This veteran won’t accept Janet Napolitano’s lame apology

According to this ABC News headline, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has offered a “right-wing mea culpa” for the report this site played a major role in bringing to public attention.  However, journalist Rachel Martin (or perhaps her copy editor) either has a political agenda or they just aren’t all that smart over at ABC.  While the title suggests an apology to the right, the article only mentions mentions issues pertaining to veterans.  The article doesn’t cover the tens and tens of millions of Americans who may be “mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely.”  It doesn’t mention “groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration,” either.

I’ll note that in her initial statement regarding the issue, Napolitano referenced the veteran’s issue, too.  Perhaps she was following John Boehner’s lead?

According to the article, it seems that Napolitano’s meeting with the American Legion’s National Commander David Rehbein “seemed to satisfy” those upset with the report. This veteran of eleven years is now doubly insulted.

As a civilian political activist, I’m highly upset that virtually every believer in the principles of small government (this category describes me well) or social conservatism (this doesn’t describe this libertarian so much) has been labeled as a potential terrorist.  That Napolitano, Rehbein, Boehner and ABC News seem to be operating in concert to sweep this attack on having a political ideology under the rug is dangerous.

As a veteran, I’m now as upset with Rehbein as I am with those who are only focusing on the veteran’s side of this issue.  I took that “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” portion of my oath very damned seriously.  Part of the Constitution I swore I’d uphold (and Rehbehn, Napolitano and Boehner should know this general oath even better than I do) is that pesky little First Amendment.  In case Napolitano, Rehbein, Boehner and ABC News have forgotten, it allows for freedom of speech, assembly and the right to air grievences against the government.

Military service is an honor, and most veterans I know place their defense of the Constitution and the American people ahead of their own personal desires.

This veteran won’t even hear of an apology to veterans until people who believe in smaller government have first been apologized to.

This veteran won’t even hear of an apology to veterans until people who support the 10th Amendment have first been apologized to.

This veteran won’t even hear of an apology to veterans until anarchists have first been apologized to.

This veteran won’t even hear of an apology to veterans until people who are pro-life people have first been apologized to.

This veteran won’t even hear of an apology to veterans until people who believe in closed-borders have first been apologized to.

I certainly don’t agree with all of these issues, but I would have willingly died to ensure that people had the right to express these views and to mobilize politically to support them.

Unless something additional happened in their conversation which I haven’t seen in the news, Rehbehn has dishonored each of us who has ever worn our nation’s uniform.  There is no honor in taking refuge in a photo-op apology while the rights of many American citizens are still being disregarded.

UPDATE: This blog posting seems to have provoked a lot of anger from the left.  Since you’re here,  you might as well read about why your Messiah should replace Janet Napolitano with Andrew Napolitano, too.

  • David

    I do think your right-wing paranoid ass protests to much. Go shoot yourself with your guns.

  • Buffoon

    Sadly David it seems your ignorant of what it is you support and are led willfully to the slaughter…

  • Tom Knighton

    As a Libertarian veteran myself, I was deeply insulted by that report. I agree with you completely.

  • aaron

    tempest in a teapot.
    i do believe Janet Napolitano and the reports were correct! the biggest threat to our nation from inside are right wing nuts who insist on hardline viewpoints and dragging everyone else along with them back to the 1950’s, the so-called golden age.
    you know what, i am more worried about you right-wing-nuts destabilizing USA than any terrorists from abroad.
    Actually, YOU ARE the American Taliban!!!!

  • machiner

    Nice to see even pigs are allowed to comment. There’s the 1st Amendment in action. I wonder if said pig even knows….

    I disagree with said pig, but I would fight to the death ensuring that said pig could keep on being a pig. Moreover, for my right to label said pig as such.

    Most people just don’t get it. **sigh**

  • RamsesII

    Her remarks were not framed well and the way it was stated in the report and way it was reported in the media was inflammatory. However, there does seem to be anti-government sentiment out there, that much is true, and some of it reflects extreme right-wing views.

    Smaller government is a good idea so long as by that you do not mean: “everyone does what he wants because we know best.” The current crisis shows that this clearly doesn’t work. Selfishness and greed – particularly on the part of industries with no loyalties to our country or her people – will subvert this type of loose-system.

    What we need to get back to is a form of regulated capitalism that the US worked very well under for decades before the concept that extreme deregulation is somehow a good thing; it isn’t. Regulated capitalism is not “Socialism” and the way I hear that word bandied around so much just goes to show that most Americans – including pundits, politicians, media, and the sacred veterans – have little idea of what Socialism actually is. The US must not become socialist. The US probably will NEVER become socialist. We’ll deal with that when it happens. Despite what you hear on cable news right now: it isn’t happening.

  • Another David

    If the person who penned this diatribe were a veteran, they would be a disgrace to all of us who actually wore the uniform and defended our great country!

  • Harris

    She should’ve never apologized in the first place, as there wasn’t anything wrong or insulting in the memo. Terry McVeigh types, Klan types, etc, were obviously who they were referring to, and organizations like that do, in fact, recruit young people recently out of the military if and when they can. To deny it is to lie, and run interference for such groups.

    If you want to stick up for returning vets then try focusing your energies on raising their awareness of individuals that would take advantage of them while they’re trying to transition to civilian life in the midst of a recession, like the groups referred to in the memo.

  • James

    Really???? And I’ll just Bet, and Win, that you weren’t as Vocal the previous eight years!!

    Won’t Accept, an apology for a report she, nor they now there, wrote nor did the study, as she tries to Apologies for the Incompetents who were instilled under the previous administration!!

    If you’re really a Vet, you Disgrace your service and your Oath, or did you keep your mouth shut when that was happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • frogpond

    Get over yourself! Most of the groups that you seem to feel were offended are constantly offending anyone who does not believe their fanatic dogma. The time for real action is upon us. Stop whining for PC apologies and start doing something positive. If you were the dedicated veteran you claim to be, you would understand that terrorism ALWAYS stems from fringe elements in a society. Homeland security is not about PC and if it were it would not be worth a poop.

  • Patrick

    I don’t think he’s protesting enough, David. It’s anti-freespeech in-duh-viduals like David here, who will seek the protection of the First Amendment only when it suits their needs and say that it should not protect those whose opinion differs from theirs. Sorry, Dave, it doesn’t work like that in America.

  • Alex

    I assume that you were just as concerned when we were profiling potential terrorists by race…

    Of course not.

    Many other people have personally had their dignity and rights disregarded and trampled on for years, and you’re up in arms because of some inconsequential comment you read about on the internet.

    If at some point you actually have something to complain about, please let us all know. Until then, find a tissue and pipe down. Nobody cares that your feelings were hurt.

