Independence 1776. Independence 201x?

From the time of 1765 forward, the American people, in fits and starts, began moving closer and closer to breaking ties with Britain and declaring independence. They grew increasingly angry at being dragged into [or paying for] the wars of the Crown. The King had largely held a hands-off approach with the colonies, who largely learned the self-governance necessary to carve a new nation out of wilderness. As the colonies became more prosperous, though, the King saw potential. He saw the potential to tax them as Englishmen but without giving them the full rights and representation of those in the home country. He tried to impose English hands-on governance upon a people who had learned to exist without such meddling. And this meddling was NOT appreciated.

We focus, and rightly so, a lot of energy and time on the Declaration of Independence and July 4, 1776. It is the watershed moment in our rise from loosely-joined colonies into a nation. But there’s more to the story.

For those who view today’s America as the culmination of the vision of the founders, it is right to view Independence Day as a day of remembrance of things past. For those of us who consider our current government (being the establishment since the New Deal and only accelerated by GWB and BHO) to be antithetical to the ideals that founded this nation and still rest latent within its people, it’s instructive to look at this from a far wider perspective.

July 4, 1776, and the Declaration of Independence, was one of the most important steps in the American Revolution. But it was only a step, and that step was squarely in the middle of the game, not the beginning. In fact, it occurred over a year after armed hostilities erupted at Lexington and Concord, and the Battle of Bunker Hill took place the prior month. In terms of our nation, the Declaration of Independence is important because it marks the point at which our hostilities against the British became a struggle for independence, rather than a struggle for reparation. But in terms of the history of the struggle, the stage was truly set over the course of the prior decade.

There is not enough space to delve deeply into the history here. For reference, I heartily recommend A Leap In The Dark by John Ferling, and The Ideological Origins of The American Revolution by Bernard Bailyn. To summarize, one of the watershed moments of the lead-up was the Stamp Act of 1765. This was a tax on most paper products in use at the time, and it was a very visible and direct tax. It hit many colonists close to home, and was a new tax to these shores. The tax ignited protests a decade in advance of actual hostilities. For many, these protests were some of their first concrete actions in opposition to policies of their government.

But it was just a tax. Americans at the time considered it a piece of bad policy foisted upon them by the King, and when the King rescinded the tax, things simmered down. There had not yet developed an adversarial relationship between the colonists and the Crown. Over the next decade, though, a King who wanted to claim control over the colonies engaged in consistent escalation of his taxation and attempts to rein in what he considered improper actions of “his subjects”.

Throughout this decade, independence was never a foregone conclusion. Many in the colonies were not opposed to British rule, they simply wanted a hand in direction of that rule. Most people in the colonies viewed themselves as Englishmen first, citizens of their colony second, and Americans third. There was a very strong emotional connection to the Crown and to the people — many of them family — of the home country. The path to Independence was a jerking motion as the Crown bullied the populace, the populace resented the Crown, and all through that time voices towards independence helped frame the debate.

Samuel Adams was one of those key voices early on. In 1765, he was already advocating against Britain and — although difficult to speak out publicly for Independence — it is clear that he saw an American rift with Britain coming in the future. During the ensuing decade, Samuel Adams was a key instigator and key voice in framing the debate for Independence. He was instrumental during the “quiet period” of 1770-73, when the British somewhat reduced their acts of encroachment on the colonies. During this time, as anti-British sentiment waned, Samuel Adams was the key voice keeping the narrative of colonies vs. Crown in the minds of the people. It was never ONLY what the Crown did that led to independence; it was the voices of the rabble-rousers who saw the end game of subjugation to the crown who brought it to bear.

How did they bring it to bear? They changed the perception of the people. Prior to the Stamp Act, most colonists thought of themselves as Englishmen and saw the Crown as their legitimate government. Over that decade leading to July 4, 1776, that perception changed. The colonists increasingly saw the Crown as an arbitrary government willing to completely abrogate their rights in order to achieve its own ends. It saw the Crown treating the colonists in ways they believed it would never treat a true Englishman. They, as a people, ceased to give the government their consent.

This was a decade-long (and possibly extending farther back) effort. Few at the days of the first Stamp Act protests were likely envisioning a war of Independence brewing. Few are today.

In 2005, the Supreme Court found in Kelo that Americans could have their homes seized, at will, for nearly anything a local government claimed a “public use”, including handing it to developers who will build private-use structures. This hits every American in their homes. It makes every American understand that the whim of the government can take their highest-value, most cherished possession and give it to someone they think will make better use of it.

Since 2005, the United States Government has engaged in domestic wiretapping programs without judicial oversight, proving that the United States Government can listen in on your phone calls at the discretion of any civil-service bureaucrat who deems it necessary. It has created a terrorist watch-list of over 1,000,000 names, without any clear discussion of who is on that list, why, or how to have your name removed. If you’re on that list, you can expect to be hassled endlessly if you choose to engage in mundane civil activities such as air travel. During that time, it was learned that the United States Government has been engaged in “enhanced interrogation techniques” that — whether they’re technically defined torture or not — curl your hair to think about. Waterboarding is one that likely doesn’t sound as bad as it feels, but I defy anyone to support a government who engages in crucifixion.

In late 2008, in the midst of a financial crisis unlike any we’ve seen since the Depression, the United States Government decided that it could take $700B and simply hand it out to banks — more accurately, force banks to take it — and don’t have any real duty to the public regarding oversight of those funds. In the same time, the Federal Reserve and United States Treasury have either used or promised guarantees to over $14T in assets — larger than the GDP of the nation.

