It’s Time to Impeach Obama

It’s time to impeach Obama; indict him, and his entire administration, for fraud, coercion, extortion, influence peddling, and grand theft under the color of law, amongst hundreds of other charges.

It is not simply the auto issue; but that is currently the most visible.

This is no hyperbole. I am not simply spouting off. I believe, and will from this point forward, work to see, Barack Obama impeached, charged, indicted, tried, and imprisoned, for the crimes he and his cronies have committed against this nation, and its people.

Also, let me make this clear: This is NOT about politics, or at least not about political ideology. I believe that everyone, left, right, libertarian, or indifferent to ideology; should see what Obama and his administration are doing, and understand the damage it is doing, and will do, to this country.

We cannot allow our nation to become a nation of men. We MUST remain a nation of laws.

At this point, Obama, and his administration, aren’t even bothering to PRETEND to obey the law, or the constitution. They have embarked on a campaign of theft and fraud never seen before in the history of man kind; knowing that they had the full cover of the media protecting them, a friendly congress, and a co-operative judiciary.

They are in clear violation of the constitution, and hundreds if not thousands, of state and federal laws; blatantly and knowingly flouting them in fact, because, in Obamas words, “We won”.

Well, I’m sorry sir, for now at least, we are still a nation of laws; and you must be brought to account.

I am a cynically romantic optimistic pessimist. I am neither liberal, nor conservative. I am a (somewhat disgruntled) muscular minarchist… something like a constructive anarchist.

Basically what that means, is that I believe, all things being equal, responsible adults should be able to do whatever the hell they want to do, so long as nobody’s getting hurt, who isn’t paying extra

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  • southernjames

    The problem is that for the statist hard left, it has never been and never will be about the “rule of law,” or concern over the Constitution, which the statist left considers to be an obstacle to its objectives.

    It’s all about the acquisition and consolidation of power, into the hands of a few elites. And make no mistake about it, the White House is occupied by the most leftist administration in this country’s history. LBJ and FDR are red staters in comparison.

    As you pointed out, the auto dealers issue is but one of many. There are simply too many to keep track of – but I have become convinced that this is intentional. A feature of the strategy, not a bug.

    Walpin is another.

    This alone should be a scandal of front page proportions. But it won’t be. For one thing, those who control the front pages of 90% of the papers and the front covers of Time/Newsweek, et al – not only voted for this guy – they literally love him.

    For another, scandals like this just get overwhelmed due to the continual flood of non-stop initiatives,(which MUST be acted upon RIGHT NOW), proposals, misdirection ploys, “look over there” dodges, other even worse sucker punch actions….until one which is beginning to get attention, suddenly becomes yesterday’s obsolete news. A whirling dervish of non-stop frenetic activity….every week it is something new, that causes the jaw to drop. And again, I think this is intentional.

    People who start to make impeachment assertions will be marginalized, isolated, labeled and smeared. Rules for Radicals. It makes no difference what or who you REALLY are. What matters is how you will be defined, if you or people like you really push this impeachment meme: Right wing crackpot. Wingnut. Domestic terrorism threat. Fascist. Christianist. Bigot. Racist.

  • David Wilson

    Don’t you think this is a bit reactionary?

  • southernjames

    “Don’t you think this is a bit reactionary?”

    Perhaps. I don’t deny that it may well be. And I actually hope it is.

    See, for most of Bush’s tenure there was a very significant element of the populace who truly BELIEVED that: a) The war in Iraq was 100% based on oil and had nothing whatsoever to do with WMDs, UN Sanctions, etc.,and b) stuff like the Patriot Act had nothing to do with tracking potential Islamist terrorists, but was purely a fascist power play; and/or c) Bush (or his “handlers” like Rove/Chaney) either knew about 911 before it happened, or were complicit in making it happen; and/or d) another 911 was going to be concocted or allowed to happen before the 2008 elections, so that the elections could either be suspended altogether or the outcome influenced.

