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The Sheriff whose deputies raided Berwyn Heights, MD mayor Cheye Calvo’s house predictably doesn’t think they did anything wrong. He said a lot of pretty despicable things in that article, but this one really bothers me:

“I’m sorry for the loss of their family pets,” Jackson said. “But this is the unfortunate result of the scourge of drugs in our community. Lost in this whole incident was the criminal element. . . . In the sense that we kept these drugs from reaching our streets, this operation was a success.”

What criminal element? The mayor? His wife? His elderly mother-in-law? The two labrador retrievers they shot?

Did they suspect Calvo was a drug-runner? Obviously not, because they ALREADY knew the drugs were intended (from an on-going investigation) for a false drop.

If there’s a criminal element, don’t you think it might be the guys, dressed in black, who busted down the door of a law-abiding citizen, terrorized his family, and shot his dogs? All without even a cursory investigation to see if they’d done anything wrong other than having their own address on a package that even the cops weren’t sure was intended for them?

This isn’t the result of the scourge of drugs or the criminal element. This is the result of shoddy police work. This Sheriff should be ashamed of his wanton disregard for logic and humanity.

  • http://www.atlasblogged.com Wulf

    One of the benefits of working in law enforcement is that whenever something goes wrong, you can blame the criminals. After all, if it weren’t for criminals, there wouldn’t be cops in the first place, so there wouldn’t be any bungled police operations. Right?

    It’s sick (but really not surprising) than even in a case like this one, the cops can’t just man up and take responsibility for what they’ve done.

  • http://qwertyaltofuori.blogspot.com Red

    Sounds like some cops trying to cover their a’s and taking it out on the Mayor. I smell a cover up.

  • Conan

    WHAT’S NEW?!?! A bunch of trigger happy cops who’s education level is high school, at best, make a poor decision! WOW! I just completed my Masters in Criminal Justice and diving into my CJ PhD and I continuously hold true to my guns that police with higher education make a better police force. I plan on being in law enforcement after military retirement. 2 labs were shot? Not Pittbulls…LABS! Ridiculous. They didn’t know the Mayer lived there? What kind of Hokey-pokey back-woods investigation was this? Unfortunately, those cops and most like them across America, are the same people cruising around in their pick-up, drunk, at night, spotlighting raccoons. Law enforcement personnel should be required to have an Associates and be working on their Bachelors at time of hire and these ridiculous incidents where common sense was not used will cease. People say that Mexican and Russian police are idiots, Jeez, we got it right here in the home of the brave.

  • Peter

    Perhaps they should just teach more common sense in high school?

  • Larry Sheldon

    “This Sheriff should be ashamed…”

    This sheriff should be in court on felony charges.

  • John222

    Unfortunately law enforcement officials are rarely prosecuted for their mistakes. Due to the war on (some) drugs these types of incidents abound. Next on the list, Cheerio’s http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/jun/21/uh-oh-cheerios/
    Apparently the claims of lowering cholesterol have upset some pharmaceutical companies who feel they cannot compete in the market and so must use force to prevent Cheerio’s from telling the truth about their product.