Since the election of Barack Obama, the United States Government passed a $787B stimulus bill not supported by a majority of Americans. The United States Government has de facto nationalized and illegally bankrupted two domestic automakers, rewriting the rules of bankruptcy in order to give out sweetheart deals to unions and the government. Most recently, the House Of Representatives has passed an enormous 1200-page Cap and Trade proposal (hidden tax) that included a 300-page amendment added only hours before the final vote. To believe that our “representatives” actually read this bill or its amendment is laughable. It is likely that over the next several months, the United States Government will pass a bill speeding us down the road to the nationalization of the healthcare industry, and to pay for it, enact a VAT to give them yet another revenue stream to extract the fruits of our labor.

Throughout all this time, the United States Government pays lip service to the Constitution, but routinely acts contrary to both its letter and its spirit at every turn. It is therefore defying even its own supreme blueprint.

If the United States Government is willing to act against the will of Americans, and if our “representatives” are willing to pass bills that they cannot and have not read — bills often giving law-making ability to unelected bureaucracies like the EPA, how can we really believe that we are a representative democracy? If the United States Government engages in barbaric acts such as crucifixion, how can we support it? If we have truly reached, as I believe, a point where our government views us not as citizens but as subjects, we must denounce the United States Government as illegitimate.

On this anniversary of the date of American Independence, it is right to celebrate. It is right to remember the valiant and principled action of the Founding Fathers to take on the world’s great superpower and assert their rights — many lost their lives in the effort. We have a nation worth celebrating.

But in remembrance of those who we are celebrating, it is important to understand their significance in a historic context (again, see the books recommended above). It is important to remember that the principles they are fighting for are again in peril. And it important to realize that in order for those principles to be recovered, we must tirelessly call the United States Government for what it is — illegitimate.

The time between the Stamp Act and the Treaty of Paris was 18 years. Between the Stamp Act and the Declaration of Independence, it was only the efforts of those who were willing to call the actions of their government deplorable that ensured that the yoke of that government would be lifted. It is now time for those of us who love our country and despise the United States Government to stand up and do the same. The American people are an industrious people, and often have little time to devote to paying attention to the actions of our government. They have a media more focused on the daily lives of TV celebrities than the outcome of legislation that will affect everyone’s daily life. They have been educated quite literally by the state to see the United States Government as a trusted friend and helpful assistant. This must change, and it is the work of those of us who believe in liberty to keep the fires stoked and educate them to the truth. This is not going to be a small job, and won’t happen quickly. But if we do not continually work towards this goal, we are resigning ourselves to a future led by a government by the power brokers, of the power brokers, and for the power brokers.

Today is a remembrance of America’s Independence Day. It is also a day to remember that committed citizens, in the cause of freedom, can break the chains of the greatest superpower seen on earth and claim their rightful liberty. It is a day to remember and celebrate those who did it before, but it’s also a day to steel yourself — there’s work to be done again.

UPDATE: Welcome readers from Let A Thousand Nations Bloom, and of course the many thousands arriving from Google News.

UPDATE 2: Welcome Carolina Sons Of Liberty readers!

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  • Michael Horner

    Great article….we need more just like this.

  • Rmoen

    Thanks for the reminder that we live in a nation where voters are supposed to call the shots. I’m a Democrat who doesn’t support cap and trade. I think the House overplayed its hand when it passed this legislation. I read editorials, comments and letters-to-the-editor from all over the nation. They are against cap and trade by at least 4-to-1. The Senate will be wise to heed the overwhelming lack of public support and stop this disastrous legislation from passing into law.

    — Robert Moen,

  • John Roberts

    I agree with the points made in your article but I think that you fall short in listing the threats to our liberty. The Neo Cons, the military industrial complex and humanism just to name a few. I encourage you to continue the fight but please don’t be polarized in your view of the threats that our nation faces.

  • Daniel

    HAHAHA. Okay, wow. Nothing like a little over-the-top anti-government rant to get my day going.

    The guy has been president for less than six months, and people like you bitch and complain that everything that took us down this road for the past 30 years isn’t fixed yet. I guarantee, calling for another goddamn revolution ISN’T going to get it done. The government has napalm and ballistic missiles. Go ahead and try to stage a revolution if you like, I’ll enjoy the show. I’m sure it will be entertaining.

    I’ll keep doing what we Americans *should* be doing – telling our representatives what our desires are and electing those that actually work to make the country just a little bit better.

    But by all means, go pick up a gun and start the revolution… that *is* what you’re advocating, right? All the thinly veiled references are really a call to action… right?

  • Mike

    Totally agree… GWB absolutely drove this country into the ground with outrageous expansion of government and by having countless areas of previously regulated practices relaxed and turned over to corporations to follow on good faith… we practically saw the entire country sold in those 8 years, and all environmental protections erroded. It will take some time to get regulation back in place and the powers of government to be balanced one again. I think the creation of the Federal Reserve is also a watershed moment in the selling off of this country and in allowing specialized interests to run the place without representative authority or oversight allowed by the People. The greed of this country’s wealthiest top 2% must be put in check or we will one day have 0 representation in the body making decisions for the country… truly as scary as fanatics like you who blog about quasi-historical facts in an effort to askew the logic progression of a society evolving in modern times. All told the Declaraiotn of Independance spells out that government should provide the fundamental services that individuals cannot bring about themselves. Britain was not doing this, so we stopped paying in… What is in place now is a place that we pay into only to have the money given to a wealthy few corporate interests. Stop no bid government contracts, introduce meaningful campaign reform, and regulate any industry or market that has the possibility to take down the entire country when greed is left unchecked. And if you want to keep the government out of the same trap, make sure that the 3 branches actually maintain the original balance of powers, and don’t let one branch (namely the Executive) take over half of the powers of the other two under the auspices of a war (on terror). The constitution didn’t need to be rewritten or subverted during the first half dozen threats to its peoples interests it survived through… don’t let anyone try to say that there is a new enemy that requires you to give up your freedoms, unless of course you understand that enemy is the person telling you that. Happy freedom (independence) day!

