Presenting the Latest Nominees for the Ramos-Compean Medal of Valor

For going above and beyond the call of duty, I herby nominate these three members of L.A.’s finest to receive the Ramos-Compean Medal of Valor. As clearly shown in the footage below, the first officer bravely kicked the suspect in the head after he had surrendered. The second officer also deserves to be recognized for his efforts in protecting the community for punching the disoriented man as a precautionary measure. Last but not least, the third officer also deserves this distinguished honor for his dog handling skills to have the dog bite the suspect!

Clearly, these men are all heroes! While they may not quite live up to the high standard set by Ramos and Compean (not one member of the trio fired his weapon at the suspect after the surrender), we can be sure that the LAPD is quite proud that its reputation is still intact.

The Ramos-Compean Medal of Valor is an honor presented by The Badge Worshippers and Law Enforcement Bootlickers of America

  • southernjames

    Have they been referred to as “heroes,” by anyone, anywhere, anytime?

    I don’t watch Fox News because they just try to distract me and mess with my brain with the good looking females. On this one, the chick on the left has the better argument. The head kicker and K-9 doggy guy should be given “the boot” no pun intended.

    The one on the right is better looking, but on the other hand, is too quick to excuse the cops and give them a “pass” for getting themselves all adrenalined up after the high speed chase. So she needs to go back to the weather desk, I’m thinking. The one in the middle is probably the hottest one of all, but I fear that she may not be a real blonde and probably dies her hair. This is a problem. I wasn’t paying attention to what her position on all this is. Probably somewhere in the middle, since that is where they stuck her.

    Bottom line – this suspect forgot the Rodney King Rule: Don’t lead cops on a high speed chase. If you’re going to be a dummmy and lead a bunch of cops on a high speed 80 mph chase — just laying down after it is too late for you to keep running, cuz they caught ya, is no guarantee that you will not get an ass whipping. By the time they finally get to you, they’re going to be all riled up.

  • Tim Martinez

    You are a real piece of work. Keep drinking the Kool-aid. Do you even know what you are speaking about? Apparently you enjoy your drugs and despise anyone who would delay your supply from reaching. That is the only logical reason why you would come to the defense of a drug runner. And a drug runner who used the border pass given to him by our government to make a delivery. Sir, you are an Ass.

  • southernjames


    Do you mean me, or do you mean Steven Littau, with your accusations of ass-ness?

    I called the guy a dummy.

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  • CommiePuddin

    A reprise from Mr. Gordon’s neck of the woods.

  • indygirl

    Hey Megyn – Your final thoughts, priceless – I will be sure to remember that in case I ever happen to walk in on my significant other while in the throws of passion with another woman and beat them both senseless…

  • Kathryn Rebecca

    It was almost comical, the way they kept attaching labels to the suspect. First he was suspected of gang involvement, then he’s suddenly in tight with the Mexican mob. To all that conjecture, I say a big “so what?” It doesn’t matter who the person was. Yes, he broke the law by speeding and evading police. But I’m pretty sure that the “protect and serve” motto applies to everyone. People with badges shouldn’t just be allowed to kick the snot out of citizens who piss them off.