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Hey Newt… As one of the limited-government pro-individual-rights potential voters who has stopped voting Republican in disgust at the actions of the party over the last 8 years, I think you and I both agree that the Republicans need a concerted effort to woo folks like me back. But as an atheist, this sure isn’t the way to do it:

We are in a period where we are surrounded by paganism, and paganism is on offense.

Now, I’m going to split hairs and assume you misused the word paganism, and would clearly include an unbelieving heathen like myself on the list of folks being criticized. Either way, Newt Gingrich just alienated one potential voter who had been pretty excited about the concept of him running back in 2008. He’s moved to the center or left on policy and to the right on social issues, and that’s the wrong way on both.

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  • southernjames

    Why on earth would were you ever in favor of Newt as President? Newt has always been Newt, and hasn’t changed.

    Although you’re the same guy who naively thought that Obama would govern as a Centrist. Which just shows you weren’t paying proper attention.

    You must have been too busy with those pagan rituals of yours. :)

    I have always KIND of liked him on a personal level, even though he is essentially an unelectable dork. Newt’s a smart “policy wonk” (like Bill Clinton was). Probably a very competant college lecturer, and a good and interesting political analyst. That does not translate into a guy being “presidential” or having any sort of “Executive” leadership qualities. He would perhaps be suited for National Security advisor, or US Ambassador to the UN, or perhaps even Sec of State. But POTUS? Not so much. IMO.

    Not to mention, stuff like his extra-marital affairs, etc., would be used heavily against him, by the MSM – just as Guliani’s past personal business would have been trotted out over and over again, had he been on the 2008 ticket.

    I for one, want the GOP to become rehabilitated. But I don’t want Newt or any other Beltway, Sunday morning Meet the Press, “Insider” trying to lead the way. I don’t think that will work.

    The brand has to be rebuilt from the outside. Maybe Governors – like that guy from Indiana, although I haven’t researched him too much yet.

  • http://qwertyalotfuori.blogspot.com Red

    By pagan perhaps he meant it as idolatry or lacking definition. In this day and age it is unwise to use religion as your co-pilot if you want to win the argument and win people over to a new way of action.

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  • Akston

    Pagan (n) 1. A person who does not acknowledge your god, 2. A person who follows a polytheistic or pre-Christian religion (not a Christian or Muslim or Jew), 3. Someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures.

    He was probably not referring to the third definition, because that type of paganism was more about defense for him than offense. Of course, any time some starts making large noises about piety, it’s probably time to roll out the hypocrisy meter for a quick reading.

    However, I’m sure he was just playing to the local audience. He’d have a different speech at a Madeline Murray O’Hair Memorial.

  • Fizzmick PaChee

    Thankfully Darwin’s discovery of evolution completely rules out the possibility that man came from some dirt that a god used to make an image of himself out of, and that woman came from a rib of this dirt-man.

    Compare the amount of interlocking data from every applicable scientific field including geology, physics, and even molecular biology, all having observational experiments done, that test and prove the hypotheses of evolution occurring (elevating it to a FACT and a THEORY), with the DISCREDITED FAIRY TALE – a big invisible monster that nobody has ever seen or heard did it.

    It is frightening that mass delusions of supernatural beings still exist today. It is the same thing as saying that my invisible fire breathing dragon is more powerful than your multi-headed fire spewing sea monster. So, come around to my way of thinking or I will commit atrocities for it.

    Everything from the murderous blood stained Sky Daddy who drowned virtually all humanity and other life, sentenced everyone to leave Utopia after Eve (persuaded by a talking snake) ate a magical apple, had Jonah take a ride in the belly of a whale, ruined the life of Job, told Abraham to murder his own kid, killed all the first born of Egypt, had his chosen people commit genocide on the original inhabitants of Palestine, to letting his own son be nailed to some wood so mankind could party with a ghost – is a FAIRY TALE that humanity needs to reject if we are to see many more generations.

    By the way if you are dumb enough to believe that this fable is real; in the Bible, the murder count is God/millions – Devil/zero. Whom would you rather spend time with, a vengeful monster or a fallen angel who thought he had a better way? I am NOT promoting the Devil, just illustrating the craziness in this stupidity.

    Hopefully if you were previously deluded, after reading this you will see how foolish you have been. Society needs to accelerate its retreat from worshiping outlandishly absurd fictional psychopathic beings.

    There is no middle ground.

  • southernjames

    Fizzy has spoken! The question is settled! Whew, glad THAT issue is resolved.

    Query: Why would there still be ANY geologists, physicists, or molecular biologists (from all walks of life; from every sort of background; all races; and from all over the world) who are practicing Jews, Christians or Muslims? Those fields of scientific inquiry, with their “interlocking data” have settled the question, after all, right?

