Bragging about a shining star and a very dear friend


Shana Kluck on stage telling the national staff that we had just won the Alabama GOP Straw Poll by a decisive margin

I’ve heard Wayne Allyn Root described as “the Energizer Bunny on speed.”  While our styles are significantly different, I’ve been told that I outperform Root.  I’m not trying to compete with Root, but to make another point.  There is one person in the liberty movement I know who has the energy and results of Root and me combined multiplied together amplified by some exponential function only Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking could grok.

Earlier tonight, I published an article about a mostly unrelated issue.  In it, I described Shana Kluck as follows:

A key driving force behind this panel is Shana Kluck.  Shana is not only a member of the Alabama Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, but she also serves on her state GOP executive committee, is president of the Alabama Republican Assemby and serves as secretary of the Alabama Republican Liberty Caucus.  When she’s not busy homeshcooling her four children, consulting on Web 2.0 projects, engaged in Eagle Forum activities, attending various political meetings around the state and working behind the scenes on a variety of conservative and libertarian causes, she is busy helping me on campaigns.

Considering Shana’s schedule, very few of us have grounds to offer the excuse that we are too busy to become more involved in the African-American community.

Instead of sitting around complaining about how black people voted in previous election cycles, Senator Beason and Ms. Kluck are taking leadership roles in providing justice for members of the African-American community.

I first met Shana during the Ron Paul presidential campaign.  While in the process of leaving my job in DC and moving back to Alabama, I starting signing up for various Ron Paul Meetups and e-mail lists back home.  One name quickly surfaced to the top: Shana’s.

Despite growing up in Ron Paul’s congressional district, the Paul campaign was Shana’s first real exposure to politics.  She didn’t let being a newby slow her down though, but rose to and very quickly surpassed the challenge.


Shana Kluck working a booth at the Libertarian National Convention

Shana ended up being the national homeschooling coordinator for Ron Paul’s campaign, as well as serving as the Alabama field coordinator.  As the state media coordinator, it was my distinct pleasure to serve with her.   Not being able to stomach John McCain as the GOP presidential nominee, Shana immediately jumped on board the Bob Barr campaign after Ron Paul was out of the picture.  Without her efforts enhancing our social networking operations, my eventual position with that campaign would have been impossible.

Most libertarians are content living their lives as free from government intervention as they can.  They quite understandably spend their time holed up with their family and friends and try to live life for the most they can get out of it.  Others pop out of the woodwork to criticize the government from time to time but accomplish little to actually change things.  Others have dedicated their lives to making America a freer place.  As long as I’ve been in the movement, I’ve never met anyone who has accomplished as much in a short period of time as Shana.  Not so very long ago, I felt that I was her mentor.  Today, I feel that she is my mentor.

I’m well aware that we have a lot of left-leaning libertarian visitors on this site who might criticize certain organizations with which Shana (or me, even) works.  That’s okay.  Since we are all on the same general sheet of music, let’s turn this into some healthy competition.  Who is willing to put more energy into and provide greater results to the cause of freedom than Shana?

It doesn’t really matter who wins this particular competition, as all of us will win in the long run.

  • S.Logan

    Having had the fortune to meet her, she seemed to be one of those that you just know is going places in life–big places. Reading this confirms it.

  • Stephen Gordon

    Yo, Ms. Clever S. Logan. You could have let me know about the typo which hit two different sites.

    Anyway, this one is all cleared up now now, but I’ve been writing since I woke up this morning, so I’m sure there are more out there.

    I agree with you, Shana is already going places. I’ll bet that she’ll be going to really big places.

  • S.Logan

    Ah, bleary eyes do not good editors make. All day writing…It sounds like you need to follow the advice I just posted more than I do.

  • Eric Dondero

    She sounds great; even a potential Libertarian Party Presidential candidate.

    But I’m curious about your one statement about “Left Libertarians.”

    Shana is by definition a Left Libertarian herself if she’s a supporter of Ron Paul. The Congressman, my Congressman in fact, takes a decidedly Far Left position on foreign policy advocating positions that amount to Anti-Americanism, and siding with Communinists and Pro-Islamo-Fascists in Congress like Maxine Waters, Kucininich, Sandra Levin, Bobby Rush, Keith Ellington,

    Now, Paul is fantastic on domestic issues. But you can’t be a “half-way libertarian,” supporting freedom only on the domestic front.

