Homeland Security document targets most conservatives and libertarians in the country

Thousands of racists and terrorists rally at Cincinatti Tea Party

Thousands of racists and terrorists rally at Cincinnati Tea Party

Remember that now-retracted Missouri Information Analysis Center report which stated that small-government types (specifically Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin supporters) were potential terrorist threats? According to this new Homeland Security report, all it takes to fit the terrorist profile is to have general anti-government feelings or prefer local/state government to federal control over everything.

The federal Homeland Security Department document entitled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Environment Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” contains the following definition:

Rightwing extremism in the United States can be broadly divided into those groups, movements, and adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups), and those that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely.  It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.

Also targeted in the report are veterans, folks anticipating additional restrictions to their Second Amendment rights, and those concerned about the loss of U.S. sovereignty.

This report implies that one harboring these sorts of views is a racist as well as a potential terrorism suspect.

UPDATE: Sorry for the delay in responding to questions about the authenticity of the DHS report.  We had a freakish storm last night which blew down a lot of very large oak trees in my neighborhood.  At the moment, we are cooking on propane and charcoal, are running a 3000 watt generator to keep food from spoiling, etc.  I just rerouted all of the home networking equipment and moved it so it can be powered by the generator, so I finally have Internet access again.

With respect to the report, I have no absolute proof it is legit, but I searched around the Internet and couldn’t find any site debunking it.  It came to me from a reasonably reliable source by e-mail.  It looks authentic and passes the sniff test of someone who has read far more than his share of government reports.

I figure that if this ends up being a hoax, it’s such a clever one that it is newsworthy in and of itself.  It’s probably legit, though.  Sometimes a blogger has to go out on a limb until such things can be absolutely verified.  That’s what’s so great about the Internet — we have an open source forum to investigate matters such as this.

If someone finds anything which verifies the authenticity of this document or indicates that it’s a clever hoax, please let me know.

UPDATE II: The AmSpecBlog has picked this up, as well as RedState, PoliGazette, Homeland Security Watch, The Other McCain, Independent Political Report, Moe Lane and Cold Fury.

UPDATE III: Michelle Malkin verifies the document here.  RedState’s Moe Lane writes in an e-mail: “Heh.  I figured that document was for real after I got shunted to the fourth office at DHS.  If it was fake they would have just said so.”

UPDATE IV: The White House responds:

The White House has distanced itself from the analysis. When asked for comment on its contents, White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said, “The President is focused not on politics but rather taking the steps necessary to protect all Americans from the threat of violence and terrorism regardless of its origins. He also believes those who serve represent the best of this country, and he will continue to ensure that our veterans receive the respect and benefits they have earned.”

UPDATE V: A similar report seems to have been distributed by the Maryland National Guard.  This one specifically mentions Tea Party participants.

UPDATE VI by Brad Warbiany: We were getting quite a bit of hotlinking of the original PDF report (Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, etc), and I have redirected that link to the main post.

  • Kelly


    Can you provide the reference for the source you cite? I tried a Google Search on the name of the report you cited, but nothing came back. Do you have the URL or document source information? I would like to read the document.

  • http://gordonunleashed.com/blog/ Stephen Gordon


    The report is linked here.

  • Merf

    Thanks for the link. I wonder if they are as concerned about groups other than “right-wing” extremists?

  • http://gordonunleashed.com/blog/ Stephen Gordon

    You mean the types of folks who might actually blow up buildings, or something?

  • http://twitter.com/espressoshot espressoshots

    So defending and upholding the Constitution is an act of terror? WTF? :=O

  • Merf

    Yeah, the ones that will kill you if you even hint that they are violent.

    As opposed to those that just want to be free to live their own lives.

  • http://gordonunleashed.com/blog/ Stephen Gordon


    The way I read it, one could hate the Constitution, but simply oppose No Child Left Behind and be included in their generalization.

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  • http://thelibertypapers.org/ Brad Warbiany

    One nit to pick — the quoted piece claims that “rightwing extremism” contains people from several groups, and among those groups are hate groups and antigovernment groups.

    In the broad sense, they may be going for a “guilt by association” in claiming the two right next to each other, but the narrow claim they are making is NOT that antigovernment types are racists.

    And, of course, I say this speaking as a non-racist who rejects government authority entirely. I’m certainly in their target group, and I prefer to call myself a “radical extremist” rather than rightwing extremist. I don’t fall on a neat right-left spectrum, rather in a “political compass” sort of view I’d be far, far into a corner.

  • http://gordonunleashed.com/blog/ Stephen Gordon


    That’s why I used the word “implies.” I’m always tired of being lumped with Republicans or Democrats, conservatives or liberals, etc. — and this libertarian tires of hearing everything labeled on a left-right spectrum.