    And it was not some teensy tiny 2% fringe either. I recall some poll that showed that something like 30% of registered democrats believed Bush knew about 911 (or that it was an “inside job” – I can’t recall now). And let us never forget stuff like Rosie’s “steel can’t melt….” and (in relation to Bush’s clear and obvious plans to invade/attack Iran before his term ran out) “Bay of Pigs…Google it!!” says Rosie.

    My whole point being….now the situation has flipped 180 degrees hasn’t it. Now those of us mocked and laughed at the Rosie O’Donnells of the world are getting our comeuppance, aren’t we. Now WE’RE the ones being all paranoid. Leftists have to be laughing their asses off.

    So I would actually like to avoid becoming the conservative version of the unhinged BDS “truther” crowd which ranted and screamed for the past 6 years and stuck those “I wasn’t using those rights anyway” bumper stickers on their Prius’.

    But it’s tough and it’s getting tougher every day…..And one thing I do stand by, is my final paragraph. That one – that’s not reactionary at all. That is the reality of today’s political scene.

    As the Brothers Doobie once said: “I ain’t blind and I don’t like what I think I see…”

  • tfr

    > It’s time to impeach Obama
    Yah, well good luck with that.
    We pretty much trivialized the impeachment process with the whole “bjgate” thing, so no one is going to take it seriously for at least a generation.
    Although I more or less agree. The corruption has been so blatant and in-your-face for these last couple of administrations… I don’t even know what to say.

  • Brad Warbiany

    In support:

    1) If the effort were to gain traction, it’s one way to potentially derail his objectives… Get him focused on CYA, and he might get off of ours.
    2) Given that I’m of my politics, I think most Presidents have played fast and loose with the Constitution and laws. I thought so about Bush, and Obama is following right in line and even treading new ground. I support impeaching them all.

    In opposition:

    1) Bush had pathetic approval ratings and the Democrats couldn’t impeach. You think you’ll impeach a guy with > 60%?
    2) To impeach Clinton, you had to come up with a simple and incontrovertible crime (lying under oath), and he still didn’t get tossed. The public won’t get behind arcane discussions over things like “rule of law”, especially when they all think Obama’s the best president since FDR (who also IMHO was impeachable for what he did).
    3) How in the world could you possibly get any impeachment to move forward when you have such big Democrat majorities in the House and Senate. Even if they cared about rule of law, they care about power and party far more.
    4) After the birthers, this will seem like another fringe attempt to get at Obama, and will give him a quick easy way to play the victim card.

    To put it simply, if the Republicans seriously push for impeachment, it’s going to kill the Republican Party. The country doesn’t have the stomach for another fight unless they already begin to hate Obama, which is why I think he’d need a scandal of the “live girl / dead boy” variety.

    Far be it from me to be accused of pragmatism in the face of ideological truth, but I don’t see this being a battle that can or will be won unless Obama does something that turns the entire country against him, or the Republicans take back both houses of Congress. We’re stuck with him.

  • Red

    Brad has some good points. Pragmatism rules the day. The movement to impeach won’t gain momentum unless you win over the crowds who voted him in office. A mass movement to dethrone most of Congress and the FAUXTUS would gain the most attention. After that lady’s letter (, what is there to do? Truly, what to do? What is the right action?

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  • Chris Byrne


    I’m sure and certain we can link direct crimes to Obama, and to his senior staff. They have effectively admitteds to it, and there is a lot of evidence. Their argument is “It’s OK that we ignore the law and the constitution, because we have to, and because we won”.

    The problem is the politics of it.

    What we need for this to happen, is for a large republican majority to be elected in the house in 2010, and for the democrats in general, and Obama in particular, to continue behaving as they have been.

  • southernjames

    “What we need for this to happen, is for a large republican majority to be elected in the house in 2010, and for the democrats in general, and Obama in particular, to continue behaving as they have been.”

