Alan Keyes teams up with Prison Planet to start new conspiracy theory

In a match made in heaven, Prison Planet has joined with former Ambassador and presidential candidate Alan Keyes to suggest that President Barrack Obama plans to “stage terror attacks, declare martial law and cancel the 2012 elections.”

While I’m certainly no Obama fan, that’s a very serious allegation to be tossing about in such a “well-respected” publication.  It’s also “surprising” that they pay attention to anyone who would throw his daughter out of the house, stop “speaking to her and refuse to pay for college because she is gay.”  The last time I checked, gay rights weren’t on the agenda at any recent CFR or Bilderberger meetings.

Libertarian, conservative and liberal nutballs have been suggesting that 9/11 was caused by President George W. Bush acting with the same intentions.  I’ve heard these same folks say Dubya was going to declare martial law and cancel presidential elections.  I’ve also heard people say that Bill Clinton was going to the same.  I heard similar fantasies during the George H.W. Bush years.  I heard them during the Reagan and Carter years, as well.  While I’m not old enough to remember earlier examples, I’m sure such rumors have existed since the founding of the Republic.

Guess what?  As many years as I’ve been hearing these reports, it ain’t happened yet.

Similar to his predecessor, the list of valid grievances against President Obama grows on a daily basis. My advice to Dr. Keyes is to get back on his medications and attack Obama for offenses committed on this planet.

UPDATE: I just had a call from the media on this, but lost the interview when I made a certain fact known.  For some reason, the interest was lost when they found out that I helped break the DHS story targeting most libertarians and conservatives in the country.

  • Chrisfrmchi

    watch that link. Why are these scientists saying this about thermite found at the WTC buildings. They just recently came out with a peer-reviewed research paper on the thermite.

    Thats the link to it.

    How dare you sir for writing what you do without looking at the new evidence of 9/11 truth. How dare you Stephen. How dare you.

    The merely cited comments from him as any news agency would publish comments from a public figure. Alan Keyes comments are cited because he did run for president and then he says this.

    9/11 truth is the only way you’ll get your Liberty you site preaches and wishes and the only way you’ll get attention is linking to a prison planet story. Shame on you.

    Wake up people in this forum…

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  • Chrisfrmchi

    Oh here’s a Link to the full Obama Deception movie.

    It has 1.5 million views and that is just one link out there.

    We are REAL.

    All those that criticize Prison planet, Infowars or Alex Jones should watch it and comment on it here.

    Or you are fake patriot cowards.

  • Stephen Gordon

    I quit listening to Truthers when I heard them say that planes didn’t actually didn’t hit the buildings, despite all of the photographic evidence and eyewitness reports.

    Actually, I quit listening to this sort of stuff in 1969, when I heard as a young child that men didn’t actually land on the moon.

  • Chrisfrmchi


    Alex Jones and Infowars do not believe there are no planes. They have made that point several times. Those that aren’t for jones, connect the two. Do some research or call the show if you don’t believe me. He is a link to a comment from him on it.

  • Chrisfrmchi

    Alex also believes we landed on the moon.
    what else you got? Do you have more assumptions i can correct you on?

  • Stephen Gordon

    I honestly don’t know what Mr. Jones believes or not these days. I don’t visit his site, and wouldn’t have read the article which came to me as a hyperlink in an e-mail had I known it came from his site.

    If you aren’t aware, most people think he’s a bit “out there.” Even association with unsubstantiated theories hurts the movement, in general. As such, I’ve refused to be on his program as a guest. Ron Paul should have done the same.

    A healthy dose of paranoia is a good thing, but some folks seem to spend their lives searching for one more piece of evidence to support their wild claims as opposed to working to restore our lost birthright of freedom.

  • Chrisfrmchi

    Fine you keep your beliefs. Just please keep pointing out the problems that effect the greater whole.

    I just looked at your blog. Your top story is about rachel maddow and tea bagging….seriously whats a better subject to discuss.

    Tea bagging and that fake reality political show that follows that.

    Or you as a liberty person, taking Alex and his claims to task further than calling him crazy. The topics discussed in the Obama deceptions are totally at the center of all this debate.

    You wouldn’t have had the tea parties if not the for the END THE FED rallies there. There is a clip in the Obama deception with a speech by Ron Paul’s brother on the federal reserve history.

