Liberty + Libations = ???


The Tun Tavern hosted George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the Continental Congress

What do you get when you mix alcohol with the politics of freedom? An argument can be made that we owe our Republic not only to a lot of bright and brave people, but also to a lot of booze.

In order to bring out freedom fighter in all of us, as well as to provide some networking opportunities and just plain fun, Liberty on the Rocks provides an opportunity for libertarians to plan alcohol-related events in their own communities.  I’ve just placed the first Birmingham event on the calendar, so we’ll see how it works.

We’ll have a special treat at our first event, as Jason Talley, Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller of the Motorhome Diaries will be there.  For those not following the story, here’s an overview of their recent encounter with the police in Mississippi.  I’m sure that hearing Jason and Pete describe their experiences will prove quite interesting.

We’re also meeting at the the J.Clyde, which has been very supportive of the Free the Hops legislation we’ve been working so hard on in Alabama.

America is in trouble, so perhaps it’s time to invoke the spirit of the Green Dragon.  Perhaps it’s time for you to start planning a libertarian social event in your area.