Tax Day Protestors — Time To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

A few weeks ago, I asked those who were interested in fighting back against the forces of taxation to actually do something tangible to make a difference. I asked for a real Tax Day protest.

The idea was simple. Decrease your tax withholding to the minimum level to avoid penalties, in order to ensure that the FedGov doesn’t get your money until it’s absolutely required. I even gave a simple metric, for those of you who work standard salaried corporate jobs, claim me, myself, and I, plus spouse and/or dependents. For me, that number is 6 (me, myself, I, wife, son, soon-to-be-born-son).

In my case, that resulted in my claimed exemptions moving from 4 federal, 3 state, to 6 federal, 6 state.

What I want to know is — who’s coming with me? Who’s actually changing their claimed exemptions to reduce their withholding?

Frankly, folks, this will mean more than showing up to some mass protest today. If you’re joining the Tax Day Withholding Party, post your changes in the comments section.

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  • Eric

    I claim 15 exemptions every year, the most my company let’s me claim without documentation. I owe money every year, which I pay on 4/15. I’ve been doing that for years ….. I hate giving .GOV an interest free loan, I’d rather give myself one. Since it’s my money any damn way.

  • Chris Byrne

    I do the same thing as Eric. 12 exemptions in my case. Of course I have two kids and a wife who only works seasonal part time work; but I still owe a substantial amount every year.

  • Peter

    I actually increased my exemptions shortly before you suggested it here. When I did my taxes, I found I was entitled to a HUGE refund. I had a baby last year, but did not increase my deductions at the time. I had also been claiming less exemptions than I was entitled to so that I would not risk having to pay anything at tax time. I have changed my strategy, I will now keep the money (Like I said on a different thread, my tax liability is about as low as possible).

  • Jarrod

    No . . . what you will witness today is the basic ideologly of our nation. One that our ancestors have fought for since the late 1700’s. Freedom of speech, also know as the first amendment of our constitution.

  • Eric

    It would seem that taxpayers are, by and large, “Going Galt“.