  • Ron

    Stephen, a sincere thank you for your service to this country. Furthermore, thank you for highlighting this inadequate apology from the DHS. Most decent people in the U.S. (those with their common sense and all-American values intact) see through this unpatriotic memo for what it is – a bloated, left-leaning government’s scare tactic to discourage free speech and basic public morality. Even the most liberal of our forefathers would be mortified by this inexcusable document.

    As for @david’s comments: Thanks for showing Stephen’s readers your true colors as the violent “party of compassion” left-wing hater you really are.

    God bless America and God speed all those that love freedom as we work to restore her to her former glory!

  • Roger Michie

    I am a blood descendant of Patrick Henry and, like him, a lifelong Virginian. Unless his blood courses through your veins as it does through mine, I must insist that you stop expropriating his name for neo-fascist causes that he, and his TRUE heirs, repudiate.

  • Tom Knighton

    For what it’s worth, I DID speak up about racial profiling. I have a problem with the general comments regarding a significant portion of the American population, those who believe government has gotten out of control. And frankly, the apology was pathetic.

    Of course, some of you would have been up in arms had this exact same report come out a year ago under Bush.

    The difference is, I’d have been right there with you.

  • john

    We need more veterans in our country, that is clear.

  • MickB

    The report was bad and poorly written and her handling of the matter worse. It is just another sign of how out of touch the federal goverment has become. Call me a right-wing nut but I am starting to have serious doubts and reservations about my goverment. Does that make me a bad person, anti-goverment or a possible terrorist? It is getting way to easy to put a lable on someone now and I don’t care for it.

  • Mark

    Right wing, left wing, you would think we were flying a plane! If we were flying a plane it would be going down in flames! Amatures at the head of important positions is dangerous…. Note: The pilot and crew are not terrorist!

  • Gallery90

    Why does being a veteran matter? Does that give you special insight, rights, or anything else? If so, I have 20 years — which means you are outvoted — and probably outranked.

    You are dismissed, lad. Enjoy your wingnuts.

    (P.S. Why do so many seem to ignore the report that identified threats from the Left?)

  • SMJ

    I read Nepalitano’s initial remarks. I am a veteran. For the life of me, I do not understand what the deal is. She simply said that as veterans come home and look at the economy in a mess and the job market not that appealing, some veterans may be recruited by right wing fundamentalist groups. One can put any large group’s name in the place of veterans and this statement is true. It seems some are looking extremely hard for reasons to be upset with this administration.

  • Bob

    Extremists are dangerous and it is HS’s job to evaluate and anticipate dangers. If they happen to be Vets it still has to be managed. Remember Tim McVeigh.

  • john

    I notice that the vet’s remarking here, don’t rant and suggest someone commit suicide because their remarks are not agreed with. Perhaps the memo should have simply sais ” in these challenging times, americans who have lost everything that we value in this country, could become a threat of dangerous behavior “.

  • Jordan

    I’m not sure how this site even made it onto Google News but for the love of all that is decent and sane, Napolitano didn’t say anything insulting about veterans. She spoke the truth. Men and women coming home from armed combat to a country where very little is working as I think we all would like it to could very well be susceptible to recruitment by extremist groups, from the left or from the right.

    I think her error was in stating “right-wing extremists”. The sad fact is that in troubled times, extremist groups often do have an easier time recruiting.

    Instead of foaming at the mouth about something a government official said, I think the best thing for all Americans to do is to put their money where their mouth is, so to speak, and make sure that returning vets are treated with respect and dignity and are afforded every fair chance to properly reintegrate into society.

    I’m a veteran and I reject the idea that I deserve any special treatment whatsoever. I volunteered to serve, and that’s all the reward I’ve ever asked for.

    I’m saddened to continually see such signs of division in our great country. I think if we argued less and cared for one another more we’d end up being less Republicans or Democrats or right or left and we’d end up just being better Americans.

  • Bill V

    Stevie G,

    That’s quite a laundry list of demands you have there.
    You surely do seem to be a staunch supporter of 1st amendment rights…
    except for those of Napolitano, Rehbein, & Boehner.

  • doug

    It is all political. There was nothing wrong with that assessment. In fact it seems pretty accurate to me. There is a very high likelihood that out of all combat vets returning, that one could start making IED’s for deployment in this country. It only takes that one. So my advice to you conservatives is “Cowboy up, you lost, now shut up.”

  • Pat

    Janet was correct. Her initial remarks weren’t insulting. Quit whining.

  • John Thomas

    As a “left-winger”, who happens to be a USAF veteran, who also happens to have an honorable discharge, I have to point out a few things First: it isn’t only right-wingers who have served this nation. Second: (as Bob said, Tim McVeigh was an honorably discharged veteran. It would be the height of stupidity for Homeland Security to give “veterans” a free pass simply because they are veterans, which, it seems to me, is what too many people on the right want — a free pass from scrutiny, while simultaneously insisting on blasting away at anyone they deem to be “too far left”.

  • David L. Craig

    The report itself was clear that the definition of an “extremist” includes the approval of violent tactics. However, that context was eliminated by the subsequent handling of the report by the Administration. It became clear that empatically non-violent citizens who hold the same policital ideologies as the extremists are included in the group being targeted. This sets the stage for me to be considered by the authorities as armed and dangerous–shoot to kill. I need a lot more than an apology in this matter–I need this context expansion acknowledged and absolutely repudiated by the President of the United States of America.

    Is malware impacting your quality of life? Think it might be time to reboot the system? Google “Want REAL CHANGE in the Federal Government NOW?” to find out how to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete without causing bloodshed.

  • Alexander S

    Interesting reviewing the article. Let’s start this by saying I am a veteran as has been my family since this country existed. Several relatives are buried at Arlinton Cemetary. My personal belief is that all Americans should be veterans with 2 years of required military/government service out of high school.
    With all that being said, Stephen, would you please shut up? In reading your words it is obvious your claimed military time must have been over the past 8 years and you must have been in a small outpost out of this country where terrorism was the phrase du jour of the last adminstration, and even Cindy Sheehanwas labeled a potential terrorist by Dick Cheney.
    There are nut jobs to the right to look out for. There are quite a few to the left as well. So what vehement sound bite believing patriotic extremists do is succeed in tearing down and embittering this country.
    So use your blog to provide strength to this country. When you speak, try to make your words constructive criticisms, not rabid raving.
    In the end, as a veteran I have to say I would not want to serve with you as you seem best suited for a frontline follow any order foot man. You speak of smaller governments, but from reading your words, I can not see you as able to perform satisfactorily in a smaller unit, so I have to assume a smaller government would not work for you either.
    Best if luck in improving your image. I think you can do it, just think things through a little better in the future.

