Does Rick Perry think that NCLB preceded the 10th Amendment?

I’m getting pretty sick and tired of hearing about Texas Governor Rick Perry being described as some sort of libertarian Messiah or hero of the 1oth Amendment. If Perry has a libertarian bone in his body, it’s one he obtained through the use of eminent domainThis paragraph clearly outlines his dedication to small government:

Early in his term as governor Perry worked to reform Texas health care and make it more accessible and instituted the SCHIP program designed to insure 500,000 children. He increased health funding by $6 billion. Some of these programs have faced funding problems in recent years. He also increased school funding prior to the 2002 election, creating new scholarship programs to help needy children in Texas, including $300 million for the Texas GRANT Scholarship Program. Some $9 billion was allocated to Texas public schools, colleges, and universities and combined with a new emphasis on accountability for both teachers and students.

With respect to the 10th Amendment, he must have just dusted off a copy.  Simply compare this official release to this one promoting his buddy George W. Bush and No Child Left Behind.

In my  opinion, the only difference between Perry and his buddy John Cornyn is that Perry is bright enough to realize he has to pander for support.  Cornyn doesn’t even seem that smart.