    I still don’t think it would work – even with all that – unless you add in a collapsed economy or something similar, which would lead to his approval rating dropping below Bush’s lowest.

    I think his approval ratings WILL drop, but I think the propaganda arm of the DNC, aka the national MSM, will work overtime to prevent it from going that low. For example – look what’s coming up — How many people will be pissed that ABC is refusing to allow the RNC to purchase commerical time to present rebuttals to the “Obama Healthcare Infomercial” versus the number of people who will be oblivious that they are being propagandized to, and who after the infomercial, will nod their heads and say “yeah, that kind of sounds good, I think….uh huh, yeah, I think that makes a lot of sense….”

    I don’t think a Republican majority at all, let alone a “large” Republican majority is in the cards for 2010. That party is adrift, fractured, and pretty much leaderless right now. And 2010 is not that far away. The best that can be hoped for is for the Repubs to pick up a few seats, and that some obstructionist (to the WH) coalitions can be formed with conservative democrats.

  • Miko

    “They have embarked on a campaign of theft and fraud never seen before in the history of man kind”

    Manifest destiny, anyone? And most every war in history, for that matter.

  • Brad Warbiany


    Unless the economy absolutely falls off a cliff (which, of course, is not out of the realm of possibility) in such a way that Obama can’t blame it on Bush, the Republicans aren’t going to gain significantly in 2010.

    And even then, to have the political support for a move like this, Obama will have to substantially stumble in many ways — and I’m not talking about a “Harriet Miers” or “I didn’t inhale” stumble, I’m talking about a major international embarrassment or incredible mishandling of a critical situation that exposes his weaknesses. And then you need to have enough media in place to actually weaken his support.

    In all honesty, I still just don’t see this as a successful strategy. Not that I oppose impeachment, of course, but I don’t think enough people see it the way you do to make it happen.

  • M. Bartulis

    Is there any group or any one person willing to organize a legal armada against Obama and the Democratic Congress for their blatant misuse of power. I no longer trust any member of the House, the Senate, the White House or the Attorney General’s Office. The Supreme Court is soon to be on my list too. Has America forgotten that all these folks are merely civil servants and subject to the needs of the people?? I believe so.

  • Modeam

    Please STAND with me and align yourself with the impeachment of this Fool and his supporters. The country is at a complete economic stand still because of ideology of this Obama character. I watch as many of my family and friends are losing their homes and jobs due to this maniac’s policy. I live in California and the business that is high end. I personally have witnessed a complete dropped off in business since Obama’s presidency. This is normally a crowd that is unaffected by the economy. But is truly effected by the constant statements of redistribution of wealth. I heard yesterday that black members of congress are seeking restitution for slavery bill in congress. If you can believe it this is what we are heading for this has only been six months of this presidency. Think about it another 3 1/2 years that is if he doesn’t try to implement a dictatorship. I want all Americans to STAND UP and save our country for our country isn’t perfect but it certainly isn’t as screwed up as this Idiot Is Going to Make It. I Call on Gods Army to rise up and take back with is mans given right!!!

  • Modeam

    Please STAND with me and align yourself with the impeachment of this Fool and his supporters. The country is at a complete economic stand still because of ideology of this Obama character. I watch as many of my family and friends are losing their homes and jobs due to this maniac’s policy. I live in California and the business that I’m in is high end to the trade. I personally have witnessed a complete dropped off in business since the Obama’s presidency. This is normally a crowd that is unaffected by the economy. But is truly effected by the constant statements of (redistribution of wealth) _. I heard yesterday that black members of congress are seeking to introduce a restitution bill for slavery in congress. If you can believe it!!! This is what we are heading for this has only been six months of this presidency. Think about it another 3 1/2 years that is if he doesn’t try to implement a dictatorship. I want all Americans to STAND UP and save our country for our country isn’t perfect but it certainly isn’t as screwed up as this Idiot Is Going to Make It. I Call on Gods Army to rise up and take back what is mans given right!!! FREEDOM