  • john

    We have a huge country with a lot of problems, and President Obama has plenty to try to sort out. I know this may be nieve, but maybe if we all had a little more compasion for our fellow citizens, it might help :)

  • Van

    Re: Comment by Gallery90 — April 27, 2009

    By what right do you to dismiss anyone? Does 20 years provide you any more privilege over other vet’s? You probably sat behind a desk your entire career, in the rear with the F’g gear…

    “You my friend are dismissed. Suck my wingnuts” Which, by the way, have 28 years active service.

  • kerri

    “go shoot yourself with your guns?” wow. and the liberals call us the ignorant haters. i know all about miss napolitano and she is skating on thin ice. by blaming canadians for the 9/11 attacks and calling all conservatives and military veterans “extremists” and “terrorist threats” is absolutely unacceptable. whos to say shes not a terrorist threat because shes a liberal extremist? i know those eco-terrorists sure have done some damage over the years… not to mention lib obamas hundred day spending spree. i think the liberals are the threats.

  • Joe

    It is obvious that the document was politically motivated…it eseentially listed all of the current administration’s views, and then it labeled those who disagree as being potential terrorists. And of course it was released right before the tea parties. The good news is that we can now be certain that we know what this administration’s views are.
    People should ask themselves whether or not their views align perfectly to the bulk of the mainstream media – CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC. And if they do, they should ask themselves whether or not it is just a strange coincidence that they share all of those views, or if it is the slightest bit possible that their brains have been molded by their televisions. Consider the media coverage of this new administration along with how fervent its followers are. Ask them what has been accomplished, and they will be hard pressed to tell, but they are fervent – to the point of hateing their fellow citizens and foaming at the mouth – all in the defense of this highly marketed administration. Frankly, it is weird and scary.
    What is sad is that those brainwashed bootlickers don’t realize that they are also on the list. If freedom is completely destroyed in this country, they will find themselves under the boot as well…but they will probably be too stupid to realize the role they played in helping it happen. Chances are they’ll just continue to point the finger at their fellow citizens.

  • Eric Thurman

    First off – thank you for your service to our country! We do appreciate it. On the other hand you need to realize that we – citizens of the country you made an oath to serve – are gravely concerned with the yip-yapping of the radical-right (and left). Keep in mind that it was Timothy McVeigh who organized one of the worst acts of domestic terrorism. He too was a decorated veteran. He too spoke with the same or similar tone of your voice. So much for his proclamations of “patriotism”, “defense of the constitution” and other boloney. The citizens of these US have a right to protect themselves of any loony (no mater their pedigree). Call it a profiling just as we profiled certain ethnicities after 9/11. If you haven’t done anything bad – you have nothing to fear. I suggest you join the gym and blow your steam some other and more productive way – or go help people that need help (maybe land a hand to fellow GIs). Do something constructive – will do you much good, and please stop talking nonsense.

  • http://tally Grov

    Why so much anger dude? I am a Veteran too and don’t feel the same way you do. I am amazed at how much anger is exhibited with people on the far right and just shake my head! Let’s just all learn to get along and respect our differences instead of trying to put a stake up and divide the country into. I suggest something very simple…smiling and laughter!

  • Brad

    Janet “Joe McCarthy” Napolitano is just letting you know where fascism is at these days. On a circular political continuum one can arrive at fascism through right wing,or left wing extremism. I’m too old for this fight. I have urged one of the kids to move to New Zealand so they could import me. At least there you could legally distill your own whiskey to take the edge off watching American democracy go under.

  • anamerican

    You know what the great thing about living in America is? People are allowed their opinions and life choices and others are allowed to be offended by them.
    I do find it a bit amusing however that Obama has been in office for but a few months and people like Mr. Gordon will not give his administration a chance. How many times can we say that our past president and his administration didn’t make misteps?

  • Randy

    Obama is my shepherd; I shell not work.
    He promises me green pasture; he leads me into spiraling debt.
    He restores big government: he leads me in the paths of Socialism for his name’s sake.
    Yea, though I walk off the cliff in the shadow of Obama, I will ask no questions: or he will smite me; his mouthpieces and cabinet staff will target me.
    He prepares a table for me with the help of my enemies: without anointing with oil, he bends me over.
    Surely high taxes and political corruption shall follow all the days of our lives: and our children will live in government owned housing for ever.

    Obama Master Plan, Step #17: Constantly publicly attack and humiliate sub-sets of conservative right. And while everyone is looking over there, pass another big government bill.

  • Monk

    The anger displayed in this article is the same anger that fueled oklahoma city!!! As I recall, that was done by a veteran. While there is plenty to be angry about in this country, the direction of that anger must be adjusted. AIPAC and any other foreign lobby in this country would be a good place to start. Next in line would be the domestic, corporate, lobbyists. After that, the politicians who line their pockets with lobbyist money. Once all that garbage is eliminated, then you may see some actual progress for the american people and much less anger from the american people.

  • Tony

    Bankers run this country, they have for over 100 years. Obama and Bush work for exactly the same people.

    Turn the game off, and go read USMC General Smedley Butler’s “War is a Racket.”

    The implications of this book, written before WW2, are that every war fought for the past 100 years has been for the sole purpose of procuring wealth and power for industrialists, bankers, and megalomaniacs, many of which are not even American.

    Those monuments that you see for the war dead? Those are lists of names of lives thrown into the crucible of war for dollars and nothing more. You’ll be angry at me for saying this – but thats because you’re too much of a coward to direct your anger in the right direction.

    History has proven a million times over, that societies evolve into empires, and empires are run by sociopaths. They see nothing more than an ocean of usurpers when they look at the people, draconian measures to preserve their powers are ALWAYS employed – from Qin Dynasty in China, to Nero in Rome, to the bloody European monarchs, up to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and now the Americans. You’re not special, you are just another ugly chapter yet to be added to the endlessly repeating cycle of history.

    So get off Steve’s back. You are all ignorant as to whats going on. If you read government documents, and the lengthy bills proposed to Congress, you will see that just about any one of us could pass as a terrorist. Nothing changed or was repelled by Obama.

  • Eric Thurman

    This is to Randy, Brad and bunch of other bloggers here:
    Where were you guys when Bush administration did away with any restrains to NSA’s ability to listen-in on domestic communication?
    Where were you when we were led into a war with Iraq on a false premises about WMD? If Clinton was (rightfully) impeached for being a lier – where where you when the previous administration lied to our faces on a number of very serious issues? Go move to New Zealand, Canada, or any other place – I will gladly help you pack. Once there you will realize that US – no matter how imperfect – is still the best. (And you really think that you can brew your own brewsky in NZ and not pay taxes?? You are dreaming…)

  • Izzy

    “Let me be very clear: we monitor the risks of violent extremism taking root here in the United States,” Napolitano said in a written statement issued by her department. “We don’t have the luxury of focusing our efforts on one group; we must protect the country from terrorism whether foreign or homegrown, and regardless of the ideology that motivates its violence.”

