Hey IRS & DHS, Suck On This!

I’m not going to make it to any Tea Parties today, because frankly I think my personal time is far better spent earning money at my job than engaging in a bit of populism that will likely be forgotten and ignored by the mainstream media — at least those portions of the MSM that don’t actively deride the movement.

But in the wake of this, and of the recent DHS report, I thought a little picture was in order:

My office when I worked from home:

Don't Tread, Bitches!

Some might call it extremism. I call it inspiration. Does that mean my name will end up on a list somewhere (if it hasn’t already)?

  • Nick M.


    Hopefully not sounding too paranoid, but I would dollars to doughnuts that you are on a list. Mainly because you have talked to me on the phone, and I’m pretty sure we have discussed libertarian/anarchist topics. You would have been picked up because of me. I have talked to my dad about how shitty the gov’t is and whether it can be changed quietly and slowly, or if it will require bloody, violent revolution. He has talked to his friend Jeff about these same things, not such a big deal, except that this was on an international call from the Philippines, and Jeff was there to meet his internet girlfriend…whose ex-husband is Iranian. Probably not a big deal, but given these facts, I’m pretty sure we have been listened to and are on some list somewhere.

  • http://shining-city.net/blog/ Jennifer O’Hara

    We’re about to hang one from the front of the house opposite our American flag.

    No, really.