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TJIC, ripping on the consumers of sound-bite “news at 11” science:

I love (”love”) the phenomena (seen so much in the global warming political debate) of people who never ever ever read primary sources, but instead read fluff articles in the Boston Globe or Self magazine drawing these crazy conclusions way beyond what the confidence intervals on the studies support, and then reorder their lives based on some craziness written up by an scientifically illiterate English major making $31k/year and spending almost all of it on shoes, Cosmopolitans, and Barrack Obama bumper stickers.

It’s one of my pet peeves as well. When my wife saw the vaccine-autism reports from “Jenny McCarthy, MD”, she immediately got worried about the prospect of giving any vaccine to our son. I then took it upon myself to read three books on the subject, perform my own risk-benefit analysis of specific vaccines based on the data in those books, and decide which vaccines I thought were worthwhile based on the risk of the disease, the risk of adverse reaction to the vaccine, and the likelihood of contracting the disease.

Sure, it’s not a political point, but it’s this same sort of soundbite science that causes people to think that the “Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2003” was about reforming campaign finance.

People who refuse to think, or are incapable thereof, shouldn’t watch the news.

  • http://www.lenzie.org.uk/scam.php Mike

    I just love telling those people who can’t be bothered to read or simply can’t understand the science that: “the global temperature is cooling this century at a rate of -1.25C/century”.

    There are two normal responses:

    A) Utter denial that the world could be cooling followed after a lengthy explanation of how scientists work out the trend by: “well I still don’t believe you because how can it be cooling”.

    B) “It’s cooling … so what? … I never believed in warming, so why should I be bothered by 8 years of cooling”

    The truth is that those who understand the evidence don’t worry about a mere 8 years of cooling or 30 years of warming. Those who don’t understand the evidence think it is the end of their … religion!

  • http://www.noangst.blogspot.com Mike

    “People who refuse to think, or are incapable thereof, shouldn’t watch the news.”

    One could make the case that those who bother to watch the news are by definition incapable of thinking.

  • Marty

    You don’t need to be a Doctor to understand that mercury is a neurotoxin. You don’t need to be a Doctor to understand that the concentration of mercury in vaccines exceeds all federal safety levels. You don’t need to be a Doctor to understand that ethylmercury, the type used in vaccines, is a short chain alkylmercury compound, the most toxic form that exists. You don’t need to be a Doctor to know that injecting mercury intramuscularly provides rapid access to the bloodstream. You don’t need to be a Doctor to to know that newborns and infants are more susceptible to mercury damage. You better do some more reading Brad. Stay away from the propaganda put out by the people who make, mandate, promote and administer vaccines. I know, it’s impossible to do. That’s why this despicable act continues to this day.

  • http://thelibertypapers.org/ Brad Warbiany


    I read two “anti-vaccine” books as well as the one written by my pediatrician’s colleague, which is a more balanced book.

    I’m not intending to argue the merits of vaccines in this post, of course, but want to point out that those of us who have the ability to understand the data can make an informed decision on what we want to do with our children. If you choose not to vaccinate, I support your decision. I choose a limited vaccination schedule based on my own understanding of the risks and benefits.

  • http://tinyurl.com/cn28eq L.J. Williamson

    Vaccines contain deadly DHMO!

    Much has been made of the link between mercury in vaccines and autism but more people need to know that just about 100% of vaccines contain DHMO, a compound which is deadly if inhaled and can cause severe tissue damage in its solid form after prolonged contact with skin. Please see my examiner.com article on this at http://tinyurl.com/cn28eq for more details. We need to make DHMO illegal before more children are injured! –L.J. Williamson, Los Angeles Parenting Examiner, examiner.com