  • Randy Hughes-King

    The revolution being called for is one of advocacy for our rights, and for accountability in the government. The guns are not mentioned, and so are not an option. Violence should only be take from this article if violence is specifically called for. Don’t be so gun ready Daniel. The action called for is to speak for ourselves and elect competent people. The action required is not to re-elect Pelosi, and Reid, and Kennedy, and Snowe, and a whole bunch of them who have had their chance to screw things up. We got rid of Bush, but the same people who screwed the past two years up are still in the offices at the House and Senate and the action is to make them accountable or replace them with someone who knows who they really serve.

  • Joe

    If you’re into protecting private property, you need government more than anyone else does. Your taxes pay for that protection. But clearly you have this naive belief that overthrowing the government and causing chaos would be a great way to secure your property. Think again.

  • mcchip101

    The author rightly points the Governments push through of the Chrysler Bankruptcy. But our author failsto acknowledge the unrestrained gifts to those banks and hedge funds that BET on our souring economy. Why single out Unions? It is clear that the author is victim of Confirmation Bias. Why don’t we follow this chain of events back to their genesis. The Nixon administration began the liberalization of American Economic policy and every administration thereafter de-regulated the banks in orfer that each Presidency would experience an economic bubble.

  • Randy Hughes-King

    Mike, lets address your mistakes. George W Bush created the largest environmental protection zone for oceans in history. The regulation that allowed sub-prime mortgages to exist, the repealing of the Glass-Steagall Act, was under Bill Clinton. The balancing of the powers of government could be done by Obama, however he places in the Czars who are accountable to only Obama, not required to testify to Congress, and are given trillions of dollars to manage, and are not chosen by the American people. The Constitution, all told, spells out the limitations of government and its purpose, and that is to provide national defense, not healthcare. I suggest a weekend reading of it, good read. You may learn something. The reason we protested Britain was because we did not have a representative vote in the British parlaiment when the taxes were voted in. Thus the phrase: No taxation without representation. No bid government contracts, I agree. Campaign reform, McCain followed the campaign reform and Obama didn’t. Look it up who took the public funding against campaign reform laws, after promising to follow the campaign reform. The industries regulation, if the currently existing regulatory authorities had done their job Madoff’s greed would have been stopped and the mortgage-backed securities would not have been allowed to be insured by more than the owner by AIG.As for the Constitution being subverted, history has proven you wrong. Habeas Corpus was taken away by Abraham Lincoln, and any protests against WW1 were made illegal thus removing freedom of speech.

  • Thomas Paine

    In reference to Daniel’s comment above: I don’t believe anyone is saying take up arms against our heavily armed government (but isn’t that what our forefathers did against the British empire, which allows you to state your post so freely?). However, voicing your opinion to your elected representatives or electing that minority of people that actually want to do the right thing and not be swayed by special interest groups or corporate and union strong-arming, doesn’t seem to be very effective recently, does it? And the writer isn’t blaming Obama for not fixing things yet – just perpetuating the further destruction of American by previous administration’s poor policy decisions (and current policy decisions), intelligence gathering and overall general incompetence and willingness to bend to the pandering of those with the biggest checkbook. A little Common Sense is probably in order for America right about now…

  • smerritt

    Spot on, Daniel. And on a more superficial note, what’s with the correlation of waterboarding (torture) with crucifixion??? One was used to murder public figures in a symbolic way to squash dissidents; the other was used secretly to retrieve fabricated information from accused terrorists. The use of the word “crucifixion” has been inserted in this commentary exclusively for shock value, and possibly to reach a particular base that jumps at such propaganda. How shallow of the author to stoop to the level of the Limbots and Fixed News audiences of America. And how irresponsible for him to suggest to these deranged (obviously) target audiences that they should be taking up arms against their own country. Sadly, I’m sure that was his intent. Look for more lone wolves in the news thanks to this “patriot”.

  • Sue R

    This country has lost its morals, and family values.
    We need to get that back. As for the current government, to put it bluntly it sucks. We need to get the wannabe commies out of there.

  • Rmoen

    I’m a Democrat who doesn’t support cap and trade. I think the House overplayed its hand when it passed this legislation. I read editorials, comments and letters-to-the-editor from all over the nation. They are against cap and trade by at least 4-to-1. The Senate will be wise to heed the overwhelming lack of public support and stop this disastrous legislation from passing into law.

    — Robert Moen,

  • Randy Hughes-King

    Overthrowing the government is not called for in the article. The article focuses on the years before the overthrow, the peaceful years that tried to reform Britain’s policy towards the colonies. We are not colonies, but injustices are occuring and the article calls for peaceful reform as the revolution. Revolutions are not always violent, take the Industrial Revolution, Rose Revolution as examples.

  • bill

    This article stinks . Reeks of RNC lopsidedness .Why all the BS, just cut to the quick. They, the insurer’s are running scared.Righteously so, after many years of crapping up health care insurance.
    Now , just how are they going to make nice? Too late!
    Adios to all the non coverages, formularies, pre existing conditions, in house dr.’s, other fine print and unknown’s.

  • PulSamsara

    Independence Day for Ashamed Republicans – err ummm Libritarians… yeah that’s the badge we’re hiding behind these days, right.

    Happy Red-Neck Independence Day ! What day are you going to hold it on Tea Baggers ? April 1st ?