    However, the way they lumped rightwingers, racists and antigovernment types together implies, by association, that these groups are all somehow connected.

  • Akston

    They are correct in assuming that my way of thinking is dangerous to their way of thinking.

  • Michael Seebeck

    Is it surprising that the government would consider those who don’t like them to be considered under their latest pet term for an enemy?

    Nah, not really.

  • http://www.libertarianrepublican.blogspot.com Eric Dondero

    And look at the date of the releast: April 7, 2009. That’s comfortably on Obama’s Watch.

    Now imagine if you will, a report like this having been released under the Bush Administration. Imagine the reaction from the leftwing Netroots, and their allies within the libertarian left.

    Obama will get a pass on this, even from most leftwing libertarians, because, well after all, he’s just not a Republican. And we all know how much leftwing libertarians just luuuuuuv bashing the GOP.

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  • southernjames

    The entrenched statists in control of Washington (of both parties) are not remotely interested in having their power or authority challenged in any way. The vast majority of the media is firmly supportive of the statist ideology.

    So the deck is stacked.

    Before the tea party movement can gain any real steam, it is going to have to be neutered. Marginalized, mocked, discredited. By whatever means possible. The propaganda assault will be intense and unyielding.

    When it was relatively small, (but still larger than the Code Pink anti-war movement, which got 24/7 coverage), the MSM ignored it altogether.

    Now that it is getting too big to ignore, it will need to be covered in as negative a fashion as humanly possible. Before it picks up too much steam.

    And so now…let me get this straight, if you are in favor protecting national sovereignty, in favor of lawful immmigation, are pro-Second Amendment, in favor of state/local authority (and therefore more responsive to actual citizens)and against the continued ballooning of the size and power DC….you are no longer considered an average, everyday, typical right-of-center, American. You are a “right-wing EXTREMIST,” with all that epithet implies.

    At the rate this is going, I suppose the US History books written for kids who will be in high school 10-15 years from now, will characterize Ronald Reagan as a far right wing extremist, whose Fascist ideology, inspired by his boyhood hero Mussolini, unfortunately led to the installation of the unelected and appointed International Terrorist and War Criminal, GW Bush.

    When stuff like this comes to light – it almost makes me wonder – are we merely witnessing a march towards Euro-style Socialism; or are we actually witnessing a march towards a Totalitarian state? This certainly is a facinating era we live in. It is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Except, unfortunately, we’re passengers on that train…

  • http://libertypoint.org Brian Irving

    Is their an original source for this document, i.e. is it on the DHS website? Or is there a Deepthroat source? In other words, how did you come by this document.

    Pardon my skepticism, but the doc on Liberty Papers is marked FOUO, which means it is released to the public.

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  • http://www.themosswood.com Ron Moss

    The act of becoming an enemy by recognizing opposition to the constitution has been accomplished by the issuance of this report, You are a declared foe of every officers oath to support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, of which you are one.

  • Dwayne

    I looked at the PDF file and seen the link is from thelibertypapers.org my question where is the original source I looked all over the dhs.gov website and found nothing thank you

  • HatlessHessian

    Merf, there is only right-wing extremists now. Left-wing is now main-stream, since ACORN has received several billion dollars thanks to everyone here taking on new tax obligations, and former radicals like Bill Ayers are now legit.

    I’m afraid there’s nobody left to target but those who advocate the Constitution, since the Constitution is now the enemy of a government that believes in a permanent state of exception (Agamben) and a drive toward democratic dictatorship. That said, it’s nothing new: Wilson, FDR, Lincoln and even Bush engaged in exceptions to the law.

  • http://www.luxefaire.com Bill Gallagher

    whats to discuss? these are the same people who brought you waco, and so much else – these clintonistas fancy themselves a closet royalty; they are all caught up in the glamor and intrigue of global attention and murder for fun and profit, they cannot even see the hangmans noose…the political people in America, save a very very few like RP, are the nastiest filthiest most treasonous scum the planet has ever produced…especially here in NM….kill your tv, it works, shut them out of your info flow…divorce yourself from israel and all its mind control religious crap…lord and kings are UnAmerican…..b

  • Okpulot Taha

    Rather interesting Homeland Security and Obama are warning these tea parties will be predominately populated by extremist white supremacy groups, dangerous home schoolers, domestic terrorists, militia types and mentally deranged individuals.

    No black supremacist groups are mentioned, though. I suppose if you are the same color as Obama, you get a free pass on government suspicion; only white folks are dangerous.

    Our family attended a tax revolt here in California a few weeks back. I am not quite sure to which group our family belongs. I am red skinned girl, an English professor, my husband is a college educated old time rodeo riding Okie cowboy, our girl is a clinical psychologist out of Stanford.