    The above is a quote from the Homeland Security Secretary’s report. What is it that insults you?
    I also notice that there is no denial in your diatribe or those posts that agree with you, that such recruiting takes place.
    Are you denying that the right fringe is recruiting not only returning soldiers but anyone who may be a bit disenfranchised and susceptible to fringe politics and violence?

  • Vet12B

    This vet will!

    You are why people think of us as crackpots.

    Don’t go all Timothy McVeigh.

  • http://libertypapers Frank Licopoli

    I read the report in question. HAve not read an earlier report that kind of said the same things.
    The report was a very stupid and unsubstantiated list of speculations. The person or persons who wrote this should be fired…..Not to overlook the serious problems we have in our own backyard is what we should have heard about. The socalled militia groups, white and religious supremists, the secessionist groups are a worry to national security because these are the folks, who if they have the will and way ( they have the means) to shoot you in the back because your credo is too liberal for them……

  • Steve Hanes

    You right wing “protect my rights ‘cuz I’m so white” people make me howl with laughter. Your comments and philosophy would be reason for concern, but thankfully America’s racial demographic is changing…pasty white paranoids are slowly being replaced by hard working Hispanics and Asians. Whew, just in time.

  • Mitch

    You all realize that the Administration released a similar report on left-wing extremism too, right? When I first read about the report I never thought it implied that all conservatives are likely to become terrorists, just that there are a few people out there who are willing to turn to violence for their views, on both the left and right (remember the abortion clinic bombings in the ’90s?). The idea that the administration is calling all right-wingers potential terrorists is just flat wrong.

  • David L.

    I’m a vet, 25th ID, 1-27 Wolfhounds…. and I really can’t believe how many people are getting their f***ing panties ruffled over this thing. I f***ing hate god**mn extremists..whether they’re the muzzies over in Iraq / Afghanistan or the wacko extreme Liberal and Conservative types back home in America. Chill out and shut the f%ck up…this is why politicians are such pansies. build a f**king bridge and get over it. Bunch of f**cking nancys wining.

  • Chris

    The funniest part here is the blame being shoved at Napolitano on this. This was BUSH document. She simply made it public. All of you right wing fear mongers are pointing the finger in the wrong direction. It is also interesting how having the finger pointed in your direction causes you to so righteously demand your First Amendment rights when for the last long 8 years, the majority of you have so fervently insisted that I and those around me had none. You have insisted that I was anti-patriotic when I challenged the administration and it’s cause Pax Americana. I had veterans who swore to protect the Constitution screaming in my face that I should shut up or leave this country. Now that you have the HSA saying that YOU are a threat to this country how does it feel? Perhaps the prospects of wireless tapping of YOUR conversations offends you. Don’t forget your ‘Patriot’ Act and all the rights that you all demanded the government have over our private lives to ‘protect’ this country. I don’t say this to offend, or to anger. I say this because perhaps NOW you will hear the concerns that my libertarian friends and I were arguing about. It is easy to grant power to those you trust, but another thing when that power is the hands of someone you do not. It is time for ALL of us to accept that destruction of our Freedoms IS the goal of the terrorists. They have been victorious whether they cause physical harm to another American citizen. This country is less free today that at any time in our history.

    “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” – T. Jefferson

  • Leonidas

    Nowadays people remember April for having the anniversaries of Waco, Oklahoma City, and Columbine High. Very few of us remember it as the anniversary of Lexington and Concord. So I’m going to risk starting a new direction in this flame war by asking a few questions.

    Were the colonists who took up arms against their own government on April 19, 1775 left wing radical extremists or right wing radical extremists?

    At what point would the reader consider anti-government violence justified?

    Are we getting close to that point and if so, what can we do to avoid a new American Revolution?

  • Houston

    Some of you don’t know war. You know your computer, your car and possible your job. God help us if we ever have to fight a war on this soil with your attitude. You have no patriotism for this country. A Vet doesn’t need your praise but he surly dose not need your damnation!

  • Jim

    You right wing-nuts have always been and will always be the greatest threat to freedom the US has ever had. It is no surprise you all are Bush backing neocons. Look at all they did to curb freedom, spy, cheat rob, lie and defy when they were in power. Military service? Pah!!! Cannon fodder is what you mean, and that is what you are. Were it not for the rational left you’d be dead in the caves you’d hide in. Moron.

  • Tommy Logan

    This veteran paratrooper sats, “Quit your crying.”

  • Tommy Logan

    This veteran paratrooper says, “Quit your crying.”

  • Christian

    “At what point would the reader consider anti-government violence justified?”

    When income taxes are raised to what they were during Reagan. Start the revolution!

  • Jenny

    To the person who said insulting things about pigs: what did pigs ever do to you? Pigs are loving, intelligent misunderstood creatures.

  • Creighton

    This thread and the original article reveal how public discourse mostly amounts to dressing one’s ideas up in armor and sending them out to kick the crap out of others’ ideas. A good idea needs no armor: it needs only to be set free in clear prose. It’s easy to be against what others think and do, easy to pigeonhole and blame. It takes courage, honesty, and respect to listen respectfully to others’ ideas and to stand freely in one’s own truth.

  • Not Crazy

    @ Leonidas, technically by the current definition of terrorism, those who took up arms against their own government on April 19, 1775 were terrorists and/or traitors. They formed their own militia outside of the government, they conspired to commit violent acts against their current government and they committed those acts. For the most part they were considered Zealots and extremists of their day.

    For those of you a bit weak on American history, the Constitution was written only to apply to wealthy white landowning males, so if you are going to cling to it in your moments of desperate ignorance, you might remind yourself that if we were to take the Constitution literally in its original form the country would be greatly different than it is today. Fortunately its a living document that can adjust itself to accommodate the changes in society.

    Extremists will always exist in a society and they will scream the loudest when they are threatened by common sense and propriety. So far almost all of the objections to anything going on under the new administration are moronic and show how limited the intelligence is of the broad fundamentalist base who is so quick to condemn people who aren’t like them or share their own views.

  • Jenny

    …also, someone just put down the name “Nancy” by using it in a derogative manner. Some of my best friend and some of the best people on earth are named Nancy. And, you were also trying to get away with using profanity by putting little star signs in the place of where the letters should be.

  • douglas G

    WOW! So much hatred.

    1. Guns. The very first post suggests that David should shoot himself. Guns, legally owned, and in the hands of citizens prevent an average of 1.5 million crimes every year in the U.S. That means that if ONLY .5% of those are violent crimes, 7000 lives are saved every year by legally armed citizens.