  • Randy Hughes-King

    Isn’t civilized debate and discussion the hallmarks of democracy? The two previous posts consist of nothing but insults and “adjective defenses” that lack facts to support their points.

  • John Bryans Fontaine

    What we need is independence from the strangle-hold of corporate control on our government, especially through powerful corporate special interest lobbies.

  • Randy Hughes-King

    What about the non-corporate lobbiest? The largest of which is ACORN.

  • Le Mystique

    A very well-written article. A real independence for American would be good news for us in Pakistan too. Many of the folks back in Pakistan and other places are fans of Ron Paul. We don’t mean to put all blame on USA for whatever is going wrong in our country but it is indeed one of the main reasons for a burning South Asia with drones and jets killing 50-100 civilians in the pursuit of 1-2 Al-Qaeda/Taleban leaders.

  • Randy Hughes-King

    What, Le Mystique, is your opinion of the suicide bombers who killed 50-100 people weekly at various hotels and marketplaces across Pakistan?

  • Daniel

    “This country has lost its morals, and family values.
    We need to get that back. As for the current government, to put it bluntly it sucks. We need to get the wannabe commies out of there.”

    1. The “wannabe commies” were in the do-nothing minority while the good ol’ red-blooded god-blessed conservatives – your type of people – ran the country into the ground for the last 8 years.

    2. The era in which you think we had “family values” and the types of morals that you believe in never took place. We were a nation of slave owners, then we killed each other over whether or not to keep them. We kept women down, unable to vote, treated them as second class citizens until the 1960’s. Right after they fought for their rights, we had the counter-culture and cultural revolutions of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. So tell me, when the hell was it that your so-called morality and family values were the norm? And when did we lose them? June Cleaver was a TV mom, she never existed in real life.

  • Brad Warbiany


    I’m not arguing for armed insurrection. I believe the government to be illegitimate, but those who believe what I do are in the extreme minority. I am advocating that those like me reach out to others and convince them of the same. I’m also not blaming Barack Obama for not fixing everything in the last few months. I’m blaming him for doing everything in his power to make it worse. As you may [not] have read, I point out that I consider this to be the result of a long strain of changes going back to the New Deal.


    You’re halfway there. You see the corporatist mentality of the government. Once you realize that Barack Obama and the current Democratic Congress aren’t going to fix it like you’d hope (and probably make it worse), you might finally come around to losing faith in the operation entirely.


    Did the government stop Kelo? Does the government not take about 30-40% of the national income (fed, state, local)? Is the government’s prosecution of the drug war — they’ll seize every bit of property you have if they suspect you something, then make you prove the negative (that you’re not a dealer) to get it back? Even so, though, we don’t need a government of the size we have to protect property. You can shrink the government by 80-90% and it’d still be able to fulfill that need — if it actually cared to, which it currently does not.


    I pointed out the $700B given (or forced onto) banks in the TARP program, a few paragraphs above discussion of the automaker bankruptcy. Believe me (and if you search the archives here), I was opposed to that.


    The word crucifixion above is a link. Clicking that (and one more) takes you to this article in the New Yorker. In that article it describes an inmate at Abu Ghraib that died of asphyxiation in a way completely consistent with crucifixion. I’m charging that your government quite literally crucified someone. If that charge is true, would you support them?

  • Rxmaster

    Amazing… you dolts continue to hammer Bush over increased size of the government, yet whine about decreased regulation. You can’t have it both ways. Either he increased the size of the government or he deregulated. Deregulation is a decrease in government interference in a market. get you story straight. As far as Saint Obama goes, I have seen nothing in sixth months other than massive power grabs (nationalization of auto industry, Cap and Trade, Future public option health care) and exorbitant spending (stimulus). Please wake me when Obama has done something that Bush didn’t do, Clinton didn’t do, or any other president for the last 80 years hasn’t done. I’ll get nailed for saying it, but the worst thing the American public did was elect Roosevelt president. He laid the groundwork for the destruction of this country with his unconstitutional programs, his attempt at stacking the supreme court, social security. Don’t give me he got us through the great depression crap…the depression continued and even worsened under Roosevelt. It wasn’t until 1941 that the US found a way out, and even at the end of the war, it took a few years for the big boom to finally hit.

  • Randy Hughes-King

    Brad, Abu Ghraib was not the work of an order by our government. It was the actions of human beings being human beings. They indulged in the barbarism that we came from millenia ago, and tortured those prisoners. They were not doing it as Americans, but as savages.

  • Aaron

    More like The Republican Papers. None of these things were an issue until the last six months. It all smacks of sour grapes, which is why most of America continues to laugh at Tea Parties and the like. It all lacks non-partisan credibility.

    We’ve had taxation without representation for so long that it’s frightening. I’m a reporter, trust me, I see it all the time. A local school board here just voted for a millage increase. The state gave the boards this power for a “special millage” without having to have a public vote. It happens every where, all the time.

    Regarding many of these comments – one side versus the other – they’re both a joke.

    Aren’t we in a war right now that had NOTHING to do with 9/11, yet we were all sold a bill of goods back in March 2003 about it. And HE’s the one who STARTED the bailouts that put us in this trillion dollar nightmare.

    And yes, Clinton not only ruined the stock markets, but the radio industry… just to name a few.

    And with Obama, to paraphrase Bill Mahr, he’s kind of like the maid who has to clean up the room the night after Led Zeppelin stayed there.

    So suddenly when “your guy” isn’t in power anymore, you’re ready to throw a revolution. Remember, you’ll need a majority of citizens for that sort of thing. And as I recall, a majority of citizens voted “this guy” in, on the plus side of 5 million votes.