    I suppose if I wear my traditional Choctaw clothing to a tea party I will come under law enforcement surveillance being deemed a radical. Maybe I will be arrested for being one of those Wounded Knee radical American Indians our FBI tried to gun down in cold blood so long ago. I was around for Wounded Knee, although more than a thousand miles away.

    My husband, cowboy hat, button down shirt, faded and worn Levi jeans, old time wrinkled cowboy boots, a wounded and decorated combat Vietnam war vet, my guess is he will be looked upon by Obama and his undercover agents as being a dangerous militia member. You know about our military vets; dangerous gun toting freedom loving fruitcakes.

    Our girl, well, I do not know. She is mixed blood but looks a Valley Girl, when she is not done up a Gothic Vampire. I guess Obama’s boys will follow her around while carrying butterfly nets.

    Tin soldiers and Nixon’s comin’….

    Is not this thinking displayed by Obama precisely the type of thinking which had Richard Nixon ordering students shot down at Kent State?

    Okpulot Taha
    Choctaw Nation

  • Ken

    Check Out http://alltherightthoughts.blogspot.com..not only is this an excellent blog but he has the exact flier that is being passed around by DHS themselves

  • Peter


    You should wear traditional native dress to the Tea Party! Remember, the original Boston Tea Party was carried out by a bunch of men dressed as “Indians”.

  • http://dpcrandall.wordpress.com Daniel

    I’ve been browsing the Department of Homeland Security website (www.DHG.gov) and I’ve found nothing that even comes close to authenticating this document. Nothing. And there is a lot in the document itself which does not pass the sniff test. One is that this document is only 10 pages, counting the cover page. I highly doubt there is a federal agency in existence that can produce a 10 page report, let alone one that allegedly includes “Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES) information”. 10 Pages? That alone should be setting off warning bells.

    Here are several items that are stated far to plainly and that make me question this docs veracity:
    1. Note on Page 2 of 9: “[Rightwing extremism] may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.”
    2. “The information is provided to federal, state, local, and tribal counterterrorism and law enforcement officials” Emphasis added. Tribal counterterrorism & law enforcement official?
    3. “The economic downturn and the election of the first African American president present unique drivers for rightwing radicalization and
    recruitment.” This is the same canard a lot of liberal-left activists were putting out there in order to discredit any and all criticisms of Pres. Obama. I guess ACORN is now writing law enforcement reports for DHS?

    I could go on and on about this. This so-called DHS report is a farce. It was made up by radical leftists, given to a conservative that would believe anything negative about the current administration and the story goes from there.

    In short, my reaction to the report: It’s bullshit, and this website and every website that links to it and pushes the story forward are being taken for a bunch of suckers. The Soros led Liberal-left are laughing their heads off at anyone who buys into this nonsense.

  • http://gordonunleashed.com/blog/ Stephen Gordon


    This isn’t the sort of document DHS would place on their website.

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  • Dennis D

    So Homosexuals who hate Christians are a Right Wing Extremist Group? Or Blacks who hate Jews?

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  • Smellerbee

    Apparently none of you actually bothered to read the thing. There are two, maybe three, overly broad sentences. However those sentences are part of specific points that are part of a specific issue.

    Only trough quote mining can you come up with the idea that this somehow labels all conservatives and members of the right as terrorists or extremists.

    When immigration and guns and vets are brought up they are brought up as legitimate issues being used by extremists.

    And of course no black supremacist groups are mentioned. This text specifically discusses right-wing extremism. That’s like criticizing a book about butterflies for not discussing bees.

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  • ThrivinIN

    I think it the of the government’s and media’s tear down of the basis of the Tea Party concept (free speech). So let the party begin!

    Terrorist, whatever. I’m no terrorist. I am an American citizen with the right to free speech and peaceful demonstration who is tired of the ballooning governmental interfernece in my daily life, that’s all. Period.

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  • sywars

    This doesn’t sound or look legitimate at all.
    Most DoD and DHS reports are chock-full of amendments, previous references, and written in very dull print, and paragraphed in sequences with alphabet, roman numerals, then lower-case alpha bet in parentheses.
    Sorry, but I sincerely doubt the Department of Homeland security would publish something like this, put it on a website, mark it as (unclassified) and then (for official use only). Not only that, but they inserted a lot of adverbs and adjectives that are not professional at all. “disgruntled” veterans, for one. These documents are typically very politically correct. This is a fake.

  • Merf

    Smellerbee, I cannot agree with you. Every group mentioned is an overly broad category, one that you might belong to if you have ever used certain phrases.

    “Taxes are too high.” “I don’t like what the President is doing.” “I believe in the Second Amendment.”

    All of these statements will allow you to be lumped into the category of “rightwing extremist.”

    With the “leftwing” groups, on the other hand, you actually have to JOIN the group or at least hang around one of the groups.

    With the rightwing categories, you don’t even need to do that much — you just have to say something Obama doesn’t like.