    2 Profiling? Yes. How many people every year are killed by Asian men blowing themselves up? None you say? hmm.. You mean that 99% of the people blowing themselves up, or simply taking innocent lives by causing destruction and mayhem are muslim extremists?? Let’s not forget they LOVE to behead people using dull blades also. So, if they are MOSTLY Muslims/arabic people, then the profiling is accurate. Quit kvetching.

    3. Listening in to domestic communications? Maybe you forgot something, like, ONLY those domestic communications taking place to a country known for terrorism, or from those countries to the U.S.

    I am proud of my service to this country, and had it been possible would have remained in submarine service. I may not agree with all the comments here, but I was ALWAYS willing to die so that we had the freedom to make these comments.

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  • gregory

    This veteran (196 LIB, Det. RVN) doesn’t think you have anything to legitimately care about and couldn’t care less what you think you have to say. Patrick Henry’s heirs my ass.

  • Laura

    You totally lost me with “until anarchists have first been apologized to.”

    Oh wait, I thought you were nuts before that, but then knew you’re totally crazy.

    I also (like others above and elsewhere) think right-wing extremists are the biggest domestic-grown threat in the US (not conservatives – outright extremists). I think this mostly because I don’t see any “left-wing extremists” around that sound like a credible threat (can’t say the same for the right!). Otherwise it’d be extremists from both sides. This is undoubtedly the same, fairly-justifiable view taken by those who wrote the report.

  • The Commander in Salt Lake City

    No way this is a veteran of the US military. If he is, he is the type that homeland security warned us about. Be afraid, very afraid of this nut job.

  • Anrew

    i’m amazed. almost every reply is by either an extreme right or extreme left opinionist. is this what our country has come to? the media has purposed to divide you and has succeeded. what a shameful time in american history.

  • Ben Kenobi

    For all those people asking where the Stephen was during the Bush years, he was condemning Bush and the government then also! Disagreeing with a Democratic administration does not mean endorsement of a Republican one. The parties are two sides of the same coin, and both are anti-freedom.

    Plenty of commenters on this thread need to get their head out of their ass.

  • free speech

    The amazing amount of hypocrisy from the left on this issue is crazy. They were protesting and burning Hummers and everything else under the sun when Bush was in office, which in a lot of cases they had good reason, but now that they have their guy in office anyone who disagrees with his policies is a right wing nut! Give me a break! Also, so much ignorance towards actual events that have happened over the last couple of years amazes me by the left. All you have to do is study history and you will find that this small government mentality is good for keeping our leaders from getting carried away. Socialism has and never will be successful simply because it kills motivation. If you need an example of this just go to any government office and try to get something done quickly, your response will be ignored and you will be treated with no respect. I work with government agencies on regular bases and believe me when I say that government does nothing productively. For all of the ignorant lib’s who think that the credit crisis was caused by greedy banks and wall street crooks you need to look into the root cause. Banks and Wall st have always been greedy, but everything worked fine until government intervention. Remember our government created Fannie and Freddie which was a good concept, but then they made these companies loosen their guidelines to lend money to risky borrowers, which added 6 million new buyers to the home market which un-realistically increased home values which caused a re-fi boom which caused irresponsible borrows to pull out to much equity. The banks and mortgage companies only wrote these because Fannie and Freddie would take them of their hands and wrap them up in a security, which insurance companies, banks, mutual funds, 401k’s, ect… would purchase as an investment. When all of those risky buyers started loosing their homes the market fell apart along with home prices and the economy. So when you here the media and our current administration talk about getting rid of the toxic assets, they are really talking about all of the bad mortgages that should have never been done and would have never been done if was not for our government sticking their nose into a business they knew nothing about. Also, for you un-informed lib’s out their, it was our current administration that had the most to do with forcing Fannie and Freddie to do these risky loans, which really is the root cause of the state of our economy right now. Take some time and do a little research on this and you will find this to be true. Add 4.35 a gallon gas to the mix and you put the nail in the economic cuffin, which was also caused by liberal energy policies. Regulation is needed on Wall st especially with hedge funds, but government is not the answer. Look around the world and show me a country where government has the power and the people have none and tell me if you think this is a good idea. What is the saying, power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. After all that I guess I would be considered a terrorist by the new admistration. The right has crazies and the left has crazies, don’t wrap us all into one basket. Finally, I voted for Obama despite my differences with his economic policies. Didn’t expect that did you, so the very administration that I voted for is now calling me a terrorist. Be weary of your politicans in most cases they are just trying to keep their power, both Republicans and Democrats.

  • Ray Ortiz

    you don’t speak for this veteran, asshole.

  • Chris

    It seems to me that the fury is over “right wing groups” being, it seems, for the first time brought to light as possible extremists….like those pro-lifers who bomb abortion clinics. That is a good example of militant, right wing, home grown terrorism. I don’t understand the fury, though….remember the Montana Freemen and the Waco nutjobs? A lot of ex-military people in those places, if I recall right (not so sure about waco). And yet, people are upset that a report mentioned that our service men and women could be targeted as potential warriors in someone else’s internal terrorism efforts? On a similiar note, one of my college friends is a vet…was a sniper. When those shootings out in DC happened, he was contacted…why? Because the FBI, working with the Military, knew he had the skills. Point being, mentioning where the possible threats may come from is what the report was supposed to do, and did. The right wingers need to quite being a bunch of crying little babies and realize that yes, some of their viewpoints are shared by true nut jobs that want to take out this society. They seem to want to live in a fantasy world where they believe that those who share some of the same viewpoints could never become violent extremists. How naive.

  • karl

    Wow, I know many veterans, who tell stories of bravery beyond belief. Many have really sacrificed in more then one way…but you are no more heroes the a school teacher, firefighter, farmer, or any other person who does a job and provides a living for their family. Signing up for military service does not make you a hero, it is a job just like all the rest. All you have to do is watch “red necks” in Iraq shooting videos of blowing up houses and laughing…i see no heroes, only a bunch of hillbillies who had crappy grades in high school, and knew no other way to get ahead in this messed up country.

  • Kent

    Dude …. there was an IDENTICAL report issued a month or two earlier about LEFT WING radicals. The exact same type of report. Are you people really no smarter than the average rock?

    Guess what … if you buy a ton of guns, and then run around in public screaming about how you have a bunch of guns and are madder’en’ell and aren’t going to take it anymore … someone takes a closer look at you. It’s because every so often a psycho, from one of the fringes … Left or Right … goes batshit crazy and kills a bunch of their fellow Americans.

    You have the right to say any fool thing you want. But when it involves threats and guns; law enforcement is GOING to investigate.

    Besides, I thought you guys loved the Patriot Act. Aren’t you a patriot anymore?

  • Kent

    Karl: Talk to us when you get back from Afghanistan. Until then, STFU.