    History isn’t the last six months Brad. We’ve been this way for a while now – and “your guys” had just as much to do with it as “those guys” have.

    This article is laughable at best and a bit naive at worst.

  • AmericanPatriot

    Ah, yes…the liberal view…”Oh yeah, go ahead, try to stop the government…I’ll enjoy watching the fireworks..”. That’s right, you gave up your freedom long ago. So just open your legs wide while the government shoves a leash up your ass, you hypocrite…that’s what you want anyway, right??

  • Randy Hughes-King

    Aaron, yes it happens all the time. Does that make it right? Affairs happen all the time, does it make it right? Of course not. Just because everyone may be doing it doesn’t make it right. Also, you missed that there was the references to Obama, and two from 2005. 2005 is not the past six months.

  • Randy Hughes-King

    AmericanPatriot, no. Just no.

  • Gary T

    When the fruits of those who labor are taken by the government and given to those who choose not to labor,
    When justly earned property is redistributed to those who have leeched on those who have built,
    When the soldiers of the government come knocking in the night to take what they cannot take by light of day,
    Arise and remember what our forefathers lived for and died to protect.
    Beware the conditions that will be created by this President that will lead to the declaration of marshal law. I fear for our country, I grieve for my children and the burden that has been laid on their shoulders, and I call all the politicians who support this ruin traitors!

  • Paul Davis

    An even deeper question to ask is this: As we sit here 200+ years later and see how the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, both having been written with such clarity by men of such vision and principle, failed to establish the unshakeable foundation for liberty they obviously hoped for, what chance is there that our generation could do better after we overthrew this illegitimate government?

    The founders of this country did the best they could by refashioning the ideas they inherited from monarchism. They tried replacing the tyranny of the monarchs with the tyranny of the majority — tempered, they hoped, by the restraining power of a Federalist Constitution.

    Has not the gross perversion of our Constitution by those given the power to do so proven that tyranny itself is the evil that must be done away with before true peace and progress can come to the people?

    Until we stop granting authority to ANYONE to order us around at gunpoint, until we demand that ALL contracts be by mutual consent, we will just rebuild the flawed machine we inherited and hand our progeny the same problems we now face.

    Progress is achieved as generations learn from the fruits of their forebears and build on them, making the changes necessary to correct the problems they discover. That’s what the founders of this country did in the 18th century, and that is our job today.

  • Jette Rink

    Is this why there are TEA Parties?

  • Paul

    For all you libs crying about big business control, Bareack now IS big business…..running auto industry, financial industry, energy (crap and tax), and even gloating over the fact that by bankrupting the coal industry, our electric rates will skyrocket……Yes, we are all in nirvana now, aren’t we. If only we could PAY FOR IT……

  • Shawn Eldridge

    Welcome to the United Socialist States of America.

    Instead of bitching about it, have you considered:?

    1. Stop working so much – do not give our Marxist President anymore tax money than you have to.

    2. Move to a capitalistic country — like Russia, China or Georgia.

    3. Petition for Term Limits.

    4. Remind the Republic Party that McCain IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE.

    5. Like Mexico gives directions to its citizens to illegaly enter the US, give directions to the Taliban to Washington, D.C.

    6. Make a gun range target out of pictures of your favorite liberals: Soros, Pelosi, Biden, Obama,… probably need to buy more glue.

    7. Embrace the reality that lazy Americans would rather suck on the welfare teat than get a job.
    (They are happy bilking your last cent…).

  • ApostasyUSA

    Leading and governing a country is far more than just tax opinion.

    Republicans preferred a government that governs the least, and by those standards that’s exactly what America got for the last 8 years. Should we have just let the economy crash? Based on the fact that the Bush admin got the “bailout the banks” ball rolling, the answer is a resounding no. Was it the right thing to do? Well…everyone has got an opinion on that one…….

    Either way….Obama was not the problem. It was the absolute willful incompetence of GOP’ers, conservatives and Republicans while they were in power, who even now, deny their involvement in the most cursory Republican leadership this country has ever witnessed. In the last 8 years or so Republicans have shown me that they will do anything and everything in their power to keep you from retaining an opinion based on the facts that their incompetence is comprised of.

    God bless America. This phrase is used correctly when it conjures an image of God helping people cope with the great losses they have incurred, when it pulls members of the nation together to help and serve one another, and when it asks for the healing of our brokenness that only God can offer. This phrase is used incorrectly when it implies that God should bless our nation at the expense of others, that the United States should enjoy special privilege in the sight of God, or that the lives of Americans are inherently more valuable than the lives of any other people in the world.


  • John Bryans Fontaine

    If there is to be any true independence, then Workers should have the right to form and/or join Labor Unions. This is the right that has been ripped from the people by powerful corporations and their shrewd, influential and mendacious corporate lobbyists. This is also why the Employee Free Choice Act should be passed as soon as possible.

  • Brad

    Daniel…The war of northern aggression had little to do with slavery. It was fought over states rights. There was a very large slave population in the north. It had a lot to do with the fact that the north provided very little to the united states tax base because they produced little by comparison to the southern states. lincoln made slavery an issue to get the black population to sway to the side of the north.

    Our grandchildren will never be able to enjoy the good life because our “change” president has pissed away more money in 6 months than any other president in history. Our economy is sucking chest wound with a band This administration has thrown so much money into programs that are going to fail but hey …they are handing out the warm and fuzzy hugs…isn’t it great?

    Nationalized health care….I can’t wait for the government to rape me even more on payday! Pay your own way. You want a better life? Earn it by working for it. It makes me sick to see all the social programs out there giving money to 3rd generation losers….yes people; welfare is income in some peoples eyes. I believe that was a democrat that pushed that crap down our throats.