    Comment by Modeam — June 30, 2009 @ 9:34 am
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  • Moe Brookes

    That is what is needed…a legal armada. The country is in paralysis, as in Germany. Obama is a puppet of the NWO/illuminati bankers/…dancing to devilish pace of selling out America to the international bankers and centralizing power in the UN. You really should check out without prejudice to see the videos on his high crimes. The public is asleep, anesthetized in its delusion that gubmint is for the people. The people need legal action before this megalomaniac storms into your house with his brown shirted UN troops to either take you to a Fema camp for refusing mass innoculations or failing your energy audit. Climate Change theory is only that…and a false, deceptive flag for the manipulation of power in the cloak of pseudo-scientific economics. Health care reform just like Hitler’s. ‘Watched a hearing where Emanuel’s brother, a “Dr.” excused himself from the hearing after being questioned about the euthanasia provisions in the bill. The breakneck pace of the legislative dismantling of our Constitution should surely be a wake up call to anyone NOT watching MSM every day. Go for the facts. America is in deep distress; a planned takeover of enormous proportions is being played out before us; Europe laughs at the dummying down of America. Imagine India and China agreeing to Co2 reductions!! An international treaty?

  • M. Bartulis

    I’m not, by any stretch of the imagination, a conspiracy theorist, and I’m not quite sure yet just whom Obama and the Democratic Congress are in bed with. But, common sense and logic, two character traits that seem to have gone by the roadside, dictate that Obama and his cronies are systematically destroying the base of our Capitalist economy. Obama is constantly preaching how this country is in crisis over one thing or another. God only knows what Obama will come up with next, but I leave that to your imagination. Global Warming, the billion $ baby of Al Gore, is rapidly proving to be a scam, thanks to the scientific community. Now we have a Cap & Tax (Cap & Trade)Bill passed by the House of Representatives. Like all other Bills before Congress, take the Stimulus Package, for example, they are rushed into passage at 3:00 AM. Why is their no debate on these Bills??? Doesn’t anybody ever think about the long-term results of what is happening? Are your interests only for the here and now? Keeping in mind that the civil servants in office are not representing YOU. They are only interested in their own personal agendas. Personally, I think every member of Congress that supports Obama’s hair-brained ideas and votes to pass them should spend the next 20 years at hard labor in Joliet State Prison in Illinois. Why?…You ask….For violating their so-called Sacred Oath and failing to ‘uphold the Constitution of the United States’. The three worst offenders are Civil Servant Barrack H. Obama (Socialist/IL.),
    Civil Servant Nancy Pelosi (Socialist/CA.) and Civil Servant Harry Reid (Socialist/NV.) Oh!, by the way, the U.S. Constitution has been reportedly thrown out of the window of a thirty story office building in Washington, D.C.

    Now for more research……”I’ll be back.” M.B.

  • Mike

    I am with you all the way Chris. Any thing I can do to help the cause, I will. When this smug Democrat was campaigning offering Change, I feared the worst kind of change. Well unfortunately I am witnessing my fears becoming a reality. I never voted for him and when he ruins this country and declares the Constitution null and void, I will be here to tell the 60% that approve of him…(I TOLD YOU SO)

  • Mike

    Why are we worried about where the GOP is on Obama? WE ARE AMERICA, not the politicians. A Million Man March on Washington calling for this Socialist’s Impeachment will be noticed. Seriously, blogging isn’t getting anywhere. It is time to act before it is too late. AMERICAN’S UNITE! Let’s stop these idiots in Washington before they get too far. This country was founded on Christian Beliefs by God fearing Men. It is time to go back to our roots, and Obama to be sent to Kenya where he belongs. He is Un American, and will be a Permanent Blemish on our Freedoms. Now, we have Freedom of Speech and Religion. Eventually that will be gone unless we can get together and act.