    I’d have to say that this is the political equivalent of DWB.

  • sywars

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I sympathize completely with the problems and attacks are country currently faces, but do not make the mistake of assuming these problems started here. American politics is unAmerican, to say the least, but we must try not to appear to alienate ourselves from others. We must convey to others that our elected officials have alienated We The People. Indeed they have, but things like this lead people to overreact in a manner that suits the interest of those in power that seek to take away everything We Hold Dear. Don’t let them win. Keep a clear mind and doubt everything. It’s healthy.

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  • http://www.americansaviors.org/ mike

    i have my own website that never gets visited, mainly because i don’t advertise and i guess i have a hatred of capital letters. however, it does talk about the 10th amendment, immigration, and state’s rights….i guess this makes me a right wing wacko extremist, for wanting to follow the constitution. how long before the federal government tries to shut people like me down, do you think? i’m not against government at all, just the federal government having too much power.

  • The Ronin Edge

    Molon Labe

    Powder is dry. Come get me. I guess I am now an enemy of the state.

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  • Lotus333

    At least the Nazis had the decency to wait for the Reichstag Fire before deciding to declare war on their political enemies.

    We have already experienced one Obama-adminstratiom-induce pogrom in this country: the one against wealth and productivity. Now, apparently, we can prepare for the second one, against those who don’t agree with Barack.

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  • Lotus333


    I have read the report. I find it genuinely frightening. First because of its lack of any evidence to support the weird theories which it propounds, and which are, I think, based primarily on the increasing intolerance and hatred of those on the left for those who disagree with them. Second, because of its complete lack of self-awareness. Many of the phenomena which it describes would more accurately be used to describe the current administration in Washington and its ideological predecessors. For example, anti-NAFTA fear was far more commonly ginned up by the left than by the right – indeed, if you may recall, our current President demagogued the issue shamelessly during the 2008 Presidential campaign; and the current climate of anger and impending catastrophe is due almost entirely to the rhetoric of the current administration and its allies in Congress.

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  • Ben

    This administration can’t use the term “war on terror” but they have no problem associating “terrorist and extremist groups” with rightwing.

  • mike barker

    If the document is legit and is FOUO, you will not find it on a public DHS website.

  • Michael Orlowski

    I guess all the cops and many other lawenfocement officers (except the democrates in congress) are considered rightwing terrorist.

  • DJK

    Man….Thomas Jefferson would be considered a terrorist under this memo….

  • Joe Heathen

    Well, during the Bush era and the warrantless wiretapping and violations of Constitutional protection against warrantless searches, the neo-coonservatives were fond of proclaiming “if you’ve done nothing wrong, then you’ve nothing to worry about”.

    Shouldn’t that same mindset hold true today? Or has the morbidity of hypocrisy come home to the practitioners of that black craft?

  • Steve

    I wish I could agree with daniel that the report is bullshit. Unfortuantely I found this little gem buried at the DHS Website about the priorities of the E+R Branch, the organization that produced the assessment:
    “The second is the threat of radicalization and extremism. Our top priority is radicalized Islam (Sunni and Shia groups), but we also look at radicalized domestic groups. We do not monitor known extremists and their activities; instead, we are interested in the radicalization process – why and how people who are attracted to radical beliefs cross the line into violence.”

    Even though DHS is not going to post an FOUO report on their website, it has their handprints for sure.

  • N Waff

    This targeting of Americans under the profiling of “right-wing extremists” is absolutely repulsive and needs to be retracted. With 48% of the population having voted for John McCain, this demonizes half the US population – which is likely the intent of the authors? This is the equivalent of racial profiling of blacks or the profiling people of middle-eastern origin. This action is something I’d expected from Mao Zedong not the United States of America – and I’m outraged.

    Someone needs to be fired over this.

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  • http://gordonunleashed.com/blog/ Stephen Gordon


    This is a LIBERTARIAN site and we’ve been vocally opposed to Bush’s programs, as well.

    Other than site visitors, there ain’t no neocons here.

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  • Deborah

    I kind of knew this was happening because for a few years now I go into our local newspaper and blog, I go in as a southern redneck, racist and anti government, they have actually censored me and blocked me, I guess I am on the list because I wanted to test the waters.

  • Reverenccrash

    I guess that since I am a Natural Born Citizen of the United States and happen to believe in the Constitution, that makes me a Right Wing Extremist.If that’s the case do I get a T-Shirt or a little card something more than an obvious countenance that says I’M sick of the lying whinning theives and idiots in our Government. In the mean time I consider it aprivelege to be an elitist American Pig. First compliment I’ve had this week.

  • koz

    My first time to this site and it is a great site. It’s just too bad that I visited here to pick up that piece of crap DHS paper.

    Well, me and mine are off to the tea party in our state tomorrow. These freaks in the new administration can just go pound sand.