    Our current president is a sheep herder BAAAAA
    3 1/2 yrs to go!

  • Juan

    This call to a revolution “forgets” to mention that unlike in 1776, the US is now a democracy and there are legitimate means to “change the government” every 2 or 4 years, if that’s what the majority of the voters desire. Just get elected by a good majority and implement what you want. Otherwise, you are following the example of what happened in Honduras last week: a group overcame the democratically elected president they dislike and are trying to stay in power to have their ways.

  • lol@partisanfools

    Its my opinion that the author was not attacking Obama directly, and is therefore not the republican puppet most of you make him out to be. I like him hold a view that all partisanship is faulty, the entire government is in shambles, its all a lie, national debt? GDP? Made up words for ideas that most puny Americans can;t even comprehend.

    These people democrat and republican who run our government haven’t had the peoples best wishes in mind perhaps since the founding fathers died out and faded into memory.

    The idea of a government of the people, by the people and for the people has surely perished from this earth.

  • Patrick

    Aaron, these ‘things’ you refer to have roots that go far deeper than 6 months ago. Sour grapes about whether the Democrats or Republicans are in power completely miss the mark. It is indeed time for a paradigm shift, away from self indulgence at the personal level, and away from the corporate mentality of our government. A revolution of any kind does not start with a majority; rather it starts with a few, spreading and sowing seeds of change.

  • Patrick

    We’ve been losing our rights slowly and consistently over time. The only reason most people started to notice is because there has been an excessive power grab these last 8 years with a brazen warlord in office. People who test the boundaries like this are necessary, but we also need someone to stand up on the other side of the fence and repair the fence or erect a newer, stronger one. Right now our fences are just being trampled, lying flat, rotting away. Now a small minority is finally realizing there will be a time in the future when we’re all government dependents in some form if this trend isn’t reversed and the common complacency isn’t eradicated. Hopefully people will wake up before it’s too late. Just think….there was a time when the government wanted to assign us all a number, and there was a big stink over it being a government identifier and people didn’t like that very much. We were assured by government officials it would only be used to locate our benefits upon retirement age. That identifier is out SSN. That’s just one example.

    I have to also add that I think Daniel is missing the point in his first post, completely. But I will say I absolutely agree with his #2 point in his second comment. Priceless comment, and absolutely true.

  • lol@partisanfools


    Perhaps you were unaware of the Patriot Act, wiretapping and all other “anti terror” laws that blatantly take away your rights and increased Bush’s power to near despotic levels?


    You think any other president is anything then a figurehead to herd the sheep while big businesses and lobbiysts run the country? You really think that your puny insignificant vote will be able to change the country? That anyone even on the ballot would be capable of making even a noticeable change? If you do then there is really no hope in this country where people cant even see that every day the government fucks them in the ass, no matter which party they parade and claim to govern in the name of.


    And what happens when the Democratic route is nothing but a farse? When a hood of supposed power is pulled over they eyes of every citizen? Revolution is the only way, its how we founded this country and its the only way to save it. No Nation lasts forever, every empire crumbles we saw it with the greeks, the romans, the british empire, the Nazis, no great nation has ever survived.

    I truly think that the time of Americas judgment is coming, if great sweeping changes are not made, and I mean much more then foolish little staged elections, this country and everything it stood for will be gone forever.

  • Robert

    You people to wake up and take a look at what odds the founding fathers went through and over came loosing almost everything to create this country and you cowards writing the government have everything you should be ashamed to put something like that down.They stood up for what they believed in and you coware behind computers writing bullshit because you are scared.

  • lol@partisanfools

    Robert why dont you risk everything and come root us out? Risk your live, your family your savings, everything and come after us.

    If I don’t see you at my house in the next week then you can go to hell you scum sucking hypocrite.

    The internet is the new town hall, where ideas are talked about and spread. If you can’t get with the times and adapt then you are a poor example of a human being.

  • ApostasyUSA

    9/11 caused fear in our leaders and people. The fatalistic warmonger class of our country thought the PA necessary so they wrote it up. The dissent just stood there and watched in happen because nobody wanted to look like an obstructionist. Moron is a word for one, wuss is the word for the latter.

    “It is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. …Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
    -Hermann Wilhelm Göring

    The Blue Sky Tribe has not left the building, but they do want you to hate somebody.

  • Eric

    I like people calling this partisan. It has been about both! stop viewing things through the lense of Dem and Rep. Isn’t it the Democratic party that keeps say we have to get passed the politics. Did you like TARP, the first stimulus? No that was Bush? Wiretaps bush. Can keep up on this but you would have read the first line and already started thinking of how to denounce me becasue your too invested in a party.

  • Thomas Paine

    Juan “there are legitimate means to “change the government” every 2 or 4 years, if that’s what the majority of the voters desire. Just get elected by a good majority and implement what you want”
    …problem is, those that actually know what they’re doing and want to do a legitimate job can’t, because the big two parties, big business, and unions won’t let them be heard, much less raise enough money. It’s all about celebrity, and not about substance. Just watch – the next reality show will be “So You Want to President?” AND they’ll get the job because that’s what American’s want to hear, watch and see – fantasy reality TV. Joe the Plummer for VP? The media does nothing to help us either with the facts – just caters to the moronic American TV viewer.

    Here’s one big way to change the system – definitively cap election budgets at say $1 million dollars. That way, the common man could actually run for President and discussion and debate of the issues would actually give voters something to vote on; not mud-slinging campaign ads, popularity contests and any other financially subversive tactics that can only be done with tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Another way – get rid of the Electoral College and let the popular vote decide who’s elected.

