In defense of rhetoric…

In response to Brad’s post below, he fails to point out that the Obama Administration and Congress, with its seemingly (though not literally) infinite wealth, pushed the stimulus bill through with the explicit purpose of creating jobs and even presented the public with a graph showing unemployment with and without (pg. 5) the passage of the bill. Of course, those of us here at TLP and other likeminded blogs knew that the stimulus bill would be a failure and could possibly lead to more unemployment, if not immediately then definitely over the long term.

This isn’t a corporation building a skyscraper, it is the government errantly pouring $700+ billion into the economy, ostensibly taking money away from future generations to invest and create jobs. There is a difference between actual investment, such as a private corporation expanding, and waste, which is the very definition of government spending.

The Obama Administration absurdly claims that the stimulus bill has created 150,000 jobs. They offer no evidence to back up the claim, when in fact the economy has lost around 2.8 million jobs since the beginning of the year. It’s a win-win for Obama because, as Steve Chapman recently pointed out at Reason, the administration and majority in Congress can claim that the stimulus wasn’t big enough if the economy fails to recover or he can take credit for any rebound we may see.

I’m tired of Obama pulling everything he says out of thin air with absolutely nothing to show for it. Whatever the amount spent per job, and of course the costs of raw materials are included, it’s much more substantive that anything the Obama Administration has used a talking point for pissing away our future.

Was it a rhetorical point? Absolutely. I make no apologies for it.

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  • Brad Warbiany


    This I agree with wholeheartedly. They throw out a number of 150K jobs with no evidence, and a few points need to be made:

    1) Where did that number come from? They don’t say.
    2) 150K is still a drop in the bucket.
    3) How many private sector jobs would have been created if they hadn’t borrowed that money to spend on their pet projects?
    4) Who doesn’t see that whether the stimulus is “working” or not, the goal of the administration will be to spend more and more, regardless of the actual effects?

    These are the key arguments that need to be made, and I was worried that all over the ‘sphere people were focusing more attention on the “cost per job” metric than the root problems with the stimulus and Obama’s made-up numbers.

  • John222

    The stimulus wasn’t big enough and those evil CEO’s wouldn’t cooperate so we need to spend more money and take more control over these greedy corporations. Of course, this will require a greater sacrifice from all Americans, but in the long run it will be good for all.

    I also have some prime “waterfront” real estate in South Florida for sale.

  • SWilliams

    It is pretty disgusting but both the Republicans and the Democrats play fast and loose with employment data. This is simply a larger version of the mahatma in Louisiana claiming his was the only state creating jobs.