    So Shana should prove entirely acceptable to the Far Left Libertarians like George Phillies, Mary Ruwart, and that Surrenderist crowd. Far less so, to Right Libertarians.

  • william w

    The few times I met/interacted with Shana during Ron Paul grassroots efforts were a pleasure. She comes across as a genuine and sweet person.

    P.S. This Dondero fella in the responses sounds like a real blowhard. Calling someone anti-American because they support a foreign policy which the supposed “un-Americans” feel would actually be better for America requires delusional thinking.

    We all want what is best for America, buddy. Shut your mouth and open your eyes.

  • Eric Dondero

    If you want what is best for America than you should have supported the overthrow of the Hitler of our time, and the man responsible for inciting massive terrorist attacks against the United States throughout the 1990s and into the early 2000s: Saddam Hussein.

    And you should now support our brave Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    You cannot call yourself a libertarian and at the same time make apologies for Saddam Hussein and other Islamo-Fascists.

    Blowhard? Yup. And I earned that right “buddy,” through 4 years of honorable service in the United States Navy, all shipboard, and at least 9 months in a War Zone.

  • william w

    Your service means little when it come to justifying your view of foreign policy. I know people with easily as much service time as you who are on my side of the fence.

    Your so called conservative administration of the 80’s helped supply the Hitler of our time when he was committing those acts which earned him that title. You’re a disingenuous party loyalist blowhard. Case closed.

  • Stefan

    Very good article and writing Stephen and very true as well. You yourself made an excellent appearance on MSNBC, showing your thoughtful skill and insight, with the concrete teabags as well. You and Shana must be a formidable team, she is also very good looking as well…. She did
    appear on TV on a local Fox news as well:

  • http://deleted Stefan

    It should be noted that Ron Paul has had a consistent political message through more than 3 decades, thus Eric worked for a “far left” politician all along up till be was asked to leave, thus he is represented by a “communist-symphathizer”, to demonstrate the totall illogical nature of his accusations. Liberty is a universal human value, thus it is not limited to one country, and it is a voluntary process, cannot be enforced or achieved my military means upon other countries. Mr. Dondero, attacking other countries and killing innocent people have nothing to do with liberty, but rather the very opposite of liberty: taking live of an innocent human being, and how many innocent people have not died in the (big govt.) wars he is supporting in Iraq?
    By describing Ron Paul (the furthest of a communist as can be) as “far left” and in essense working in favor/for international terrorists and “unAmerican”, it seems Mr. Dondero agrees totally witht he MIAC as well as DHS reports about supporters of Ron Paul as “domestic terrorists”, with the difference that he would describe them as working for “international terrorists”. This is really what Mr. Dondero’s irrational response boils down to. He is obviously alone in the libertarian movement on this and strongly allied with former far left Troskyetes, the neoconservative ideologues, whose policies have had detrimental effect not only for the GOP, but also for the US international as well as national standing.

    Mr. Dondero, does Daniel Hannan, who said openly his ideal Republican choice would be Ron Paul, also fit in the “fat left” category then? I thought he was described as a hero of conservatives and libertarians with his very accurate description of and attack on PM Gordon Brown….

  • Akston

    Adherents to the socialist “far left” support big government to “fix” what they see as economic injustices domestically. Adherents of the imperialist “far right” support big government to “fix” what they see as political injustices internationally. Both argue that theft from all the citizens in the country is justified for their cause.

    The United States does not have the resources – or the right – to “fix” every injustice in the world. If some people in the United States feel they need to pledge their Lives, their Fortunes and their sacred Honor to a cause, let them do so. If enough Americans agree, Congress can lawfully declare a war.

    The lives, fortunes, and sacred honor of other citizens are not yours to command.

    And with this post, I am finished thread-jacking Stephen’s nice compliment to Shana.

  • Shana

    Thanks for making me cry, Steve… and on my birthday… . Love ya! And thanks to Suzanna, William and Stefan as well. You guys are awesome :)

  • uhm

    Happy Birthday!