  • Dan

    I heard about it today on Michael Savage and he will be shining a pretty big spot light on this issue to be sufe.
    Very scary stuff this government of ours.

  • Nick

    So the SHS says their is no problem with our southern border. The drug cartels aren’t crossing and spilling into US soil. There are no more terrorist attacks, only man made disasters. But we have to worry about people who are mad because of the governments fiscal irresponsibility?

  • Don Elliott

    What really astonishes me is the disconnected exchange between Texas Gov Perry and Homeland Security. Gov Perry issued a statement supporting states’ rights under the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He stated in part: “I believe that our federal government has become oppressive in its size, its intrusion into the lives of our citizens, and its interference with the affairs of our state” Meanwhile the Dept of Homeland Security issued a warning on potential right wing terrorist that stated “…not just racist or hate groups, but also groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority “ So is Gov Perry a right wing terrorist? Is Texas a rogue terrorist state? When do we invade?

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  • To Mr.Gorden

    WHAT are you doing on MSNBC!!!!!!! WITH OF ALL PEOPLE THAT TWIT Rachael?? You are a fool does Ron know you did this???? So what if you think Fox has got a hold of The Tea Party, you made Ron look like a weiner and all of us who support Paul!!!! FOOL, FOOL, FOOL! I think it will take a long time to make this up!!

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  • Virgilk

    If you want a real eyeopener Google FEMA camps. You will wake up on that page and see why so many of us will have problems. Or you can use these for starters.


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  • Eddie

    Wow! The nuts are really out on this Paranoid Palace!

    Watch those teabaggers, nuts!

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  • Michelle B

    Who added or put the caption under the photo for the Cincinnati Tea Party event?

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  • Greta

    According to the news reports, this was to be a top-secret, not to be released to the media document for law-enforement only. According to a couple of the news reports I read yesterday, it was connected to a document that came out of law enforcement in Missouri, the original office that had written the basic reports, is now upset that the DHS went so much further in their assessment than the original document that they will no longer release any of the MO findings to the DHS people. The big thing was that the lawmen in MO didn’t find anything threatening about the normal right-winger, it was the interpretation of the DHS that they were.

  • Jill

    I sit on the left of the spectrum, but I don’t like these broad presumptive threat assessments anymore than anyone else, but in answer to the comment about whether or not there are similar reports on the ‘leftwing extremist’ threats – the answer is a resounding yes! There was one issued in the last few months that suggested left wing extremists could mount cyber attacks, and let’s not forget the 2001 report (so, on Bush’s watch, if one thinks this new report is purely Obama fuelled) issued by DOE office of Safeguards and Security – a 33 page report on ‘leftwing’ threats

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  • Conquistador

    I can boil the entire report down for you. If you voted against Obama, you’re a threat.

  • Robert Wagner

    I am a has been, WWII vet, and I am glad to be one of your club members.

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  • Orwell

    Obama Administration and Homeland Security now presents…

    You might be a terrorist if…

    1. You are not part of Islam.
    2. You believe in the constitution.
    3. You have morals.
    4. You dont believe in killing babies.
    5. You believe in soveirgn states.
    6. You believe in enforcing our current border laws.

  • Lynn

    Thanks muchly for allowing folks to copy this ridiculus 9 pages of crap from DHS….I guess I and my Family must be a threat, since we don’t believe what Obama is selling….God help us & God Bless America

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  • Keith Metzger

    This is bunk. If you save this to your hard drive and then right click on it, click on properties, click on the PDF tab you’ll see this “document” was originally created January 23rd 2007 and modified Sunday April 12 2009. It was created and modified with old software. You can’t change that stuff. If you have the right software and know how to do it, you’ll find there are no notes or signatures. This is the work of a hack, not Homeland Security. I don’t think they’re still using Adobe Acrobat version 7. Come on people, you can’t possibly beleive this stuff!

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  • Jim50

    There is an email address at the bottom of their booklet. I just emailed them and listed my views and asked if I was on their list. I think we ALL need to do this and completely flood these morons.

  • Nelle

    If it is ‘bunk’ and a hoax, why is Ms. Napolitano “defending” it, and planning a meeting with the commander of the American Legion to reassure him that DHS doesn’t “really” consider returning vets ALL to be crazy.
    I can understand you thinking it has to be fake – it is unprofessional, unsourced, a hack job.
    But it is real. Welcome to the new Administration.

  • phil

    included are veterans- those who would die for their country, also those who believe the Constitution to be the law of the land and means what it says- especially the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, the 10th Amendment, and where it says that the Federal Government has ONLY those powers granted expressedly by the Constitution, the rest of the government’s power goes to the states, also anyone who believes in the right to life, or anyone who is scared of big government.