    You may not like the messenger but a lot of the current topics are presented there in that film.

    Is there not a CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bliderberg groups?

    They are all members of the political and economic power houses, if there were 100 celebrities meeting somewhere there would be thousands of press but when these political leaders meet they bar the press. Why?

    Furthermore Vanity fair did a huge article on the Bohemian Grove.

    Thats in a way backs up what alex found in 2000 there too.

    Somethings up and Alex is on to something.

  • Stephen Gordon

    The teabagging story was the night before most of the major tea parties. Not only was it timely, it deflected a lot of undeserved criticism of tea parties at the time it was most needed. The left lost a lot of speaking points on tea party day because I left them no story with teeth the night before.

    Anyway, I’m writing another piece about something which you probably will agree.

  • Chrisfrmchi

    Alex would agree with you on the Tea Bagging comments to be honest as well. It was a psy-op done by liberal media to paint the protests as a purely republican thing and paint them as crazy racists. Thing is Alex claims the right does these things too, I’ve seen plenty of examples of that too, I think you can agree with that.

    I don’t just comment cause I disagree with what you wrote. The general consensus at the forums of prison planet was that Keyes was co-oping the Liberty stuff cause he has nothing to define him, which even dovetails with your conclusion.

    I’ll be sure to check out your next one.

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  • Stephen Gordon

    I agree and am disgusted that both the right and the left do these sorts of things.

  • youarehypocrites

    What a bunch of Hypocrites the publishers of this website are.

    This site’s banner includes these words: “Defending individual freedom and Liberty one post at a time.”

    What hypocrisy!!

    It seems that you would rather keep Alan Keyes from voicing his opinions because you disagree with them.

    So much for your idea of Freedom and Liberty.

    If Alan Keye’s prediction comes to pass, will you issue an apology? Will you admit you were wrong?

    Not likely.

    BTW, who funds this website? NSA? CIA? CFR? Because a lot of what you post here has very little to do with supporting true liberty, but rather only that which you and the state deem appropriate.

  • FFS

    What a pile of utter shite

  • Doug Mataconis

    who funds this website? NSA? CIA? CFR?

    You outed us.

    Yep, we’re all CIA agents under the pay of the Illumanti. It’s really quite lucrative, and the view from my beach side home here in Tahiti is really quite beautiful.

    Excuse me, time for the morning massage.


  • Quincy

    Doug, speaking of our super-secret NSA funding, can you tell our contact that their last check bounced? Something about being overdrawn…


  • tarran

    Dammit! We’re working for the NSA now? I thought we were still working for Al Queda! When did we switch? Why the hell does nobody tell me these things?

  • Quincy

    Tarran, we switched when Al Qaeda cut our commission in half, remember?

  • Akston

    Do you guys get T-shirts and badges? And guns? (Well, if you’re not based in Milwaukee, anyway…)

  • Bmore


    Please research before posting slanders. If we wanted “Fair and Balanced” we would watch FOX for our brainwashing. I find most people who bash Alex got their arguement from pundits on TV, and after “WMD” and 1.6 Million dead by us, I’m willing to believe the g-o-v would like about killing 3,000 of its own citizens. Why not? They lied about Area51, Tuskegee Experiments, involvement of the assination of MLK, all of course, came back to be TRUE.

    So I don’t want to hear that. Now, Alex LATELY has been doing some questionable journalism. But I’ll take that over FOX anyday.

  • Doug Mataconis


    Just got off the phone with David Rockefeller and George Soros. They’re sort of pissed that I outed the operation, but given that we’re so close to achieving the final goal we agreed that deep cover is no longer necessary.

    We talked about the bounced check. They’ll take care of that out of TARP funds, or just divert some of the money that Obama gave to General Motors into our accounts.

    And we’ve doubled surveillance on the guy who calls himself “youarehypocrites.” Even using the mind-control devices that bypass tin-foil hats on this dude.

  • chrisfrmchi

    Its a shame Doug, A real shame that you have to resort to the same tactics the mainstream media uses to discredit people. The fact you can’t notice you are doing the same is really wrong.

    Laugh all you want at the 9/11 truth people and Alex Jones people. You’ll be on our side in a years time.

    There are reasons why the mainstream media attempted to link Alex Jones with the Pittsburgh Cop Killer. If you took time to research that instance you’ll see that there was a engineered attempt to link the too. The original articles on it were redacted and taken back when those news organizations realized they were had…by the ADL.