    By your flawless Vulcan logic, there should be zero of those sorts of scientists holding ANY sort of belief in a supreme being, right? Anyone and everyone with a PhD in any field other than perhaps English or Theology, should be a committed and fervant Atheist – with dare I say it – a “religious” devotion to his or her non-belief. Right?

    By your flawless logic, belief in the existence of another dimension, a supreme being or beings, or a spiritual realm beyond your comprehension has been proven to be scientifically impossible, thanks to Charles Darwin. Even though there are, in fact, many if not most Christian faiths which do NOT view evolutionary theory to be entirely incompatible with the Bible (including Catholicism).

    Gosh, maybe any members of the scientific community who attend Churchs or Temples, are just faking it, so that this repressive “Christianist” culture which is SO terrifying to some of these ‘smarter than thou’ sanctimonious types doesn’t “SHUN” them. Gasp! Or so their (by definition, STUPID) family members don’t get embarassed by them. Or maybe because they are still “conflicted” internally due to all that gosh darn “brainwashing” they’ve been subjected to all their lives, by our oppressive Christianist culture. Kind of like gay people who spend years in denial before coming out….Yeah, maybe that’s the ticket. All those trips to see Santa at the Mall from my youth….gosh darn it, now I just can’t STOP myself from going to Mass.

    I’m sure you can choose from one of the above handy excuses.

    Keep the faith though. After all, being a committed atheist is an article of faith in and of itself, isn’t it.

  • Fizzmick PaChee

    Most scientists do not believe in god.

    Unfortunately through the lies told to support the god delusion, many people have too much emotionally invested in the concept of immortality to objectively evaluate the horrible disastrous consequences that accompany it. Nothing less than immortality could get so many people to rationalize so irrationally in the face of the overwhelming evidence we now possess against the belief in gods.

    There is tremendously more hope (gigantic to infinitesimal) for immortality through mankind than any god. For the record, I too would like pleasurable immortality. If you are near sighted try prayer or an optometrist to improve your vision. See which works better.

    I have great hope (and some FAITH, but not overly optimistic) that mankind will advance to where we can travel back in time and save people, bringing them forward to what is the then present.

    Should we acquire this ability our lives may very well be reviewed to see if we are worthy. THE EVIL AND THOSE WHO PROMOTED SUPERSTITIOUS LIES THAT GO AGAINST ALL LOGIC AND EVIDENCE, MAY NOT BE DEEMED SO.

    The safer, smarter, better choice is through reality – not specious lies.

    Good luck and happiness to all, -Fizzmick PaChee

  • southernjames

    “Should we acquire this ability our lives may very well be reviewed to see if we are worthy.”

    Worthy in the eyes of who? And “worthy” in what fashion, exactly? No thanks, I don’t care to be judged by you or by any other mortal, thank you very much.

    I knew there would have to be SOME explanation you could provide as to why a significant percentage (20%?, 25%, 35%?) of scientists DO believe in the Fairy Tales. And in spite of science conclusively proving the non-existence of any spiritual, non-flesh and blood, entities. I came pretty close, didn’t I. In spite of their being highly intelligent, and highly educated, and rational and logical, men and women of science…well, the poor souls (oops, I mean highly advanced soul-less primates), simply have “too much emotionally invested” in order to get real, and give up the Fairy Tales. Too brainwashed by all the lies told to them in their youth, apparently.

    So basically, what you’re saying is, it is sort of like a mental illness which those who are very scientifically educated and technologically enlightened, but yet who still believe, are afflicted with.

    Got it.

    Perhaps the open practice of religious faith could simply be outlawed, in order to speed up this enlightnment process. That worked out quite nicely in the Soviet Union as I recall.

    The good news for you is that I don’t think you have to give any thought at all to whether “pleasurable immortality” will exist or not exist, for you. My guess, and this is just a guess, is that consciously rejecting it outright while here on Earth, will pretty much assure that of being a self-fulfilling prophesy.

  • Fizzmick PaChee

    The greater danger is that by following delusions we are squandering any real hope that we have.

  • southernjames

    “Delusions”…according to you. And amazingly enough, also according to well UNDER 100% of scientists – not even close. Perhaps barely over 50% (although I would love to see a reliable poll on this) agree with you.

    Squandering any real hope…..hope for what?

    “Once abolish the God, and the government becomes the God.”

    “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.”

    G.K. Chesterton.

  • southernjames


    I guess there are a considerable number of people after all (around 40% of scientists according to one poll who not just believe in a Spiritual Being not of this Earth – but believe in one who actually listens to prayers!) who haven’t gotten your memo yet that the question is settled – debate over; and that “there is no middle ground.”