  • Cliff Baker

    I’ve read the the portions of the report that have been posted and the comments offered on this site. If the report is in fact real or actually a hoax designed by a “left of center” person or entity, in my veiw , is not the real issue. That it was generated at all is frightening given it’s broad generalities classifying Americans with an honest dissent to current government policies as “terrorist” and “racist”.

    I’m not the most “educated” fellow on the block but I do understand the basic foundations of our nation as defined by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. It is our duty to stand against anyone who would presume to alter our system of government as defined by those documents, foreign or domestic.

    I fear that those among us that contribute so little and reap the unearned harvest have put into power a group of miscreants that have no desire to up hold they’re vow to “uphold and defend the Constitution…”. I stand against them.

    Homeland Security, here I am. Come get me, if you dare.

  • TommyT

    Well the report is real and soon many of us will be shot and jail for what we think. Hail to the KING OBAMA

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  • http://prescinct368cor.wordpress.com Theresa

    What we have today is a total disregard to the American people, to our rule of law and once the most beautiful, powerful, and prosperous Constitutional Republic of the world. Incrementally our nation is being dismantled to lead it towards a global plutocracy which is alien to our liberties and justice for all. We are supposed to have a government represented by the People, not top down autocratic ruling. We do not or wish not to bow to Queens and Kings or the plutocrats financiers, if we do, it may be the very end of civilization itself for when we the bastions of freedom are taken down so will the hopes for the rest of the world. Americans want real juice not fake kool-Aid that is nutrient deficient.

  • http://lookingattheleft.com El Marco

    Evil Right Wing Extremists Who Would Destroy America Gather in Denver

    El Marco Denver Tea Party photo essay with text from James Delingpole, Telegraph, U.K.

    James Delingpole has written a spot-on critique of the DHS/Office of Intelligence and Analysis report 
    “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment”.
     Delingpole’s cutting article combines with El Marco’s photos to illustrate the Obama administrations folly.

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  • J.E. Templeton

    Ok people, if you’re so upset with our country, you have every right. I, as a veteran, have seen many other countries. If you’re not satisfied here, try another place. Here we can vent our disagrements, and cherish this. But, be aware, that may not be everyone’s value. Share as you will. Do better for us…. That’s your right too.

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  • Ivan

    If someone is upset with capitalism her in US, move to Russia or China. You will get your buts kicked by the “peoples” police and army every day! They are all for redistribution of wealth. Not even 15 years ago in Russia one couldn’t own land, it belonged to all “people”.

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  • http://att jay bisbey

    It’s all a bunch of bullshit ! Just like Obama….he’s loud, and it feels good, just like a fart !Jb

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  • Christine

    This is a slap in the fact to all our soldiers who fight for our right to be free!!! What’s next…GESTAPO!!????!!! “Yeah, thanks for defending our country – but, ahhh, can you step over here into our gas chamber? You don’t fit our political agenda.” This is just plain sick! I say we all go to our gov’t and say, “I’m an extreemist, I believe in the constitution, and I believe in capitalism..put my name on your list!”

  • http://freedomgap.org Bill Williams

    Would you be open to cross promoting each other, or providing guest columns for each other?

  • http://freedomgap.org Bill Williams

    Would you be open to cross promoting each other or sharing guest columns on each others sites?

  • Kelly

    It seems for some reason you cannot find the DHS report anywhere on the web today. Funny, it was there yesterday. I guess they don’t want people to see for themselves what the report says.

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  • http://att jay bisbey

    Typical of the Obama Administration. He, aided by his wife and his staff of radical left wingers have an agenda to have the government take over the private population. Down here in Texas, we object to that. We object to abortion and sending our tax dollars to Europe to support abortion education. We object to his dismanteling of the military. Too bad , none of his or him have ever had someone try to kill him in anger, or shot back to defend his country. We all lose with Obama’s health plan, whatever that is. He’s alresdy got$628M funded for health reform in his budget….and we don’t know what’s in it for us. Jb

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  • http://WashburnsWorld.blogspot.com John Washburn


    How can you search the DHS site?

    The DHS website (or the websites of the fusion centers) is indexed by any seach engine.

    They set their robots.txt file to reject indexing by all known search engines.

    Here is a link to how the robots.txt file is used

    Here are the robots.txt files from the MIAC and DHS.

  • http://WashburnsWorld.blogspot.com John Washburn


    Will this press release from the DHS site suffice?

  • http://www.facebook.com/note.php?saved&&suggest&note_id=74234137234#/profile.php?id=1311613673&ref=name Moyer

    I think what you write puts words in the mouths of others. They haven’t “implied” anything. What the report states are facts.

    History might remind us that it’s not solely a left or right-wing issue. In the not so distant past Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy, President Hoover and others created lists, which blacklisted hundreds of liberal Americans from working and required them to defend themselves from accusations of communism.