    The world is much more complicated, give up watching sports and giving a crap about Britney spears and whats the latest plot of lost and you might understand that.

    And Soros and Rockefeller wouldn’t answer your phone calls, let along would you get 2 degrees close to them so stop making a stupid joke about things you don’t know anything about.

  • Doug Mataconis


    No, you’re wrong.

    The only way the day will come that I actually agree with Alex Jones will be if I completely lose my mind.

  • Paul Revere

    We the American people have made a grave, horrendous mistake in electing Barak Hussein Obama as president ( mind you had we elected the other we would have ended with the same results, different Puppet same strings ) as far as I know, no one has ever seen his legal birth certificate to confirm that he was born a citizen of the United States of America, of which all citizens have to be to legally be the president of the United States! Could be we have this illegal president that has no right to be such, who is running our country into the ground, turning it in to a police state and how appropriate that would be for the dark powers to have a counterfeit president be the front man used to end the sovereignty of a nation founded under God, once known as “The United States of America”!

    “The Obama Deception,” movie draws to our attention a lot of true realities as well as some opinion rederick in that it is up to the beholder to take it or leave it! Remember to do your own homework! Regardless it certainly goes a long way toward waking up America and people around the world to get prepared and keep our eyes open, start saying no to policies we don’t want and realize that the fight is not about left or right wing politics or black or white or red or race that keeps us divided but about the manipulators outside the box who are playing the world as pawns for the interest of what is best for their pocket books!
    So I say as always follow the money, it may have your own blood on it wake up before your family is taken from you or dead and you are in a Fema Camp! It’s up to you each and every American citizen!
    Paul Revere

  • Chrisfrmchi

    I don’t care if you agree with alex jones.

    I want you to agree there are organizations like the CFR, Bliderberg, Trilateral Commissions actually exist. Which MSM says they don’t.

    Then I want you to agree that they discuss policy there, which they do. Which the MSM says they don’t.

    Then I want you to agree that certain high profile democrats and republicans are all part and/or attend these organizations. Which the MSM says they don’t.

    Every single one of those are True.
    Your lying to yourself if you say they don’t exist.

    Then I want you to admit the Mainstream media hides, manipulates and lies about things according to what the government demands.(WMD come to mind.) But you never hold them to the same standard as an Alex Jones.

    More facts you can just deny away.

    There was no Weapons of Mass Destruction

    Blackwater is illegally still in Iraq despite their name change.

    The Bailouts are a scam on the American people.

    And soon enough you will learn that 9/11 and the official story from the 9/11 commission isn’t the true whole story.

    You need to do your research and stop taking the word of politicians as gold.

  • Chrisfrmchi

    9/11 truth just wants a new investigation in 9/11.

    There are many high-profile members of the commission who have stated that its not the whole story.

    The FBI hasn’t even charge Osama for 911 while still charging him for the Cole and the Kobar towers. Why? They say cause they don’t have enough evidence…We fought two wars based on a lie.

    Osama’s name was Tim Osman in the CIA during the 1970s-1980s.


  • Doug Mataconis

    Take your meds, Chris

  • Chrisfrmchi

    Keep denying things to yourself Doug.
    You don’t want to learn about anything beyond what is comfortable for you in your own private world.

    The governments lying to you Doug.
    Its lying to you.

    Just check out the information, that goes for all the rest here too.

    Its gut check time for you all.
    Its going to get bad this summer, you know this.

  • Merf

    Give it up, Chris.

    Speaking only from the technical aspects of the Alex Jones claims, most of the true believers don’t know enough about petroleum products, metallurgy, engineering, and the mechanics and ballistics of flight to realize how much they don’t know.

  • Chrisfrmchi

    Well Merf that is a weak answer.

    If you took the time to check the first link, you’d have seen a REAL News program detailing what 9 scientists have found and then you could take the time to check this link for the PDF to the research paper that recently came out on Thermite being found in the WTC area.

    Are those scientists lying to sell DVDs?

    No one checks out these things and then people like you Merf will repeat some general marginalization.

    There needs to be a new investigation.
    The government spent more on Lewinsky than 911.

    Totally separate subject…NEW WORLD ORDER.

    Do you know who Henry Kissinger is? And what he does?

