Open Thread Question of the Day: To Whom or What Do You Pledge Your Allegiance?

I was listening to the local talk show host on my way to work this morning and the topic was the ongoing saga surrounding the auto makers. This particular talk show host is a very pro-union “buy American” (and therefore anti-free trade) kind of guy in the mold of Lou Dobbs. As I pulled into my parking space, he posed 2 questions 1.) To whom or what do YOU pledge your allegiance and 2.) To whom or what do these multi-national corporations pledge their allegiance?

My response was an immediate “to myself and to my family, but certainly not the federal government of the US!” (for many of the same reasons that tarran so eloquently explained). I’m quite certain that this is not a response this talk show host would appreciate. I’m also quite certain that in his view, these corporations are supposed to “provide American jobs” no matter how costly and no matter how much the federal government punishes them with taxes and regulations. To suggest that a business should make its first loyalty to pursuing profits for shareholders would be heretical! These populist propagandists ask such questions of these businesses but fail to ask the question of government “to whom or what does Washington pledge its allegiance?” (Hint: it certainly isn’t to free market principles or liberty).

After thinking about the question a little longer, I concluded that my allegiances are as follows: myself*, my family, and the defense of the principles of life, liberty, property and justice for all**.

Now I pose this question to you, the reader: To whom or what do you pledge your allegiance?

*The fact that I put myself first may be shocking to those who haven’t spent much time studying the philosophy known as Objectivism.

** “Liberty and Justice for All” – This is at least one part of the Pledge of Allegiance I can keep, but when I say “all” I mean all individuals irrespective of color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, rich or poor. All individuals are entitled the rights of life, liberty, property and justice (justice meaning equal treatment under the law).

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  • John222

    I pledge allegiance to myself and to my family as an extension thereof, and to the principles of life, liberty, property and justice for all individuals.

    While the cadence isn’t the same, it sure rolls off my tongue easier. Just in case anyone is interested, we homeschool our children and no, we do not require any sort of loyalty oath to our totalitarian regime.

  • nmchugh85

    I pledge my allegiance to my faith, family and friends. Not to the U.S. federal government.

    The federal government should pledge its allegiance to the people, but instead it seems that it’s asking for our allegiance. It will never get my allegiance.

    Also, I believe that the battle for freedom and liberty for all is currently looked at through too broad of a lens.

    The people need to be persuaded that acting in their self-interest, is in fact a virtue and not a vice. This is where I believe the battle-front for “liberty” currently is being waged.

    I believe, as do many of your readers, that acting in self-interest is a virtue. However, it has been easy to paint it in the opposite light by those who favor government programs. All they need to ask is “don’t you care about those not receiving health-care?” While I don’t crumble to this question, many people do. They begin to feel guilty for trying to provide for themselves and their family. If we can turn the tide around, I believe that’s when we will finally when the battle over “liberty” and “freedom”

  • ed42

    I pledge my allegiance to liberty (freedom) and justice (restitution, not necessarily punishment) for all.

  • John222

    My response to those who believe health care is a right is that I am against slavery. You either have to enslave the provider, or the person who pays the provider. Neither of which is appealing to me. I prefer to exchange freely for mutual benefit.

  • Joshua Holmes

    Free societies don’t need loyalty oaths.

  • southernjames

    I remember seeing some video after the election – it might have been made some time around the inauguration, but I can’t recall. Anyhoo, a bunch of people including Hollywood stars pledged allegiance to Obama.

    So there is that option too. Just something to keep in mind; and perhaps a tad more creative than saying “I pledge allegiance to the wife, the kids, Skippy the family dog, and oh yeah I almost forget – Aunt Velma too, because she helped us that one time with the house downpayment.” Just trying to be helpful here.

    I saw some of the Obama Notre Dame speech. Is is just me, or does he sometimes come across like Mussolini, when he sticks out his jaw triumphantly, while his ecstatic adoring throngs cheer wildly. I think he would be an even better communicator to the People if they would put him in a General’s Uniform (he is the CIC after all, so its not like it he can’t do it) and film those speeches in black and white. Personally, I think we need some sort of National Salute too, so that the People can actually show in a more meaningful way, their respect and admiration.

  • Akston


    I think this post by Stephen Gordon discussed the commercial you may be referring to. The video is embedded in the post.