A Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Believe me, I’m not advocating the following proposed constitutional amendment.  To be sure, I oppose pretty much everything it represents.  However, if we are to follow the rule of law in this country, we should at least go through the effort of ensuring that contemporary political activities and the law are in sync.

“Any political party which clearly dominates the legislative branch of Congress is authorized to tax any political target to the degree it desires and in a retroactive manner.”

Let’s see how this could be applied:

  • It could be used to tax contracted bonus payments to employees of corporations which aren’t politically correct at the moment.
  • It could be used to tax, retroactively even, all income of politicians from the opposing political party.
  • It could next be used to tax, retroactively even, all income of family members of politicians from an opposing political party.
  • It could be used to tax all campaign contributions provided to any member of an opposing political party.
  • It could be used to levy a specific targeted tax aimed at people who are registered members of opposing political parties.

Remember, these taxes can be as high as 100 percent (on second thought, why stop at 100 percent?).  They can be levied on earnings or other resources from anytime in history.

With this amendment in place, the Democrats can tax AIG executives (and executives from any other corporation) as much as they desire.  Why stop there, though?  They can also maintain political power by taxing non-Democrats in Congress at a rate of 150 percent, going back 25 years.  For those congressmen with spouses or children enjoying income, tax them retroactively, too.

Need to pay off the national debt? Levy an emergency 90 percent payroll tax on registered Republicans, Libertarians and Greens.

Need to ensure that you stay in political power?  Tax the donations made to competitive political campaigns.

Of course, the Republicans could take over Congress again.  This proposed amendment would be to their advantage, too.  It’s not to difficult to see folks like Tom DeLay or Karl Rove using such law to their advantage.  I’m sure the first applications would be aimed at trade unions, to be followed by the political targeting of Democrats everywhere.  If people stop registering as Democrats, simply target them based on other demographics, such as gender, race, age and income level.

If politics are to be tyrannical in nature, why not at least have a constitutional amendment to authorize the actions of the folks standing at the top of the trash heap?