    Agencies such as the House Un-American Activities Committee kept cross-referenced lists of leftist organizations, publications, rallies, charities, and individuals accused of being communists. Publications such as Red Channels, Counterattack and Confidential Information kept track of so-called communist and leftist organizations and individuals. Several T.V. dramas were accused of being used as sounding boards, particularly with regard to issues which appeal to “communists” (and myself), such as academic freedom, civil rights, world peace, and outlawing the H-bomb. It became the practice of “rightwing” politicians to refer to liberal reforms such as those and child labor laws and women’s rights as communist or red plots. Which I find appalling. On a local note, even the Cincinnati Reds changed their name during this time.

    Thousands of liberal Americans were accused of being communist and became the subject of egregious investigations. The primary targets were almost entirely government employees, the entertainment industry, educators and union activists. Suspicions were given credence despite questionable evidence, and the level of threat a person’s real or supposed leftist associations or beliefs posed and was generally overexaggerated. Many liberals suffered job losses and even imprisonment. Most of these punishments came about through trial verdicts later overturned, and laws that would later be declared unconstitutional.

    So, you see, there can be offenses dispite your political views.

  • Al

    Let see if i got this right-if i believe abortion is wrong that could make me a right wing extremist? If i believe in the second Ammend. that could make me an extremist?If I served in any branch of the Military that could make me an extremist!Then to if i believe we should enforce all our immigration laws that could make me an extremist! Well I guess you got me dead to rights,Homeland Stupidity!I must be a bigger damger then i ever thought i was!

  • RosanaDana

    Please read the tame companion “leftwing” memo about cyber hackers and compare the two. Nowhere are the radical Islamic Jihadists mentioned, nor the inner-city black and Hispanic gangs who regularly kill innocent children in their crossfire, nor community agitators like ACORN, paid to terrorize poor people to buy their votes. All things considered, I guess I’d prefer to be in the company of rightwing “lone wolves” or “small terrorist cells” that believe in Freedom and our Constitution, in limited government, in states’ rights, in capitalism & free-markets, in enforcement of our existing immigration laws, in oversight of every bureaucracy in D.C., in profound respect for our military and veterans.

    In my view, the two DHS reports are an insult to every one of us. . . and these were paid for with taxpayers’ money. Rather than writing fairy tales, perhaps the DHS, the FBI, the CIA, INS would have prevented 9/11 had they coordinated intel they had on the terrorists prior to the sacrifice of 3,000 innocent lives.

    God, please bless America.

  • Bill Hughes

    with the narcissist personality of obama this is just another example of where this country is headed may not become a dictatorship but will be close GOD BLESS AMERICA and hopefully we can remove obama from office before he completely destroys this country

  • Nightflyer32

    I’ve had a look at this DHS document, and the FBI report and other info on which it is based. This is being severely overblown.

    The FBI document goes into tons of specific examples regarding white supremacists and other extremists who, among other things, have been recruiting vets. Some who cut out the middleman and just plain joined up, all to get weapons training, tactics training, learn to build a bomb, etc.

    Conservative viewpoints are cited as basic factors, but the report makes no claim or implication that everyone who holds those views is a threat. There’s mainstream conservatives, who oppose this policy and support that, who write, speak or demonstrate to show that support.

    Then there’s the extremists, who prefer using guns & explosives, and also generally believe in secret cabals of Jews and so forth, expect a race war to start any day now, and have a fondness for sheets with point hoods and/or swastikas.

    They’re tacitly connected, in the same way that canaries and ostriches are connected (both birds). Beyond that, no resemblance at all.

    Maybe this DHS report doesn’t come out and say, “we’re only talking about extremists, not normal people,” but in every other way, the language is clear.

    Long story short – relax.

  • Mike

    I’d like to tell you about the DC Tea Party, and how it was managed. I’m a moderate who has shifted into the Democratic column for the first time in 30 years. My wife is a member of the Mount Vernon VA Republican Womens’ Club. I download her mail.

    For the past four weeks, she’s been getting about 5 eMails each day from Republican leaders and sources, urging her participation at the upcoming tea party, and offering to drive or bus her to the event and do “coffee” before or after. It was the most highly organized “spontaneous grass-roots” event I’ve seen in decades.

    Bottom line, – it was a sham from the get-go. It was bought and paid for by campaign funds coming from – somewhere.


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  • http://www.ekzept.net ekzept

    uh, doesn’t seem to me like the White House should “distance itself from this analysis” at all, [url=http://www.dhs.gov/ynews/releases/pr_1239817562001.shtm]per DHS Director’s statement[/url]. she makes it clear they are talking about Timothy McVeigh types. so, unless you think McVeigh and folks like him are heros, i think you’re worrying about nuthin’.

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  • Siegheil

    Nazi Germany here we come.

