Barbara Boxer is the One Who Needs the Etiquette Lessons

This behavior on the part of Barbara Boxer* would be appalling if the comments were directed at a regular citizen at a town hall meeting much less a decorated general in a Senate hearing! She “worked so hard” to earn this title? What did she have to do to “earn” this title vs. what General Walsh had to do to earn his?

This woman isn’t even worthy of shining the general’s shoes. What a bitch.

*Notice I didn’t refer to her as Senator Boxer. I’m almost certain to be added to the terrorist watch list if I haven’t been already.

  • RichieRich

    Anyone that has served at least one day in the military recognizes that the use of Sir and Ma’am is a sign of respect. She owes the General an apology. If her concern for this country was on par with her perceived self importance, we might get some work out of Congress.
    What a hack.

  • Kendrick A. Hall

    I am not an Officer or a Gentlemen, I am a enlisted man and I will call her a BITCH.

  • R. Eldridge

    Senator?? You’re a disgrace to the United States

  • Stephen Gordon

    Quoth Cartman:

    Monday she’s a bitch,
    on Tuesday she’s a bitch,
    on Wednesday to Saturday, she’s a bitch,
    then on Sunday, just to be different,
    she’s a super, king, kameha-meha biatch!

  • Bitch

    I’m deeply offended. You’ve insulted us bitches by comparing us to Barbara Boxer.

  • Stephen Littau

    lmao @ Gordo. Cartman kicks ass!

  • John Schipsi

    Hey, Babs Boxer, why don’t you GFY! You are a self-absorbed and self-important bitch. how I would have loved it if the General had continued calling her “maam”. The General is a much better man than I!
    Oh, maybe you should brush that mop that tops your head and put on a little makeup. BITCH!!!!

  • Stephen Gordon

    1) After 11 years in the Army, I’ll state beyond any shadow of any doubt that it’s proper military protocol to refer to a superior as ma’am or sir.

    2) When I deal with a congresscritter, I generally call them by their congressional title in my first sentence to ensure that I acknowledge their position, then I’ll mostly use sir or ma’am through the rest of the conversation.

    3) Cartman does indeed kick ass. :)

  • Quincy

    One day years ago, Barbara Boxer was in the same jury pool I was. You know the drill… you sit in the room waiting and waiting for a trial to come up. Well, in the three hours we waited, she spoke to *no one*. And her attitude couldn’t be clearer–we were beneath her contempt, let alone her attention. This doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  • Stephen Gordon


    That’s interesting. Was she actually placed on jury duty and (if so) was she elected foreman?

  • Stephen Gordon

    The comments about Boxer on Twitter have been pretty funny. I just logged a bunch of them here.

  • Quincy

    Stephen –

    She was conspicuously absent when we were moved from the jury pool to a courtroom.