Comment of the Day : “So I’m an Ass” Edition

Re: Presenting the Latest Nominees for the Ramos-Compean Medal of Valor

You are a real piece of work. Keep drinking the Kool-aid. Do you even know what you are speaking about? Apparently you enjoy your drugs and despise anyone who would delay your supply from reaching. That is the only logical reason why you would come to the defense of a drug runner. And a drug runner who used the border pass given to him by our government to make a delivery. Sir, you are an Ass.

Comment by Tim Martinez — May 19, 2009 @ 6:09 am

I would try to respond but I’m way too busy drinking the Kool-aid and being a stoned ass.

  • Aimee

    At least he used his manners and called you Sir!

  • Akston

    If Mr. Martinez intended to write “donkey”, then I’ll have to disagree. I’m pretty sure I can safely assert that Mr. Littau is not a Democrat. Then again, based on his other writings, he’s likely not an “elephant” either.

    Libertarians need a mascot.

  • Brad Warbiany


    We’ve got one… The porcupine. (At least according to the free state project folks).

    Although I am more partial to Ben Franklin’s suggested symbol for America — the rattlesnake.

  • Stephen Littau

    True, I never have belonged to the jackass party (and likely never will) but for far too long a member of the dumbass party (Republican Party).

    In all fairness to Mr. Martinez, I was a bit of a smart ass in the post he responded to (which was my intention).

  • Stephen Littau

    I thought Ben Franklin suggested the turkey as America’s mascot?

  • John222

    The turkey was to be the national bird, we ended up with the eagle.

  • Peter

    I think the comment completely misses the point. If this guy was guilty of a crime, then he should be prosecuted before punishment. There was no need for the police to start by kicking him in the face. What ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?”

  • Stephen Littau

    I know Peter, what an antiquated concept!