Common Goals

I’m watching Barack Obama’s press conference, and he urged people to remember “their commitments to each other” and our “common goals” as a nation. Collectivist economic actions, by not focusing on individuals and their best interest, actually increase economic inefficiency and destroy wealth.

Instead of urging the people to change how they act and to support ever increasing government authority, Mr. Obama should focus on reestablishing the rule of law and stable money supply upon which our wealth creation engine depends. Every subsidy, every ad hoc regulation and program, and every run to the printing press do more to harm the economy than all the greed on Wall Street.

Many Americans are giving up luxuries to survive this economic crisis. The governing class, led by Mr. Obama, need to give up some luxuries too. They can no longer give themselves the luxury of using the Federal Budget as a social engineering tool. They can no longer give themselves the luxury of spending beyond tax revenue. They can no longer play Enron-like accounting games with the budget spending. Most importantly, they can no longer use laws and regulations as a tool for personal and political gain.

The population, which is the foundation of the economy, is weary of politicians acting as if they still have the luxury of legislating and spending for personal and political benefit in this time of crisis. For every restaurant dinner, necklace, vacation, suit, computer, TV, pair of shoes, or couch given up by an American consumer who has to stick by a budget, a politician should give up an earmark, a line item, or a pet program that does nothing to forward one of the US Government’s constitutional duties. Sadly, we will sacrifice luxuries while they take even more.

  • Ron Doe

    The biggest social experiment in a long time.. Will we explode, or implode?

  • Akston

    Every subsidy, every ad hoc regulation and program, and every run to the printing press do more to harm the economy than all the greed on Wall Street.

    Even the threat of those changes in legislation do harm to the economy. When the rules change often, people tend to become guarded and overly-conservative in their financial dealings until the ground stops moving.

    In its hysterics trying to right our ship of state, Congress and the Executive are shutting off its engines by siphoning too much fuel out of them.

    Analogy fun.

    I guess that’d make any new reserve currency they choose at the G20 our iceberg. At least that’s my view from steerage.

  • Quincy

    Akston –

    You’re right, all it takes is discussing another interference in the economy for people to retrench.

    Part of the reason for the current stock market rally is the relative quiet out of D.C. the last couple of weeks. I don’t expect that part of it to last.

  • Brittancus

    Sen. Harry Reid will be well remember in 2010?

    The Senators involved in the killing of E-Verify are using the excuse that funding was removed because, it was holding up the enactment of the Stimulus package. Compared to the other provisions, E-Verify was hardly what you could call pork? Sen. Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s credence just doesn’t wash? It was a secret deliberate, treacherous act insisted upon by the business communities.

    Even though the Stimulus was crammed with earmarks, they zeroed in on the the amendment that Sen. Sessions tried to bring to the floor. It’s obvious to most Americans that the 50 Democrats had no intentions of allowing E-Verify to stay in place. Cannot even imagine the livid expressions when these legislators, found out it was still funded until September. The special interest lobby must have been equally furious.

    Time THE PEOPLE set these good-for-nothings right and demand a–PERMANENT law. If our politicians really wanted to hunt down millions of illegal foreign nationals being hired by unscrupulous employers, they would have enacted E-Verify. E-Verify would give Immigration enforcement sharp teeth? Who do these politicians think they work for, when 10 million American are jobless?

    Thousands of Americans have called Washington at: 202-224-3121 President Obama Switchboard: 202-456-1414/ The facts at JUDICIALWATCH, NUMBERSUSA, CAPSWEB.

  • Quincy

    Brittancus –

    Please keep comments on topic or they will be deleted as spam. E-Verify has nothing to do with the original post or any of the comments.

  • tarran

    I think commies like Britannicus should move to Cuba. They’ll like it there; everyone has to get Comrade Raul’s permission to work.

  • Merf

    Quincy, please delete Brittancus’s comments. He posted the same thing in I WILL NOT OBEY, as well.

  • Quincy

    Merf –

    Thanks for the feedback. I generally like to give a public warning first, so I don’t have to deal with a bunch of “ZOMG, you deleted my stuff with no reason. CENSORSHIP!!!” comments later on, like happened on our “Going Galt” round up a few weeks back.

    Any further off-topic comments from Brittancus will be deleted.