    Want to reform healthcare? Healthcare isn’t broken. Frivolous lawsuits by the public, lawyers that take these ridiculous cases, the judicial system that allows this to persist, malpractice insurers that in-turn charge astronomical amounts – health insurers and health practitioners have to charge more just to keep up. Now, if the government wants to get involved and dismiss these lawsuits, cap awards, dictate the amount lawyers, malpractice insurers and health insurance insurers and practitioners can charge, there’s no more health insurance crisis as it will be more affordable for the majority of people – but that would be taking away the free market, and that might be construed as a socialist agenda. We, the people, have contributed to the healthcare crisis because of our greed – not the majority of us – but just enough of us to screw up the system.

    The best way – get rid of Congress entirely and start over. Anyone who directly blames the President (Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, etc) sorely doesn’t understand the system – Congress runs the country – the President is just a figurehead. Congress is a puppet of whatever special interest group gives them the best reach-around while we take it up the a$$.

    So since we’ve come full-circle, having fought a war of independence in large part due to unreasonable taxes forced without representation (go back and reread the first half of this blog to remember why we’re here), and now we’re burdened with unreasonable taxes even with representation, we have no one to blame but ourselves – not political parties. So, what are you going to do about it? Blame the other guy? Well, that other guy is you.

  • Christopher

    Thomas Paine – thank you.

    “Every country has the government it deserves.” — Joseph de Maistre

    Step back and take a better look: ultimately, this isn’t about Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or any other political party. It’s about Americans as individuals and citizens.

    Go ahead. Be brave and honest – point to yourself. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but we’re the individuals responsible for our country’s demise. When individuals refuse to acknowledge personal responsibility to God and their fellow Man, and instead make personal responsibility someone else’s, the cancer has already taken root. The death of the patient is imminent.

    History has been speaking to us, warning us all along of the consequences of our actions – we just chose not to listen. Many of the Founding members of this Union called upon Almighty God, asking for a blessing upon America – and blessed she was. But no more. At least not until there is a real repentance by the citizenry of America – and that action starts with individuals first pointing their fingers at themselves.

  • Eric Munson, Arlington, Va

    [sigh]More nonsense, masquerading as historically inspired thought. It is clear the author of this piece started from the view that a rebellion by people who “think” as he does, is justified, if not imperative. I haven’t seen such hogwash since the early 70’s, when leftists fantasized that ‘Amerika’ (as they liked to tag it) was well down the road to becoming fascist state.
    The early history is given fairly accurately, but as soon as he speaks of the present, he proves rapidly that he has done NO research to support his allegations. Further, he shows no understanding whatsoever of what representative government is, or how it is meant to function. Finally, he falls on the weak, tired, and NEVER valid claim that we should all struggle to achieve the world our forefathers tried to create (as if they were gods,and not men), with the stipulation that it is HIS interpretation of what that was, which will decide our destiny. Balderdash and poppycock.

  • Simpleton

    More like another of those anti-Obama rants authored by people who are sore that their favorite candidate lost. Decisively. To a black man!

    The stimulus bill was not popular, but given that we do not vote on bills by popularity, just like we do not elect Gore over Bush even though Gore was more popular, it is myopic to suggest that the stimulus was passed by unpopularity, since it was passed by a *recently* elected Congress.

    I was opposed to that bill, as I was to the other stimulus bill, when it was called TARP. What do you suggest we tried instead? Let the system we wrongly nurtured for years, completely fail?

    (I would)

    Why not mention that the largest increase in national debt (percent-wise) occurred under Reagan when he almost tripled it from $780 billion to over $2.1 trillion?

    Why not mention that change is necessary? Back in the late 1700s, the country considered black people as only 3/5 human, and slaves as property. Should we therefore, revert to the ideals of our founding fathers?

    The world changes, and we must change with it or perish. Obama may not be the one doing the right things, but Obama trying to change is not a bad thing.

    The unemployment under Reagan went up from some 6.9 to 10.8 and it was a steady climb for THREE YEARS!

    The mess we find ourselves in, is not Obama’s doing. We may not like his ideology, but as President, he deserves more than six months before he is judged.

  • ben

    Man, what a bunch of bitter whining. You lost the election and you lost an entire generation of voters by getting us into an unnecessary war, ignoring science, and in general acting like ignorant 18 year old jocks. Game over.

  • Frank

    Peter Schiff was right.

  • lol@partisanfools


    Please don’t bring god into this, the last thing we need in this country is God.

    Eric Munson

    You think its really that farfetched to say that America is now a fascist state?

    Fascists believe that nations and/or races are in perpetual conflict whereby only the strong can survive by being healthy, vital, and by asserting themselves in conflict against the weak.[6] Fascists advocate the creation of a single-party state.[7] Fascist governments forbid and suppress criticism and opposition to the government and the fascist movement.[8] Fascism opposes class conflict, blames capitalist liberal democracies for its creation and communists for exploiting the concept.[9] Fascism is much defined by what it opposes, what scholars call the fascist negations – its opposition to individualism,[10] rationalism, liberalism, conservatism and communism. [11] In the economic sphere, many fascist leaders have claimed to support a “Third Way” in economic policy, which they believed superior to both the rampant individualism of unrestrained capitalism and the severe control of state communism.[12][13] This was to be achieved by a form of government control over business and labour (called “the corporate state” by Mussolini).[14][15] No common and concise definition exists for fascism and historians and political scientists disagree on what should be in any concise definition.[16]

    Pick the defining statement you want, the republican party sounds alot like this and to a lesser extent does the democratic party. Corporate State, Millitant State, good descriptions of the USA

    This has nothing to do with how a representative state works but rather how it clearly doesnt work in this country. We are supposed to be voting for people who are like us, Government by the people of the people for the people.