  • for liberty
  • Kent

    You folks realize that this report was produced under Bush … right? Napolitano has only been in charge for a month or so … SHE didn’t have anything to do with it except (maybe) allowing it to be released(if the release decision even rose to her level). It’s exactly like the LEFT WING RADICAL report that came out slightly earlier.

    Teh stupid … it burns.

  • Cryos

    Amusing to see the “tolerant” left name calling, trying the “what about the last 8 years” and every other excuse they can think of to cover for their utopian leadership.

    It’s sad how liberals went from being independent thinkers to a bunch of caged parrot conformists willing to trade in all their freedom in return for the promise of meager entitlements. Baaahhhh.

  • Cryos

    You folks realize that this report was produced under Bush … right? Napolitano has only been in charge for a month or so … SHE didn’t have anything to do with it except (maybe) allowing it to be released(if the release decision even rose to her level). It’s exactly like the LEFT WING RADICAL report that came out slightly earlier.

    Teh stupid … it burns.

    Comment by Kent — April 27, 2009 @ 7:49 am
    Being a lib you probably won’t understand things like nuance, shades of grey etc its ALL good or ALL bad but there is a difference.

    The left wing report alluded to left wing groups not being a violent threat but more concerned with “eco-terrorism” aka vandalism and things like that.

    FYI there IS a difference between the reports and the assigned threat given to them despite what your naive utopia tells you.

    It’s funny how libs say they’re “progressive” when they want to regress America from the most successful form of government and economy in world history to a failed western european overbearing bureaucracy.

  • Richard

    Hmmmm. Quite a few so-called “progressives” here who have never seen a government–any government, of any size–they didn’t like. Probably a bunch of them work for the government. Certainly, a bunch of them can’t spell, which probably reflects the quality of their education in left-liberal public schools devoted to left-liberal indoctrination and inflation of self-esteem rather than the skill of critical thinking and objective discourse. The level of group-think by this mob is pitiful. And yes, the mob probably should be frightened of the outrage that is building against big government across the economic and political spectrum. Hopefully, the tide will swell high enough to sweep the Messiah from the White House in the next election–which sadly will not be soon enough to prevent catastrophic damage to the economic, financial, political and cultural pillars of the country. After ‘BamaZilla is gone, the rest of us will go to working picking up the pieces.

  • Cryos

    They should be more honest in the report and say simply that they are worried about ANYONE intelligent and capable who doesn’t bow down to big government. That is one of the reasnos why they singled out military in my opinion.

    They also know the military is more likely to stand up to overbearing government and have principles. Liberalism nowadays requires conforming and blind belief in democratic leaders so if you don’t these weak attributes you are a threat.

    Left wing terrorists talk loud and don’t say anything. They don’t possess the intelligence to actually walk the walk (a good thing) perfect example Ayers. Fortunately for us a lot of terrorists aren’t too bright and like Ayers blow themselves up before they do harm.

  • TerryP

    I think everyone here completely missed the point about what Stephen said in his article. First, he thought it was a lame apology to veterans. Second, and more importantly he thought that if you are apologizing to the veterans why haven’t you apologized to the many others on the list (some of which he named) that probably deserve to be on the list even less then the veterans. Where is their apology? Why does believing in small gov’t or states rights compared to federal gov’t put you on a list of a potential terrorist? Either she needs to not apologize for the veterans being on the list or she needs to issue a lot more apologies to other groups of people who are getting unjustly singled out. And why is there a left report and a different right report? Shouldn’t there just be one report identifying all potential terrorists instead of the highly political right/left seperate reports.

  • LCpl Smokey

    Wow, I have never seen so much liberal venom. It seems all lefties classify us vets as Timothy McVeigh. According to Napolitano we must be some sort of war lords. Yet according to Eric Holder, we are all cowards. Doesn’t that say anything about liberal thinking ? The real danger to America is Obama’s brothers, his ghettos. Where nobody even knows their own father. Breeding ground of real gangs and crime. I remember the Vietnam days, when it was a well known fact that the draft dodgers and card burners were mostly liberals who were scared S*H*I*T less they might have to go.

  • southernjames


    “DUDE!” The leftwing report was not only NOT “identical” it wasn’t even close. Read things for yourself instead of repeating false talking points.

    The left wing report gave specifics and examples. It named actual GROUPS.

    The right wing extremist report (which I highly doubt ANY of the lefty commmentators here have actually read), just threw out generalities about what sort of people might be susceptible to recruitment by some (unknown, non-identified) but yet scary all the same! “right wing extremist” group.

    It was obvious on its face that it reflected the fevered imagination and bias of some DC liberal govt hack. The author lumped into one big fat “rightwing extremism” category (whose adherants are “primarily hate-oriented”) a whole lot of people (tens of millions, actually) whose potential ‘threat’ to domestic tranquility is simply that they are either military veterans, and/or that they “are mainly anti-government, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority” (Oh the horrors!!); or that they may be “groups or individuals that are dedicated to a single issue such as opposition to abortion (gasp) or immigration.”

    The report was boneheaded, and the timing of its release (on the eve of the Tea Parties) was even more boneheaded. All that report did was create even MORE distrust in the Feds and encourage MORE paranoia.

  • Stan

    Thank you, Stephen.

  • Anonymous

    The response to the report says far more about the current feelings on the Right than anything else. The Right is still shell-shocked from their devastating electoral losses, so they’re using anything they can to gin themselves up. Obama’s birth certificate, his supposed bow in Saudi Arabia, his overseas trips, his handling of the pirate incident, it’s all frivolous issues designed to fire up the Right.

    The Bush administration actually infiltrated and monitored PEACE groups on the Left. This DHS report was commissioned by the Bush administration and merely states that right-wing extremists sometimes try to target returning veterans for recruitment, not that veterans are potential terrorists. But that reality doesn’t bring in the money and support, so it has to be spun into this paranoid nonsense.

  • Kent

    SouthernJames: That’s because the reports were produced under the direction of Bush. He was concerned with lefties, so he’d actually had them under surveillance. Their membership was cataloged, their phones identified – like full on investigative stuff. It is evidence they had been being watched closely for quite some time.

    In contrast, there was nothing in the rightie report that could possibly point to any actual monitoring by the government. Nothing. No specific names, groups, nothing. It shows that the government has been LEAVING THE RIGHT ALONE. And until all this teabagging nonsense, it was likely to continue that way.

    The FBI was asked to produce a pair of reports on the intelligence extant on both fringes. That is what I mean when I say the reports were identical – they were prepared under the same directive and with the same operational parameters: what is the current intelligence on domestic radicals?

    The fact that the Right-Wing focused report was so generalized seems to show a lack of specific intelligence, not a political attack. And any way it goes … IT WAS ORDERED BY BUSH AND CREATED UNDER BUSH. How in the hell can you blame Napolitano for it’s contents?