    If you are asking yourself, “what can we do, we can’t fight this government” Tell that to the Brave Men and Women of the Revolutionary War. They fought an overbearing government and won. Are we going to just sit by and wring our hands and say ‘Oh dear me’? Lets act now!!!!

  • T Black

    Yes! You are all right. Let’s do the right thing … take up guns, march on Washington DC, shoot everyone who stands in our way. That is what logic dictates! Let’s impeach a man for doing no worse than the idiots in office before him! No one seemed to be ok with impeaching him for lying, cheating, or stealing. 2005 – Republicans controlled 2/3 of the major houses of government, put the blame where it is due – both parties.

    You want rebellion? You want change? Then fucking do it the right way. Start in your communities – do what is right for them. Not your bible. Not your pocketbook. Do what is RIGHT for your children. Improve your communities, your states. Volunteer … and, if you can do better, run for office. Don’t be an armchair QB like the majority of America. “Oh I didn’t vote for him … blah blah blah” – you sound like a whiny child not getting its way. Boo hoo, boo hoo. McCain/Palin? – Gods help us if that ticket would have control of the Executive Branch.
    You want to make a change? You have to start where our founders did – locally. And you better be willing to be patient. True revolution doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it ever successful when led by militants.
    Good luck kids, I’ll be watching the news lines for reports on you.

  • M. Bartulis

    I’m with you Mike……However a 2 or 3 million man
    march on Washington D.C. is more likely to possibly scare the living daylights out of the politicians. We need a HUGE mobile Tea Party to hit the Streets of Washington D.C. Chances are your leaders would put a halt to it before you got within 10 miles of the Capitol.
    Of course, people, like some scatter-brained nut out there, would call for guns and anarchy. That person might suggest that a good start would be at the local level. That nut could never be so WRONG. That kind of activity would only get you 20 to life at the Gray Bar Hotel.
    The George Bush blame game has gone on far too long. What is in the past is in the past. Let us not forget that Goerge Bush was a Republican President. That being said, let’s not forget the facts of the 110th Congress. The House of Representatives held a Democratic majority. The House of Representatves is responsible for appropriating funds (Money). The Senate also held a Democratic majority and the Senate is responsible for enacting laws. Since the presidet, whomever he/she might be does not have the power to do either.
    So all you bush haters should just sit down, be quiet and spend a little time reflecting on how Congress has put the screws to all of us.
    We are dealing with our future and the future of our children and their children too.
    We can all put an end to this madness and the ongoing power grab by our suppossed leaders. Let’s
    not re-elect any of the members of congress who’s terms are up in 2011. The mid-term elections are on November of 2010 and we should all vote the incumbants out of office. Let’s really think about the people we vote into office. The MTV mentality has got to end and we need to think about the long term effects of what happens when we are in the voting booth and put an X after the name of someone wanting to represent us in Washington D.C. Think about it. No sarcasm intended, none expected. Keep in mind, the elected people in Washington D.C. are merely civil servants, regardless of their title. They’re just like those people you see working in any government office like the D.M.V. or the Welfare Office.

  • Senate Whip

    Barney Frank. Enough said.

