Alan Keyes teams up with Prison Planet to start new conspiracy theory

In a match made in heaven, Prison Planet has joined with former Ambassador and presidential candidate Alan Keyes to suggest that President Barrack Obama plans to “stage terror attacks, declare martial law and cancel the 2012 elections.”

While I’m certainly no Obama fan, that’s a very serious allegation to be tossing about in such a “well-respected” publication.  It’s also “surprising” that they pay attention to anyone who would throw his daughter out of the house, stop “speaking to her and refuse to pay for college because she is gay.”  The last time I checked, gay rights weren’t on the agenda at any recent CFR or Bilderberger meetings.

Libertarian, conservative and liberal nutballs have been suggesting that 9/11 was caused by President George W. Bush acting with the same intentions.  I’ve heard these same folks say Dubya was going to declare martial law and cancel presidential elections.  I’ve also heard people say that Bill Clinton was going to the same.  I heard similar fantasies during the George H.W. Bush years.  I heard them during the Reagan and Carter years, as well.  While I’m not old enough to remember earlier examples, I’m sure such rumors have existed since the founding of the Republic.

Guess what?  As many years as I’ve been hearing these reports, it ain’t happened yet.

Similar to his predecessor, the list of valid grievances against President Obama grows on a daily basis. My advice to Dr. Keyes is to get back on his medications and attack Obama for offenses committed on this planet.

UPDATE: I just had a call from the media on this, but lost the interview when I made a certain fact known.  For some reason, the interest was lost when they found out that I helped break the DHS story targeting most libertarians and conservatives in the country.