Even David Duke Has The Right To Free Speech

Friday in the Czech Republic, Czech police detained a foreigner on suspicion of Thoughtcrime. The foreigner in question is former KKK leader David Duke who was arrested and later deported for the Thoughtcrime offense of denying the Holocaust.

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke was detained by police in the Czech Republic on Friday on suspicion of denying the Holocaust.

Police spokesman Jan Mikulovsky said the action was taken because Duke does that in his book “My Awakening,” which is punishable by up to three years in Czech prisons.

Duke traveled to the republic to promote the book’s Czech translation of the book at the invitation of neo-Nazis.

The thought of arresting someone, even a person whose views on the Holocaust and on Jews and other non-whites is hideous like David Duke, for having a belief is repugnant. Especially in a supposedly free country and NATO member like the Czech Republic. Arresting people and deporting them for thoughtcrimes is the hallmark of totalitarian regimes. Is not forgetting the pain and suffering the Nazi tyranny imposed on Czechs the reason behind this law? Instead, this law has been enacted and enforced in the spirit of that same Nazi and later Communist tyrannies that enslaved Czechoslovakia. The Holocaust denial laws are a violation of basic freedom of speech and freedom of thought and should be repealed. The hideousness of the Holocaust can stand up under any scrutiny the Holocaust deniers bring forth.

Also, the lack of response by the United States Department of State toward this violation of Duke’s human rights is appalling. If this was an American promoting democracy in say China and they were expelled for the Thoughtcrime of promoting democracy by the Chinese government, the State Department would be raising hell. Why the silence in this case?

Finally, one thing I noticed in the comments to the original article is the calls by the fascist left in America for similar crimes in this country. I thought leftists were for free speech?

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  • Mark

    The left wing are only for freedom of speech if it is so called ‘progressive’, meaning it attacks whites. Little do these people realise that David Duke is only working to preserve white heritage & culture, and in turn preserve individual freedoms, freedoms that we have lost. If Jews are so afraid that people are questioning the holocaust and are clearly not willing to debate it then this raises only suspicion. Fancy not being able to revise an historical event, this is the way we come to find the truth as myths and anomalies are erased. Why should it be any different for the holocaust?

  • http://swgapolitics.wordpress.com/ Tom Knighton

    David Duke is repugnant in his beliefs and what he stands for. I wouldn’t urinate on him if he were on fire because of what he espouses at every opportunity. That said, I defend his right to say and think what he wants. Freedom of speech is freedom of ALL speech. No matter how disgusting that speech may be.

  • uhm

    David Duke needs to get with the program. Modern America only allows people to hate white men (payback for centuries of western aggression), Christians, Muslims, and Chinese (it is politically correct to accuse them of espionage). Duke is stuck in the early 20th. A collectivist relic of the previous elitist racism. Case in point, America was Hitlers inspiration. Libertarianism is already considered a front group for racist. It would discredit the movement to defend this evil and confused man. It can be argued that we’ve already had closet racist in the previous election trying to take over the movement, getting people to sympathize with their racist cause.