  • Kevin

    Liberal or Conservative, this report should give you pause to consider the ramifications.
    Everyone talks about how evil religion is. That it has fomented wars and factions and many other “socially unenlightened ills.”

    Be that as it may, let us consider mortality levels under different governments throughout the 20th century. No other entity has been as responsible for the incomprehensible loss of life in order to pursue and protect its own agenda.

    I’ve compiled an admittedly incomplete list of deaths caused by war and politically motivated murder for the early part of the 20th century. I think you will agree that the evils perpetrated by a dictatorial leviathan government are truly horrifying. While I don’t think our government is at this point, I do think that it continues to take baby steps in that direction. Anyway, on to the list:

    World War I – 15 Million

    * World War II – 50 – 70 Million
    – Multitude of causes but most were political.
    * Russian Civil War – 9 Million
    – If you think about the methods for killing that were available at this time, this number of dead is staggering.
    * USSR from Communist Revolution to 1946 – ~60 Million
    – ALL of these were political suppression of targeted “threats to the state.”
    * Post-War Expulsion of Germans from East Europe (1945-47): 2 Million
    * Chinese Civil War (1945-49) – 2.5 Million
    *People’s Republic of China (1949-1975) – 40 Million
    – Only a small portion of these casualties are attributable to war; the rest represent political suppression.
    * Tibet (1950-now) – .6 Million
    – Complete political suppression
    * Congo Free State (1886-1908) – 8 Million
    – War against colonial rule
    * Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) – 1 Million

    * Armenian Massacre (1915-1923) – 1.5 Million
    – Politically motivated “Ethnic” cleansing.
    * China, Warlord Era (1917-1928) – .8 Million

    * China, Nationalist Era (1928-1937) – 3.1 Million

    * Korean War (1950-1953) – 2.8 Million
    – Politically motivated – Spread of Communism
    * North Korea (1948-now) – 5 Million
    – Further atrocities committed by a Communist dictator
    * Rwanda and Burundi 1.35 Million

    * Second Indochina War (1960-1975) 3.5 Million
    – Communist takeover of Vietnam. Untold thousands rounded up and killed after Communist takeover.
    Pol Pot (1975-1978) 1.6 Million
    – I don’t know what this dude’s issue was but it seems pretty politically motivated to me.

    The list continues but I think you get the idea. All of these add up to ~218 Million people killed over the course of ~75 years (~2/3rds the current population of the United States) directly or indirectly due to war or murdered as “enemies of the state.” The number killed as enemies of the state is truly beyond imagining (+100 Million). The vast majority of this complete disregard of life started with some political motivated thought.

    Religion cannot even come close to these numbers even if you total them from the time of Christ until now.

    These are the kinds of government our founders were trying to protect against. The use of government to single out a group(s) due simply to differing ideology puts us on equal footing with some of the worst despotic regimes this world has ever known. If we the people allow our government the power and authority to make decisions based on this report, we move one step closer to the state proactively silencing “enemies of the state” (through law, internment, or murder).

    If you think it can’t happen here, you haven’t been paying attention to history. Consider the following:

    The Nazis came to power in Germany as a populist reaction to the harsh penalties imposed after WW I. It used racial scapegoats to divide the population and agressively marketed hysterical nationalistic pride to those that were of the “right” mindset. This allowed those in the majority to rationalize heinous attrocities against their fellow man.

    The analog to our situation is evident when we replace racial scapegoating with the Department of Homeland Security’s definition of potential enemies of the state and changing the marketing of hysterical nationalistic pride with the rabid marketing of their definition of “progressive” fervor (read this as – “The answer to all ills is more government. Just send us more money and everything will be ok”) and active suppression of the opposing viewpoint.

    The significance of this report is that a high level governmental security agency has issued and then publicized it. I don’t care whether you are liberal or conservative, atheist or religious, this report should concern you and move you to action.

    If you currently are on the “right” side you may cheer this, but I ask you to consider what happens when your ideas are perceived as a threat to the state?

  • justcallmelater
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  • proud black man


    Seems funny to me that the list doesnt include BILL AIERs or Bernadene Dorn. Or the animal rights lunitics that kill animals daily. Or The NEW BLACK PANTHER MOVEMENT. Im appualled at the attrosity that is our new Homeland security Secratary. I am a vet and I believe that this undermines everyone who served. OH im a christian to and dont believe in abortion. SO i guess im on more than one watch list. Thanks Ill pray for all of you.

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  • Rob C

    The caption underneath the pic is bigoted and outrageous.

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  • Paul

    You and your children will all be better off years from now. Why do you want to keep antiquated ideals alive in a modern society? I know you believe you have good intentions but you’re going to cripple our nation in the years to come with these beliefs. There won’t be a U.S. in 100 years to defend and uphold at the rate you’re going.

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