The Obameter at the 100 Day Mark

Yeah I know, the “First 100 Days” of President Barack Obama is somewhat arbitrary. Still, a great deal has happened in these first 100 days so why not take another look at the Obameter shall we?

So far, President Obama has kept 27 campaign promises, compromised on 7, broken 6, stalled on 3, has 63 “in the works,” and no action on the remaining 408.

As a Libertarian, there are certain promises I would like to see kept but many more broken. Perhaps my biggest disappointment as far as his pro-liberty broken promises go would have to be his failure to follow through with his “sunlight before signing” promise. I am disappointed but I can’t say I am surprised that out of the 12 bills Obama signed into law, only once did he make good on this promise. It would be a major bastardization of the English language to suggest that The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, SCHIP, and the so-called stimulus bill are all “emergency” legislation which would be exempt from the 5 day waiting period*.

Overall, Barack Obama turned out to be exactly the president I thought he would be: a collectivist president hell bent on growing the size and scope of the federal government.

*Here’s a thought: if emergencies can exempt the president from his 5 day waiting period, why can’t those who purchase firearms be exempt from the Brady Bill’s waiting period if the customer claims that s/he has an emergency that necessitates him or her to have the firearm sooner?

  • Tom Knighton

    Well, in all fairness, there is no federal waiting period on firearms. Many states have them, but no federal law requires them.

  • Reaganite Republican Resistance

    Current polling data trumpeted by the left is almost completely irrelevant- a lot of people still don’t have any clue what Obama’s doing to the country, with his naive diplomacy and reckless print-money spending.

    But they’ll come out-of-the-ether quick when we get humiliated overseas, the dollar tanks, inflation hits 10%, and/or a desperate Rezko/Blago sing to prosecutors about their former pal Barack… who’s closet is surely chock-full o’ bones.

    Time is simply on the GOP’s side: neither Obama’s big-government spending nor his Carter-esque foreign policy based on appeasement have any precedent of success… anywhere…. ever. And the press can’t just do stories on his puppy-vetting process and how he likes to play basketball for four years.

    Obama hasn’t been tested overseas, nor has he yet gotten to the hard part domestically: he’s yet to raise taxes, nationalize healthcare, or provide mass amnesty for illegal immigrants. He hasn’t closed down the car companies he now runs and he has not yet forced a 30+ % jump in utility bills and myriad other products with his cap-and-trade stealth-tax schemes. And these are all on the Obama agenda.

    Most likely, when all their ill-advised pork-n-welfare spending fails to produce real economic gains, the Democrats face a bloodbath in 2010-

    And by 2012? People will wince at the very mention of the name Obama-

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