  • Mike

    To those in defense of the GWB administration, maybe it would be better understood in light of the fact that they eroded the checks and balances of government in a way that had NEVER been seen before. Prior to it, in the modern era, the Nixon administration held top (dis)honor in the category, but what we witnessed under GWB was previously unimaginable to political historians… and by the time they were done, then next guy to walk in literally could have done anything (like say take over a few major American corporations unquestioned). They authorized surveillance programs against our own people, and had the justice department specifically intimidate journalist who reported about these erosions (by claiming national security)… and possible the scariest part: look up the term “extraordinary rendition” and start to understand that it is NOT supported by our laws to take people from their homes around the world, put them in secretive torture facilities, and hold them indefinitely without making formal charges. (Oh yeah… we don’t talk about the torture happening at rendition facilities found around Eastern Europe despite the fact that the international court in the Hague has multiple times sought to bring charges against the US over them). In multiple cases, the “legal counsel” assigned to these people has come out to say that they clearly believe their clients were falsely identified… sounds like the very gulags that we used to define ourselves morally opposed to—and not like the American justice our forefathers had in mind when they wrote the bill of rights (see 6th amendment if you need a reminder of what necessary processes must be afforded in ALL criminal proceedings). If this happened to you, you’d likely be plotting against this country even if you had NO interests in doing so before. The administration jeopardized the safety and authority of this country through illegal means, and we are supposed to let bygones be bygones (so the next time an absolute lunatic gets into office, there is a clear roadmap of how to subvert Executive authority without fear of legal repercussions [remember, we held Nixon responsible for his actions and despite a pardon, acknowledged his behavior as criminal]).
    They apparently duped enough of you into thinking these things are merely differences in the methodologies of political parties—how to “get the job done”—and as a result lunatics are still defending these actions. What happened during the 8 years of the Bush administration is not comparably to the debatably outcome of a completely legal and accounted for stimulus plan (conjure up the past 8 years of war spending done off the books to get what subversively contrasts that)… there were breaches of constitutional and international law taking place by the administration on a regular basis, veiled in secrecy, and (almost) covered up by threatening overtures made by the administration when any one asked questions. (You realize that despite the fact that Dick Cheney leaked the identity of a CIA agent, it was the reporter who reported on the story that went to prison). At least the new administration won’t put you in prison for asking what they’re doing. Wake up! There are differences in responding to pressing issue within the letter of the law, and totally disregarding the law to grant yourself greater power, and to make your friends in the war complex rich. The deregulation we saw under Bush allowed for practically all of media to be owned by one provider (namely Clear Channel), and contracts in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to go to companies like KBR and Halliburton without a bidding process—because these people are family friends and former partners of the two men sitting at the top during the whole thing. How much more obvious would the selling off of our country have to be for those of you defending these things to see it? I guess you guys are the P.A.T.R.I.O.T.s… and I am just not acting like one by saying all of this. I’m sorry but I think the US Constitution was already Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism long before the congress and the American people were duped into this total land grab. When laws are overtly broken by citizens, those citizens are charged and held accountable… why should we turn a blind eye to the crimes of an administration given that the repercussions have been so great? I’m only biased towards the new guys because they haven’t started breaking laws yet… if they change their game, and start to do so, than I will demand the same. This is not about Party, this is about having our freedoms eroded and being asked to thank these idiots for a job incomprehensibly badly done. No thanks.
    You can kick them all out, but don’t automatically assume that the Republican Party, that is completely incompetent at this moment in political history, is going to automatically fill the vacuum with fresh ideas… their ideas are tired… they need to go back to the drawing board… and learn something about humility… you can’t ask to steer the ship, then drive it into the ground, and assume we’ll all magically forget (and not revoke your license). Republicans had their chance (and the majority of overall power for the last 30 years)… a lot of good that did anyone (other than the top 2% of the country). I’m ready for a government that literally builds bridges, and not one that argues over the costs savings of having some largely unaccountable corporation take the task over so that it can be done unsafely. Government needs to do the stuff that individually cannot be done. In my opinion turning that responsibility over to corporations is absurd given that profit is a poor way to incentivize conscionable development. We not only sell these responsibilities to corporations… we’ve been arguing to congress to not have them be accountable in the process, so that they are indemnified if the efforts to cut all possible costs they screw up and lives are lost. What do we need with a government that won’t provide us vital services? If we wanted to live in the land of half-ass, we might as well hire Arbusto, err make that, Harken Energy executives to run the place. Oh wait… yeah we did that. This is America, not the United Corporations of America. We should stop letting these greedy people co-opt everything. Again, declare independence from the system that readily sells your interests to make a buck, and start demanding that these people follow the law in screwing you… they’re always going to screw us, but at least the law is something we all agree too… when they can do it anyway they feel like there is no limit to the madness that follows.