Quote Of The Day

From Mark Calabria @ Cato:

Once the government becomes a majority owner of GMAC, its only a matter of time until its focus shifts from re-bulding its financial health to expanding the American Dream of auto-ownership.

Yes, citizen, step right up! You too can achieve your lifelong dream of owning an economical, gas-sipping Chevy Aveo!

No money down! All credit, no credit, OKAY! And for a limited time, bring your old clunker down and get up to $4,500 off!

  • Peter

    It is interesting how much money the governmnet is offering for old clunkers. There is a dealership near me that has a promotion “if you can get your old car here, we will give you $2,000 trade in for it!”, they have been running this promotion on and off for several years, so the amount seems to be enough to drive business. The government, however, cares little about good business practices, and I think they just pulled this number out of their collective asses. The government number is over twice the amount offered by private businesses.