• http://theholycause.blogspot.com/ Greg

    Strangely I find this humorous, though I really can’t put my finger on why …

  • cybersecurity

    Is this blog the Brad W. Show now?

  • Akston

    The Liberty Papers is indeed occasionally the Brad W. show. Works for me.

  • Eric

    Once upon a time, I owned this blog. One day I retired from blogging and Brad W kindly took it over and kept it going for me. So, it can be the Brad W show if that is what he wants it to be!

    That’s a fairly ironic bit of news, thanks for a good chuckle Brad.

  • http://thelibertypapers.org/ Brad Warbiany

    Well, this blog isn’t the “Brad W” show… But as none of us consider blogging to be our day job, we tend to ebb and flow regarding content. There was a long time where this blog was pretty much the “Doug M” show, because the rest of us were very busy and he had extra time to post…

    This week, I probably shouldn’t have posted as much as I did. I just kept seeing things I couldn’t restrain myself from!

  • http://hathor-sekhmet.blogspot.com VRB

    Must have called the “Design to Sell” crew.
    I don’t know if accountants are as effective.