Lame Idea of the Day: Masters in Social Media

From TechRadar:

Students will now be able to take a Masters degree in ‘Social Media’, with the University of Salford insisting that the course can give real-world skills and experience.

Although it should come as little surprise that people will now have the option to have an MA in Facebook and Twitter, the course is apparently aimed to produce the next generation of PRs and marketers.

They add:

TechRadar will probably not be attending the course as we are too fully focused on our Doctorate in YouTube for such frivolities. But we do like the idea of doing a 140-character dissertation.

What’s next — a grad school program for the next aspiring Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron? A Doctorate in becoming a Playboy model can’t be far behind.  I’d also suggest a degree program in being stupid, but they already do that.

The upside of this is that government and corporate bureaucrats will start hiring folks with the correct box on their job application checked, as opposed to some sort of merit-based system.  All those social media experts at may soon have to look for a new job.

  • Red

    Then all we need to do is to stay current on which boxes are the ones to check.

  • Bradley A. Porter

    This is low-hanging fruit, I know, but actually there is a call for this in the marketplace. Online marketing and communications, in the most general rubric, is big business, and increasingly companies are looking to social networking stuff as a potentially low-cost high-yield medium, as well as an organizing tool (think Obama campaign). It’s a pretty niche subset of online marketing, to be sure, but it’s not crazy. I’ve actually come across a few places in the last several months that I deal with as a freelance marketing writer who specifically ask about this, quite literally saying they want somebody who has proven capabilities with Facebook, Twitter, and an ability to “draw a crowd” on those sorts of platforms, but who want to differentiate between somehow who just uses social networking incessantly and somehow who actually understands it as marketing and organizing tool.

    It depends, of course, on how that program is arranged, but I can imagine a mix of a few fields of studies (computer science and software engineering, marketing and communications strategy, social psychology, etc.) that would lead to a pretty marketable skill set.

  • CommiePuddin

    I’ve never really understood why you could major in theatre, drama, television, radio, acting, etc. but a student-athlete couldn’t legitimately major in his or her sport. Especially considering that professional opportunities (including management, promotion, playing, coaching, teaching, officiating, etc.) are likely comparable.

    I know, it was a sideswipe comment, but still.

  • Mar Omega

    About that…

    Any idiot can navigate Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc, but that is not so much the point. Essentually anyone who wants a credit that they only need pay for can sign up for this one. It is every bit as credible as courses like “Star Trek 101”, “Klingon as a Second Language”, “The Force”, “Highlander Theory” and other bogus classes.

    My in-laws know how to use it (all-be-it intermediately) and so do grade school students. I manage to use about 4 of the major social networks to market my business, but that’s very simple advertizing.

    To make a good living in life, a person needs only to know how to do one thing over and over. If it is pushing the red button a thousand times a day, you can get your 401k. Looking at it from that automatistic standard, any idiot can get their degree in twitter and check the right box for his happy little mundane and safe life.

    My course of study, “Sarcasm as a Second Language”.