I have to give the man some credit

I happen to live in Arizonas 5th congressional district; and am currently represented in the house by Harry Mitchell.

Congressman Mitchell and I disagree about a lot of things. Abortion, social security and government health care, school choice and education policy, many economic issues, government intervention and regulations in general, and the overall wisdom of his party leadership and the DNC…

However, I have to give the man some credit. He has generally been good on energy policy, and on guns since he came to congress (as a local politician his record on guns was mixed). He was also against the auto industry bailout, against TARP, and especially against the unconstitutional TARP bonus tax. He’s even reasonable on national security issues, and veterans affairs.

I believe he has ably represented the interests of his district within the congress; and bucked the leadership when he thought it was best for the district (if perhaps not bucking them enough outside of issues of direct interest to the district).

Today, he voted against his leadership; choosing to vote for the greater good of Arizona, and of the nation; against the Waxman cap and trade bill.

Unfortunately, we all lost in that vote; but senate leaders are already saying it’s dead on their floor… so we’ll see.

Last week, and again this morning, I urged congressman Mitchell by telephone to both his offices, and by email, to vote against the bill; as it was against the interest of both the district, and the nation. This evening, having found out how he voted, and reading his statement on the issue, I called to thank him.

We may disagree with our elected representatives, we may have voted for the other guy, we may think they are the wrong person to be in that chair; but once they are there, they are OUR representatives. The peoples representatives.

Letting them know how you feel about something, how important it is to you, what benefit or harm it will do you personally; it works. It may not seem so much of the time, but most congressmen really do care about what the people of their districts think; if for no other reason that it improves their chances for reelection.

So participate. Let them know. After all, it can’t hurt; and it just might make a difference.

I am a cynically romantic optimistic pessimist. I am neither liberal, nor conservative. I am a (somewhat disgruntled) muscular minarchist… something like a constructive anarchist.

Basically what that means, is that I believe, all things being equal, responsible adults should be able to do whatever the hell they want to do, so long as nobody’s getting hurt, who isn’t paying extra

  • http://azsonsofliberty.blogspot.com/ James

    I agree! Just sent him a ‘thank you’ fax.

  • Hampden

    I agree, I called his office and left a message thanking him for that vote as well.

  • Linda

    I’m looking for an organization of people to march on the Capitol and demand our country back. Phone calls and faxes don’t seem to be accomplishing what we need. It’s not only Obama’s power grabs and decimation of our economy, it’s Congress’ agenda (led by Pelosoi) to punish the Republicans by spending so much money that there will be nothing left for a future Republican administration. If something doesn’t change really fast, we’re headed to a collapse of our dollar and another Weimar Republic. I don’t think an enemy nation could have designed a plan to devastate our economy and take over our individual liberties any faster than Obama has done in less than 6 months. If anybody knows of plans to organize a march on the Capitol, please post it here. We need at least 3M people to be effective.

  • http://anothercitizenagainstfascism.blogspot.com Kathryn Rebecca

    Despite my request not to, my Congressman (who I will not be voting for next election) voted for 2454. Even with that outcome, though, I still felt empowered contacting him and telling him how I felt; afterward, I was so inspired, I called lots of people to urge them to contact their own Congresspeople to vote no. This is why we elect people to Congress and the Senate- they need to be held accountable to the people. And when they are doing a poor job, they need to hear it on election day. Yea for democracy*!

    *Well, the semblance that we have.