    Why does he use the same term that President Bush on September 11 1991 said refering to Obama?

    What does New World Order Mean?,9171,1877388,00.html

    Cause Time magazine seems to have an Idea.

    All those links are from stuff from 2009.

    Please just Look up the stuff, VET IT and then comment…maybe make a bigger name for yourself debunking things honestly too.

    But you guys can’t deal with that, i’m beginning to see that.

    Just check it out…there is something to all this.

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  • Mark Anderson

    Stephen, I regret to inform you that George W. Bush WAS about to martial law. This was revealed by a few members of Congress as well as Senator Inhofe. Treasury Secretary mafioso Hank Paulson threatened martial law if Congress didn’t pass the $700 billion banker bailout bill. Were you asleep during all of that, Stephen? How sick this is that we have a government which COLLAPSED THE ECONOMY WITH ITS OWN POLICIES THREATEN US WITH MORE DAMAGE BY IMPOSING MARTIAL LAW (as if martial law is the solution to our economic problemss) IF IT COULDN’T FURTHER INFLICT DAMAGE ON THE ECONOMY BY GETTING $700 BILLION FOR THE BANKRUPT BANKING SYSTEM.

  • Doug Mataconis


    This is one of those instances where the people who follow Alex Jones reveal the own ignorance and gullibility.

    The “martial law” that the Congressman and Senators referred to has nothing to do with soldiers in the street and everything to do with invoking special rules in Congress that allow legislators to consider bills on the floor immediately.

    Under this procedure, longstanding House rules that require at least one day between the unveiling of significant legislation and the House floor vote on that legislation are swept away. Instead, under “martial law,” the Leadership can file legislation with hundreds of pages of fine print and move immediately to debate and votes on it, before Members of Congress, the media, or the public have an opportunity to understand fully what provisions have been altered or inserted in the legislation behind closed doors.

    So, you know, get your facts straight.

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  • Susan Herbert

    I too filed suit only I did so before any primary was held – April of 2007. The vote is the equal protection and due process issue or point of law that birthed us as a new nation. I legally argued: WE UNFOUNDED OURSELVES.

    Thus I may be the only actual Independent in this nation as you are not actually and legally independent if you belong to a party or have legal representation.

    I am an expert in constitutional law as I became the very first person since William Marbury to enter SCOTUS directly on 11/20/08 but you do not know as you failed to do your duty as a citizen and as this was suppressed as the people were circumvented by SCOTUS as the Solicitor general failed to respond to my petition, a pro se case of constitutional authority and original jurisdiction. Then SCOTUS acted upon an emergency application addressing the breach of contract but did so w/o getting any response for the SG and w/o ever filing the paperwork! Marbury V Madison says ACTING not delivery or filing of the paper counts and is proof.

    This controversy is about much more than Obama’s birth plus what the Obama camp has produced is not a birth certificate but a certificate of live birth which proves beyond a reasonable doubt only that you were born and were able to prove you are entitled to some benefits not that you were actually born within the US. YOU are proof beyond any and all doubt you were actually born; that paper called a certificate of live birth? It entitles you to some benefits of American citizenship like casting a vote or collecting social security but not to the benefit known as the protected right to become the elected President and Commander.

    Alan Keyes is not crazy or wrong but he is not arguing the correct point of law. Nobody is except myself.

    I sued all 300 million Americans and cited TREASON as all votes are not constitutional any more than any and all actions are constitutional and in some cases those actions constitute what is treason. I said Who cares if Obama was or was not born here? If he is an expert in constitutional law as he claims it is treason as this election was bought with private funds; the power known as Executive Order or our vote was openly purchased and Obama did this with deliberation and forethought; with intent as he had a copy of my suit thus owned the knowledge as early as June of 2007.

    This is actually about the discrimination of women, a two party monopoly that controls and exploits the process, a legislative branch that has skewed all power in its favor, a past President suffering zero consequences for what is a crime – perjury, chain of command being completely severed and endemic corruption within every branch of government as unless you agree to act unethically opportunity is made nonexistent for you. I have breaking new for you:

    No matter how you add it up, according to the exact words of our law, math and Marbury BUSH V GORE SITS AS A TIED DECISION THAT I RESOLVED IN MY FAVOR THUS IN FAVOR OF ALL LAW ABIDING, ETHICAL CITIZENS. The spirit of our law not the exact words is Chief Justice Rehnquist could act in our best interest and so fudge the math and erroneously invoke the power of one in such a fashion the Justices were then voting twice, not once. Per Curium is never used in SCOTUS as the math does not always add up! Besides one vote? The only forms of the power of one SCOTUS may ever invoke is unanimous or one alone, a Chief Justice acting alone to stand down a sitting President.

