Please help Alabamians tweet the hops free

This is a request for a moment of online activism from folks in the freedom movement to help us Free the Hops. Right now, a bill to allow for the legal purchase and consumption of gourmet beers is being held up by one Bible-thumpin’ State Senator in Alabama.  He’s bragging about his filibuster of the bill on Twitter and we’re planning to use Twitter to communicate our desire that he end his filibuster.

He’s not returning phone calls or e-mails on the topic, so it’s time to try a new technology to make our voices heard.  Even if you aren’t from Alabama, we’d could use your help. All we’re asking for is a tweet or two.  The full details of the bill status and Twitter strategy are here.

Even if you don’t drink beer in Alabama, you probably know or love someone who does and it will only take a few seconds of your time.  Thanks.

UPDATE: Although Twitter is extremely slow tonight, you can track the results here.  There’s some pretty snark coming in now.

UPDATE II: We now have a theme song.  To explain, the name of the Senator in question is Hank Erwin.

  • uhm

    He is a Southern Baptist. There is no hope for the bill beyond divine intervention.

  • Stephen Gordon

    Q: You know what Southern Baptists say when they run into each other at a liquor store?

    A: Absolutely nothing.

  • Stephen Gordon

    Q: You know why Southern Baptists don’t believe in pre-marital sex?

    A: Because it might lead to dancin’

  • uhm

    Those are pretty good. I haven’t heard them before.

    He fights against gambling too. He is determined to prevent anyone from having any fun. He is even making me want some gourmet beer. I wonder if he knows about the Baptist and Bootleggers?

  • Brad Warbiany

    Q. Why do you always invite two Southern Baptists to go fishing with you?

    A. Because if you only invite one, he’ll drink all your beer.

  • Stephen Gordon

    LOL @ Brad

  • Merf

    Strange, isn’t it? GOD gave us a choice, but this guy won’t.

    Wonder if that means that he thinks he knows better than God?

    (Don’t answer that.)

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