Or Else We Will Be Very, Very Angry With You!

Apparently the UN has said it has the right to stop any North Korean ship suspected of smuggling arms. Or, not really… We have the right to ASK them to stop. And if they don’t stop, they will be in deep trouble with the UN. How deep? They might be angry and write a letter pass a resolution!

Caution: Language NSFW

As Bruce from QandO asks:

Reading this carefully, it seems the UN has authorized them to “query” a NoKo ship and ask to inspect it. NoKo can say “no”. If NoKo says no, we can demand they go to the nearest port for inspection. But again, all the NoKo ship has to do is say “no” and that ends it. Result: Strong report sent to UN. Sounds more like punishment for those who have to fill out the report to the UN than NoKo.

Where else in the universe are such steps considered “tough” besides the UN?

So you’re on notice, Kim Jong Il. Instruct your ships to stop when asked. If you don’t, we will be very, very angry with you.

  • Wally

    So the UN is a joke in this matter. What’s so surprising? They’re the biggest standing joke in the world; they’re right up there with the French and Italian armies in backbone.

  • Peter

    The UN has very little actual power, and that is the way I would like to keep it. Power should be vested as locally as possible, with the ultimate locality, the individual having the most say in things. The UN is crawling with socialistic liberals who would cause havok if given any power.