    As a N. Idaho resident who has spent hours and hours defending Randy Weaver versus some of the most obtuse left-wing assholes ever to walk the face of the planet, I’d like to observe that pretty soon the entire nation is going to be considered “leftie”. I care about my ideology, but not to the point of being a moron.

  • marvin berteau

    When someone says that they apologize IF their remarks were offensive to such and such – that is not a real apology. A real apology would state “I am sorry for having made those remarks”. We certainly did not see that.

    That government that is close to the people (local-district) governs best. We know the people we vote for or against. This is rarely the case concerning those who serve in Washington D.C.

  • Cryos

    Comment by Kent — April 27, 2009 @ 9:51 am
    Lol Kent. How many different ways are you going to try to spin your viewpoint? It looks like you reading articles from places like Huffington Post and Salon and updating your posts here after you find another liberal talking point.

    First it was the naive “the reports are the same” and the “crazy gun toting” right.

    Then it was Bush’s fault and Napolitano is the victim.

    Finally it is the full on right wing conspiracy theory spying on left wing groups and not right wing groups as the reason no specifics are mentioned.

    It’s amusing watching the blow in the wind, playdoh mentality of clueless libs who latch onto any excuse or talking point without putting much thought into it. The only lib principles are following the words of your utopian prophets such as Obama.

  • Ayn R. Key

    It is truly amazing how vile the response from the Obama youth has been. And many veterans who have forgotten that they swore to the constitution and not the person are now angry that the person is not worshipped. The author obviously remembers his oath to the constitution and makes a very valid, albeit unwelcome, point that all should heed.

  • Merf

    Thank you, Ayn, marvin, and Cryos — I agree completely!

  • kat

    I think many people are missing the reality that war changes people. The stress of the situations our military personnel are required to handle…. changes people. Some people, in spite of the oath mentioned above, just can’t handle the situation, and honestly, who can? It’s a horrible situation to be in. In fear of your life and the lives of those working with you 24/7 for xx months. I think the point of the report was not that ALL veterans are now terrorists, but that some could become so. Have we not learned anything about helping our vets? Look at what happened to our Vietnam vets… we need to be aware that there are potential situations…. who you are before being involved in a war often is not who you are when you return. How can you be? Anyone heard of PTS syndrome? Come on, already…. can we take a look at the realities and discuss how to prepare for and help the vets?

  • Roger

    Unfortunately, many of you do not realize that veterans are the backbone of this country. Without them you would be speaking German right now. The left accused George Bush of using “scare tactics” during his administration. I’m sorry but the present administration is FAR WORSE than either of the Bushes. I too am a Vietnam era disabled vet and I could give a rats azz about any other writer who “claims” to be a vet that doesn’t see the problems with Napolitano and the Obama administration. To label ANY veteran a potential terrorist is appalling. Especially in light of the “great one’s” total lack of any military experience. I would consider HIM more of a terrorist than ANY returning veteran. These people are clowns…

