Second Amendment outrage du Jour

Unlike cockroaches, there is one sort of vermin which scurries into the open when light is shined upon them: anti-gun nuts. Every time there is some gun-related tragedy or some nutball starts shooting at innocent folks, there’s always some new call to ban guns, or at least make them more difficult to obtain. Here’s the latest example from ABC News:

While the Constitution protects Americans’ right to own guns, do laws make it too easy for potentially dangerous people to own firearms?

Perhaps one should be grateful that someone in the MSM actually acknowledged a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, but the underlying question still serves the goals of the folks who would strip away one of our more important rights.

A deluded person may honestly wish to ban everything dangerous in the world. To be sure, I’d (and most anyone with a modicum of common sense) would disagree, but it would be a reasonable debate. However, covert sentences (like the one above) slipped into a news piece need to be challenged.

When journalists start trying to ban cars every time there is some tragic car accident, or ban trains every time one derails and kills a lot of people, or ban planes whenever one crashes — I’ll believe that they are being honest (but wrong) with their argument. In the meantime, it’s up to us to challenge each and every case of gun-grabber propaganda we run across.

UPDATE: USA Today has a Second Amendment poll operational right now.  At this time, 96 percent of the 1.67 million voters think the Second Amendment gives individuals the right to bear arms.  I voted yes because a I know what they mean.  However, I’ll argue that individuals have the natural right to bear arms and the Second Amendment only confirms it.  It would be nice of members of the media actually understood a bit more about what they write.

  • chris

    Call me crazy, but I somehow don’t think the Founding Fathers would have wanted someone clearly unbalanced to have a dangerous weapon.

  • Alexa

    I am libertarian in everything except gun laws. I grew up in a tough urban environment and was mugged at gunpoint. That is not a fun experience. Most gun lovers live in rural or suburban areas where gun crime is rare and inflict their views on the urbanites who actually experience gun violence.

    I am not against gun ownership for hunting or home defence. But I am against the NRA’s policy that endorses that machine guns, 50 caliber weapons and open carry laws.

  • Stephen Gordon


    Some people like to take firearms with them so they won’t get mugged.

    I’ve lived in both urban and rural environments — if the streets of DC count as urban.

    Open carry laws would probably reduce more crime than anything else — for the folks carrying, at least.

  • Stephen Gordon


    By leaving a comment at this website, the government might consider you unbalanced.

  • LastAmerican

    Hey Alexa. Had you had an open carry firearm; bet you would have not been mugged.. Last time I checked “mugging” is illegal… See the NRA believes you have a right to carry openly BECAUSE the criminals don’t follow any laws, hence the term criminal. What amazes me is, sorry, your blatant stupidity on the matter. Criminals WILL have guns… So open carry laws are stupid and unnecessary. my fuc*ing head just exploded due to your idiocy. Mug me or mine; you get a bullet through the skull.

  • eddie

    You NRA loonies don’t leave a lot of room for people (like myself) who generally support the right to bear arms but see nothing un-Constitutional about common-sense restrictions on the types of arms people carry and the circumstances under which they should be carried.

    Strikes me as odd how people who call themselves “strict constructionists” on social issues completely abandon their own Constitutional philosophy when it comes to firearms. When the Second Amendment was written, “arms” referred to bladed weapons, flintlock rifles and muskets.

  • Fast Freddie

    Glad to find this blog as I was OUTRAGED by the BLATANT PROPAGANDA in that ABC preview article for the smear coming on Friday.

    Hope good folks rebut those gun grabbers prop.

  • Fast Freddie

    I want to mention how victim disarmament laws hurt people.

    I had a very close friend, a petite woman forty years old. She moved to New York City coming from a Western state. The laws that Mayor Bloomberg impose on the people there is that they must be HELPLESS in the face of attack.

    Well at 7pm one evening walking home after a grueling day of work she saw two big males behind her about 50 feet or so she noted coming towards her from across the street, diagonally from the left front across street, another 2 black fellows.

    She is a good shot with a handgun. However she, a law-abiding person, did not have a gun because NY forbids it. So she would have had plenty of time to dispatch these punks. She screamed, it was heard for 2 city blocks. That may have saved her life, even though people heard the scream, this was in a residential UPSCALE part of Queens NYC.

    She was sucker punched from behind stomped and beaten as she lay on the sidewalk. The scream limited their time of fun and play.
    The cops did nothing, appeared bored. The next week another woman similar age suffered an even worse attack. Needless to say my friend moved from NY back to the West.

    To this day she isn’t herself.The beating and kicks to the head she doesn’t have a good memory, she is not the girl I knew.

    Thanks Mayor Bloomberg, thanks Schumer.

  • Omegis13


    How many firearms do you own? What kind of firearms are they?

    The problem with the vast number of babbling idiots who want “common sense” gun restrictions is they are not gun owners, which makes it VERY hard for me and many other gun owners to take them seriously. In all fairness though, just about all gun owners do support some “common sense” gun regulations such as the following.

    1) Do not point guns at other people unless they are threatening the lives of you or your loved ones.

    2) Be responsible for your firearms. Do not leave guns or ammunition where young children have easy access to them. This doesn’t mean laws need to tell gun owners how to store their weapons, as the situation is impacted by a wide number of variables, but if your firearms are improperly used by children, the owners of the weapons should be held liable should it be found that they were irresponsible.

    These kinds of things are common sense to the vast majority of responsible gun owners, and I think you will find that attempts to pass such laws will have the backing of the majority of gun owners.

  • Linda

    I made a post to that article on ABC’s site.
    They deleted my post.
    All I did was tell the truth.
    I was polite, I was as politically correct as possible EXCEPT I did mention that many of the recent mass shootings, such as Santa Clara, CA, where an Indian immigrant/H1-B visa gentleman apparently slew his family and relatives.

    The shooting last month of an entire family in in Conover, North Carolina by a Laotian gentleman.

    Seung-Hui Cho who shot dead 37 total, students/1 Prof. immigrated to US from Korea in 1992.

    Gang Lu

    Jing Hua Wu

    Chai Vang, mass murderer of deer hunters in WI

    Vince Li who beheaded and cannibalized a young White guy on a Greyhound bus in Canada last July.

    Virginia Tech in January 2009 a Chinese national, in a crowded VT coffee shop on campus, used a kitchen knife to decaptiate a female Chinese national. Gruesome sight when police arrived and the gentleman had the gentle lady’s head in his hand.

    When seconds count the police are only minutes away.

  • Greg Laden
  • Sesquiculus

    It is true that a disproportionate number of recent mass slayings have been committed by east asians. If memory serves, such are about 5% of the US population, but seem to constitute about half of recent mass-murders. Normally, these are the most law-abiding people around.

    Perhaps is is some cultural loss-of-face thing that makes a few east asians respond to shaming this way. If memory serves, murder-suicide is relatively common in Japan. I wonder what the comparable figures are for other east-asian countries.