PRIVATE enterprise in return for growth in employment, infrastructure, payroll, and taxes is normal and it happens in virtually every state (as opposed to FEDERAL funding of crap / pork).”

    Two wrongs don’t make a right…

    Comment by Stephen Gordon — March 11, 2009 @ 10:28 am
  4. This is not even in the same ballpark as the FEDERAL government scamulous package.

    No, it’s argueably worse. The State government is putting up half the money to help a private company buy another company. That’s socialism at the very least, fascism at the worst.

    It is not the job of government to give money to businesses to acquire each other.

    Comment by Kevin — March 11, 2009 @ 4:04 pm
  5. [...] Jindal’s administration is hot to subsidize the processing of chickens in north Louisiana.  I see that the price for this venture has jumped [...]

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