  • Jacques Porche

    This is a “watershed” event. It has finally come to pass that through George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and now Janet Napolitano, an abscence of military service destroys a chance to address a problem using the “right words” and “right timing” to instill confidence in our U.S. government. This is the unavoidable opposite.
    Janet, I know the FBI released a statement similar to this, but kept the focus on gang membership and military service as a threat to the future security of the U.S. government service. You have deviated from this and it is most disconcerting that the use of the word “Veteran” which in the past has been used with reverence and respect is now within the same sentence of the term “possible terrorists.”
    Some might say, “Well the truth hurts pal,” to which I say, we need to bring back the military draft for all women and men. I recently heard a female Human Resources Director call military veterans – “those who selected a dead-ender’s strategy” i.e., they could not go to college, nor connect with a good job, so in bad times, they elect to go in the military to maintain self-sufficiency. USA Today confirms that the US Veteran rate of unemployment is twice as high as the national average and I know why – it seems corporate America actuaries are putting out a policy of saying, “IF you bring former military into the workplace, you statistically increase the chances of workplace violence.” There’s a recruiting tool for the future. Serve you country – SCREW YOU!
    That is what the U.S. military has become in the eyes and ears of the American people – a dumping ground for the dregs of society, whether or NOT it is true.
    This problem has been brewing since the Viet Nam war and cessation of the military draft in 1972. Alan Greenspan’s book, the Golden Age of Turbulence, highlights ending the military draft as a “good idea.” Mr. Greenspan, you have never been more wrong. I suggest you stick to economic forecasting which is your forte and leave military matters to statesmen.
    Believe it or not, Terrorism is not a “man-made” problem, it is a “woman-made” problem. I served 15 years, 9 months and 3 weeks, and did the last three years getting five surgeries and court-martialing a dyke commanding officer and frying the career of her dyke executive officer.
    The Commander of the Naval Security Group, out of Ft. Meade, Maryland decided to place two lesbians in charge of a 2200 member unit of which highly sensitive “male only” operations were taking place.
    The gutless male Admiral who made this decision did so NOT understanding or asking himself the question, “IF a female’s sexual orientation is predicated upon a hatred of men, and vying competitively to ‘beat them,’ how can these lesbians ever LOVE the men in which these women must earn their trust and respect to follow through with dangerous operations?”
    The answer is these lesbian women can NOT earn the love and respect of these types of special “black cell” men. The truth is the current US military has turned into a “boot-licking” festival, spec-ops exempt, and the most characterless individuals are rising in the ranks and bad things, like myself court-martialing a lesbian commanding officer are happening.
    I earned two Master’s degrees and completed my doctoral work in Higher Education while on active duty and was turned upon by many players to fight back and win many battles. These were chump change fights compared to attacking and destroying the careers of my Commanding and Executive Lesbian officers because I was ordered “to cease communications with Congress.”
    They lost a Article 134 General Court-Martial fight, which cost her promotion but the Navy did rule in two trials, that it is ok to ORDER an enlisted man NOT to write Congress – big time fight that gave our “community” a black eye. After my Honorable Discharge, the problems I experienced continued as I put out 700 resumes for positions all over the country and as a military Veteran- -Russian linguist, who speaks 5 other languages, with 2 Master’s degrees and doctoral work, I SHOULD have been able to find a job, BUT DID NOT.
    The final cut came at the Harrah School of Hospitality Administration at UNLV, when a female, who was in charge, personally was handed my resume and within 3 seconds visibly began to shake with rage as I applied for an underling “Academic Counselor” position. She read all four degrees and said, “No, no, no, you have no experience,” to which I responded “Ma’am, I have almost 20 years military service and almost 5 college degrees. I have plenty of experience.” She dismissed me and was visibly angry. I surmised later through the help of current military officers, that she was afraid I would take her job, because she probably did NOT have any formalized education and rose to her position through time in position experience.
    In her American female mind, I, a retired military veteran with a high record of achievement was a threat to her job, career, money, livelihood, because higher educated personnel were coming up from the schools to apply positions and her job was not only to ensure she had one, but it seemed to destroy anyone under her who could threaten her position.
    This happened in Hawaii, California and Louisiana and I realized that it was not men who were the problem – the problem is women in the work place.
    Women BREED and make children out of a “emotional feeling” with no regard for economic outcome nor placement. My military service and 2nd Master’s degree focused on “Parental Licensing” which infuriated the Economics Department at the Universty of Oklahoma, but it did TRY to make the population match the number of jobs in an available free market economy. I think world peace lies in that notion.
    Janet Napolitano and every American woman are part of a great breeding period of “baby boomers” in our country who came up in a male-centric system, then politicized GENDER or SEX in the 1960’s and began a low-intensity conflict against American men to achieve FEMALE-CENTRIC DOMINATION.
    When one “POLITICIZES” sex, one sex has to be “right” and the other, MEN, must become “WRONG.” Women and their “new rights” came to the forefront as they took jobs from men, EXCEPT MILITARY JOBS, because those are really dangerous. There are exceptions, but NOT NEARLY ENOUGH TO STAFF AN INFANTRY DIVISION, or a unit much smaller in size.
    Janet speaks as a woman, who like the lady at UNLV, the lady in the UC system in Calfornia, and Rose Chang at the Hawaii Teacher’s Union, were not afraid to let me know I was “not needed.”
    Without a job, facing the specter of homelessness in winter, and not able to find a job, I embarras myself with this information to tell women to STOP MAKING KIDS THAT OVERPOPULATE THE NATION! Things will get much worse if you don;t and you need look no further than Juarez, Mexico and another central American nation where there are muliple serial killers working to kill women.
    I out of desperating wrote a very profane 2-page letter to the VA in Reno, Nevada and was arrested by the FBI. I was also suffering from multiple injuries (33). When all that I claimed proved out, in the pre-trial discussions, and I implicated President George W. Bush in a crime – the charges were dropped (United States vs. Jacques Porche).
    The other feelings did not go away and that was there were women filling tons of jobs that are meant for American men became an unavoidable truth. There are “Women’s Studies” programs in college, but not “Men’s Studies” and this proved to me that a female-centric shift in power is and has been occurring in the colleges for some time now. The recent Title 9 debate off cannibalizing men’s sports to pay for women’s scholarships proves this as well.
    I have no problem with females who are intelligent and capable of becoming doctors, lawyers and other leaders, as they have the same sense of right and wrong that men posess, but there is this “Nadya Suleman” affect out there and women are using gender as a means to discriminate and exclude men and Miss Napolitano, I must ask, would military service in your background have made you a better leader?
    Would you have phrased this in such a damaging and insulting way? You can go ahead and translate that “Lone Wolf” euphemism into what it should really be in text which is “single white male.”
    You can call me a racist, sexist, misinformed, etc., but the bottom line is we are either going to have a child-rearing nation of Americans with females raising our children and men going to work, or something the total opposite, which will severely hurt our ability to defend ourselves either in the business or stragetic world.
    There is a 3rd choice as we can approach this from a whole new angle, in which we solve these problems from a Human Resources angle and tell the “Nadya Suleman’s” to wait for a “Parental License” which means the population has the chance to adjust to economic availability of jobs, opportunities, education, health care, etc.
    The alternative is this thing I am calling “Bosnian Syndrome” in which the stronger group, which is the white males become “taxed” so heavily with “paying” for everyone else’s advantages, it leads to a natural rebellion then violence.
    I do NOT want this Janet, but I do want you to read the copy of my research I placed in the hands of Representative Ron Paul. He liked it so much, he talked about Parental Licesing on the floor of the House of Representatives.
    I am retired and want this to turn out peacefully with the nation staying as is, strong and paying my retirement pension. I am out of the “game” and I do not wish to return.
    I am writing this with a warning, that if we do NOT evolve and get these “WOMEN PROBLEMS” under control, i.e. having kids like a salmon spraying eggs in a stream, then ejecting husbands from the home, we will ALL have a great many “bleeding” problems in the coming years. I am a buddhist now, so I am headed for Europe or someplace peaceful as talking to you women, and some of the men in my group is too tiresome and I have seen too much military crap in my life NOT to want to enjoy the rest of it.
    I am exercising the call for women to use self-restraint and DO NOT have children, unless you have the funds to take care of them, and we can adjust shortages of working personnel with LEGAL IMMIGRATION!
    Lone Wolves are disenfranchised “white men” and the Women’s “Movement” needs to begin discussing resource management and resource sharing with men. If your intent is to deprive American men of work and “take over,” well, I just wouldn’t even entertain the notion of “going down that path.”
    I won’t stop you, as long as my check is unmolested, as I am a “dead-ender” but trust me when I say you will not like the sons-of-bitches I served with, if they do take action.
    This is not a threat BUT it is a call for immediate DIPLOMACY and an ECONOMIC REVIEW OF WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

  • Alexander S

    OK Roger, are you reading this? What do you consider John Allen Muhammad to be. If you are not aware of that name, this Army veteran is also known as one of the DC snipers. But I guess you do not deem his actions to be those of a terrorist. 10 Innocent people dead for the crime of breathing. How about Timothy McVeigh? Sound familiar? No? An army veteran who is responsible for the death of 168 men, women & children. All US citizens. As stated before, I am a decently decorated veteran, I come from a long line of veterans, and I fully admit that some of the people I served with can be dangerous to themselves and their team mates. In reading your words, I suspect I would think the same of you. I would not cose to be deployed with you.
    Let’s go one to one John, you and all the others who lean so far to the right you would rather fall over than look a bit to the left and attempt to see our country get back on the track of rebuilding into a strong world leader. SO to all contenders, let’s go one to one. You show me your decorations, I will show you mine. The sad thing is I fear that even though I will respect you for your time served, you would attempt to degrade me for mine, just because I do not agree with you.
    So I offer all of you this challenge. If you accept, I will meet you in Arlington cemetary at a place of my choosing. You bring your DD-214, I will bring mine. Oh yah, bring and ID so I know it is your DD-214. I will do the same.
    Maybe the day will end over drinks and sharing wound stories, but some how, I doubt it.

  • Alexander S

    And just to make myself clear, Stephen, this offer is open to you as well.
    I will be glad to have the press attend as well. I will choose the place, you can choose the news agency.
    So John, Stephen, any of the rest. Shall we meet up and trade veteran stories?

  • David Wilson

    @Jacques Porche:

    What in God’s name are you talking about? Gender is a red herring. Birth rates in the US are actually quite low. The idea of a parental license is preposterous. The idea of reinstating the draft is equally preposterous and gratuitous. Of all the batshit things I’ve seen in these comments, this one takes the cake.