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April 16, 2009

MD and AL: Two Tea Party items of interest

by Stephen Gordon


It’s being reported that the Maryland National Guard issued an alert to be on the lookout for numerous entities which “have formed recently to express displeasure/anger over recent federal/state government actions: more taxes, increased spending, higher deficits, a surge of borrowing to pay for it all, bailout of the financial institutions.”

“This movement can be identified by different variations of “TEA Party” or “Tea Party.” Past “TEA Party” events have been peaceful. There was a “Tea party” event at Solomons, Maryland, on March 22, 2009. “TEA” stands for “Taxed Enough Already,”the report continues.

Following the Missouri Information Analysis Center report and the one issued by the Department of Homeland Security, this is beginning to look like a most disturbing trend.


The following blog comment (from a source I personally know) illustrates that the Birmingham/Shelby County Tea Party stuck to their activist guns:

The highlight of the event in Birmingham was Beth Chapman, our Secretary of State.

Unbeknowst to most people, she showed up unannounced at the back of the stage and demanded to speak. Apparently she wasn’t there when I announced that no elected officials would be speaking and that at this rally politicians would listen to we the people.

As a matter of fact, she wasn’t there when the Rainy Day Patriots (25 in number) stood on 280 in the middle of a tornado warning with their protest signs. She wasn’t there during our organizational meetings. She wasn’t there during setup of the event. And she certainly wasn’t there during cleanup.

Needless to say, she wasn’t a very happy camper when she was told “NO”. I guess politicians are not used to being told no because she lingered for another 30 minutes quibling for a speaking spot.

It was a great day in Alabama when a group of citizens can grow their numbers from 25 to 7000 in a couple of weeks and tell our politicians “NO!”

Chapman is Alabama’s Republican Secretary of State. Commenter Marcelo Munoz is a local Campaign for Liberty organizer.

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  1. Stephen,

    It’s worth noting that Maryland has had real issues with a resurgance in the KKK in recent years, especially in the western part of the state and along the less populated areas of the Eastern Shore. That may be what they’re talking about

    Comment by Doug Mataconis — April 16, 2009 @ 9:41 am
  2. Doug,

    I’ve spent plenty of time in southern MD, so I do understand the folks you mention.

    However, I’ve updated the posting with a Tea Party specific reference which I should have included in the first place.

    Comment by Stephen Gordon — April 16, 2009 @ 9:50 am
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  6. Maryland has had real issues with a resurgance in the KKK in recent years,

    If the KKK showed up at a tea party protest, they’d get their asses kicked. We don’t let the neocon hacks jump in front of our parade, and we’re sure as hell not going to let a pack of knuckle-dragging bigots give the pinkos a pretext for dismissing us.

    Comment by Some Guy — April 21, 2009 @ 7:03 am
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