    You can read my SCOTUS petition, federal suit and a copy of my brief now within Federal Appeals at


    I say to all Johnny come too latelys:


    You might personally believe you can take a popular vote and so vote to violate my fully vested, constitutionally protected rights but you would be wrong as US law is not a popularity contest but a matter of overcoming peer pressure and so willing yourself to power, actual power and not perceived power. It is not possible to win a Revolution if you do it via lying, cheating and stealing as you never truly own the ‘victory’. All you own is GUILT and all you achieve or cause is MORE INJUSTICE.

    As for those of you who call this a race issue?

    Barack Obama claiming he knows what it is liek to feel black aka feel like a victim in KENYA, INDONESIA or HAWAII where white is the minority is like me claiming I felt white in Norway or at a Klan meeting. The color black, the outside appearance, is deceptive as it is relative and so not the whole truth. WOMAN is not an outside appearance but a quality of being human as all men are biologically the same while men and women are biologically different. If black actually made a difference and caused justice? Was an actual reason to violate the terms of our law w/o equal protection or due process?

    A black man named Thurgood Marshall would have secured justice for women as the promise of Brown will NEVER be realized unless we stop injuring the mothers of those children. BARACK OBAMA proves Brown V Topeka secured legal power for black men only but not for black women. WOMAN is yet the only injured class and the injury to them is yet ‘made legal’ by men who refuse to apply the law to them equally or at all.

    WHO is my co-counsel of record? Thurgood Marshal as he said in Rotsker V Goldberg: Are we ruling against women only as a mostly male Congress will refuse to obey the law? Or our ruling? Are we afraid? Are we giving constitutional authority or custody, care and control of women to men in violation of US law?

    YES!!!!! In America life, not paper, is proof. Paper proves nothing at all and so in my unique case I never need to see the paper and my federal question is: Why are you hiding behind it? If I am brave enough to face the Supreme court of the US all alone, the only woman ever to argue her own case and the only nonlawyer ever to appear, then WHY are you wealthy, privileged men with all the power and resources as well as each other then afraid to do the same? FEAR is unconstitutional as any man who is afraid of liberty and justice cannot possibly keep me or any person safe. You then are unfit to Command or to act President. Proof you are afraid of me, a woman, and unsafe for all Americans is you are acting to suppress the case for equal rights for women, all women and their children of all races and religions. Last time I checked women gave birth to both girls and boys, or, all humanity, all new baby constitutions. Acting to deny women and their children an exactly named right, safety, and equal or even any protection and process of the law, and acting to deny all ethical, law abiding Americans liberty then is TREASON as w/o women? Or actual liberty? No justice; no living government of people but only a dead institution. LIBERTY & JUSTICE is the product of people not paper!

    The oath of office is I will preserve the Constitution NOT my lawyer will!!! Those who can fulfill the Presidential oath of office do appear in Federal Court pro se while those who can’t run and hide behind paper and third parties – lawyers and speechwriters.

    Alan Keyes is close but no cigar as he is not acting pro se and he never issued actual Executive Orders SCOTUS then obeyed but I did. I signed them: Susan, the acting, legal President and Commander.

    I ordered SCOTUS to act and so enter me directly; I voided USC 1331 by adjudicating my own case. I never ordered SCOTUS to deliver my commission to you as I gave you more credit than you deserved as obviously none of you know the law or its application or if you do you then do not practice it or else you would have noticed case # 08-6622 in which the due date of 11/5/08 passed w/o a response by the SG aka the US but then action was taken on 11/20/08 and yet petition 08-6622 was deneid any and all remdy and relief unlike any other authority case in US history. So either I am the legal President as I made my case or John Roberts is a crook as I adressed the never filed application that was acted upon but not conferenced or even considered by the other Justices to him. As my case is airtight? We can reasonably assume Roberts too missed my point of law or a clerk acted and so he never saw the application. Insert joke here as my point of law is:

    SCOTUS may not be named in our law as it came to exist as a court of constituional authority but it is the law. The citizens came to mistakenly believe it is a last or final resort when that is not fact, true or correct, or, that they could not defy a ruling of SCOTUS when Marshall said DEFY ME IF NECCESSARY AS IT IS YOUR DUTY OR ELSE YOU ARE LIABLE. How come I knew to defy Marbury V Madison, Bush V Gore, Roberts appointment, USC 1331 and Obama 08 and am successful but none of you did or even thought it is possible???

    I concluded that you are all guilty but ignorant of the power your one vote actually is as it allows you to defeat all the powers that aren’t – according to our Declaration and Constitution no matter how high the odds are stacked against you and no matter how disadvantaged you are. I entered SCOTUS directly when that is supposed to be impossible for any person man or woman, citizen or foreigner. All of you are acting upon what is perceived but is not actual. It might be ‘real’ for you but it in no way matches US law or the law of this universe!!!

    Two people in all of world history willed themselves to power standing firmly upon just law in word and spirit and so became the LEGAL President and Commander: George Washington and Susan Herbert. William Marbury only became the legal President as he never asked about Commanding and he failed to act ex post facto to then claim his award as Marshall told him to do. Washington and I did act after the fact of our victory. This then is me acting to claim the award made to me on 11/20/08 via official action of SCOTUS. BY ACTING SCOTUS INFORMED YOU, LOL, AS THE SCOTUS DOCKET IS A PUBLIC RECORD AND YOU CANNOT REASONABLY DENY IT EXISTS AND IS ACTUAL AND REAL. YOU ALL HAVE ACCESS TO IT.

    Even Alan Keyes.

  • AnotherPatheticMindlessArticle

    “It’s all a big conspiracy theory” has to be the biggest intellectual cop-out anyone who pretends to be a journalist can make.

    Does the writer even know anything about the recently discovered active thermite in four samples of the dust from 9/11?

    I doubt it. It’s so much easier to be a wimp and make lame unoriginal jokes and pretend to be enlightened. You are nothing Stephen Gordon. Just a pathetic blog vomiter who thinks parroting the official media line is an intellectual exercise.

    Why don’t you try doing some research of your own and try explaining the inconsistencies in the official version of events of 9/11 yourself? Where is Osama Bin Laden? Why is there no hard evidence linking Al Qaeda to 9/11? What IS Al Qaeda? Can you describe the composition of Al Qaeda and how it is organized? How could a small group of Arabs manage to penetrate the defenses of the most heavily defended airspace in the world with a few boxcutters? What is PNAC and what were they talking about when they said the US needs a revolution in military affairs and a “catastrophic, catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor” to achieve it?

    I bet you can’t answer a single one of those questions with any clarity because you are a dunce and a pretender.

    It is you that believes in ridiculous conspiracy theories if you believe in the shadowy and pervasive organization of Islamic extremists commonly known as Al Qaeda.

  • Merf

    AnotherPatheticMindlessArticle, I have a question for you — If Stephen Gordon is nothing, the why are you wasting any time or effort posting in this blog?

    I feel the same way about your conspiracy theories as you do about mine, but you will not find me in any of the blogs you love so much, because your thoughts and ideas have no value to me, and I do not waste my time with nothingness.

  • AnotherPatheticMindlessArticle

    OK Merf, so the fact that 9/11 is very much an open unsolved case means nothing to you. When 9/11 is the cornerstone of US foreign policy consisting of two wars with ill defined goals and the growing domestic police state represented by the Department of Homeland Security, TSA etc etc…

    You are an idiot. Do you even have any explanation for the collapse of WTC7? Do you even know what I’m describing here?

  • Merf

    That’s just it, APMA. September 11 IS solved. And yes, every building that collapsed or had to be condemned afterward has been explained to my satisfaction.

    Honestly, if there was any room for speculation, do you really think that the MSM would have let it slide? I mean, under Clinton, sure, under Obama, without a doubt, but during Bush’s watch? If there had been anything, they hate him enough to never let go of it.

    And yes, we really did walk on the moon.

  • AnotherPatheticMindlessArticle
  • John

    AnotherPatheticMindlessArticle ,

    Just curious.
    I know that thermite is a mixture of aluminum and ferrous oxide (rust), but what is “active thermite”?