    You think that electing one of the 2 millionaire ivy league graduates on the ballot is in our best interest?

  • ApostasyUSA

    Brad Warbiany wrote:

    “It is important to remember that the principles they are fighting for are again in peril. And it important to realize that in order for those principles to be recovered, we must tirelessly call the United States Government for what it is — illegitimate.”

    What? Those sound like the words of a toe tapping hack. Oh dear…It’s the classic response of the fossilized right-wing status quo:

    Create a grotesquely distorted caricature, broadcast the delusion at the top of your lungs, and hope that you manage to reinforce just enough cynicism and hopelessness to ensure the election of someone who truly cares only for funneling all of the country’s wealth and power into the hands of a tiny, corrupt elite.

    Illegitimate? Please…..

  • Myra Tompkins

    I, too, am the direct descendent of men who fought and won the Revolution and I find this article to be an act of treason. But, more than that, it conveys the general Libertarian/conservative philosophy of selfishness and greed. The ideals of shared sacrifice and common good promoted by the founders is completely lost on creatures like the author. Pathetic.

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  • John King

    Apart from the propaganda in this article, one note that has to be made was that the British king imposed taxes on the colonies to pay for their protection. The British army was heavily involved in protecting the colonies – the costs of which were being borne not by the colonies or colonists, but by the mainland. The colonists who had enjoyed a tax-free existence objected heavily to taxation. Therein lay the cause of rebellion.

    Oh and the person who wrote that the northern states were not producing as much as the southern ones prior to the Civil War, knows nothing of history. Northern production was crushingly greater, leading to inevitable victory.

  • Netizen 1095

    In 2005, it was a Republican controlled congress, which were the people who created the laws.

    Without public domain, you would not have highways, railways, or public stations. Cause the people would not give up the property until they received 2-5 times its worth.

    The reason why banks can not fail, is because the whole economy would fail and thus no jobs and then the failure of the nation. The banks had no choice.

    A lot of this problems came from the Republican controlled congress and presidency. Yet, no one really complained until a Democrat took the Office.

    Congratulation, you just exercised your right to free speech. But free speech comes with responsibility.

  • Simpleton

    lol@partisanfools got it right!

  • Simpleton

    The poster who calls himself Thomas Paine says:

    “get rid of the Electoral College and let the popular vote decide who’s elected.”

    So what you want is Presidents to only campaign in a few population-heavy cities and ignore the needs of the vast portions of America?

    A look at the county map of the 2000 elections will show you that if that were the case, virtually 97% of the land mass of the US would not be represented.

    “Want to reform healthcare? Healthcare isn’t broken”
    Then why does it cost us a lot more for health care than other industrialized nations, why are the costs increasing every year faster than inflation in an unbroken system, and why are more Americans increasingly going uninsured?

  • Unica

    To start things off… This entire post is nothing short of all the crap that goes on in corrupt 3rd, 2nd world countries. The Only reason we ARE a nation is because there were individuals that felt a need to protect their stake and ideas of freedom and liberty much higher than that of differences. They united to form a plan of resolution and revolution. And as far as I am concerned… It DOESN”T matter who is at fault, or even why… I don’t know the last time we had an honest and sincere president that did do what he set out to do and that job was to represent the peoples voice! And if you think it started thirty years ago… try again.

    If you feed a greedy man, he just gets greedier, doesn’t matter who, there are millions of them. So when the people decide to get their heads out of their ass, and the daydream visions of television turned off and really start an effort to help themselves and each other, maybe then there will be something to discuss.

  • Marcus

    Wow I was just looking for a feel good Fourth of July you have me on some watch list .dang..Freedom is not free..will you die fighting or on your knees praying?Don’t believe in God? I will be on my knees praying for you!

  • RepresentationWithoutTaxation

    It is just sad how some people can’t see the forest through the trees. They see one remark they don’t agree with and disregard the whole article. They further think that because their party may be on the hot plate they blame either the previous administration for causing the problem, or worse think its ok to keep on doing the same things the previous administration was doing.

    The progressive tax system has worked for generations, but with more and more tax credits and higher and higher exemption limits we have slowly progressed where a majority of the population is receiving disproportionate benefit relative to their contribuition putting more of the burden on indivuals and companies that are successful. This is increasingly driving companies to move abroad further aroding the tax revenue base and jobs here.

    It seems are elected officials have gone from
    “..ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”
    “…ask not what your contry can do for you – ask what can my party do for you to get your vote.”

  • Ben

    Wow! Ignorance seethes from all over both in the article and the comments from both sides of the aisle.

    Wise up folks and try to get in touch with this little thing we call reality.

    Good Grief.

  • Lance Morruson

    Yes, Freedom is not free. Whether it be the Bamer or McSame, they still would have been stuck with the legacy of the failed presidency of George W. Bush.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, it will take years to pull the US out of that morass.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, lets unite in that cause.

  • Hank Goldberg

    Wake up sheeple. The banksters control everything. They control the Fed, the goverment, the economy. Game is over, total control, what they have sought for years, is finally theirs. Say your prayers.

  • Strummer

    Those who can read this “article” and not see it for the incitement to revolution that it is are delusional. Watch a documentary called “The Corporation” if you want to see why this country and the world in general is heading in the direction it’s going. The difference between what corporations were in the beginning and what they are now is frightening. The root cause? Lawyers. Guess what most higher up people in government are.

  • Robert

    I think so people have thier history wrong look it up you will find that is what the problem was and Lincoln could not get anything ratified without the southern states more mislead people calling themselves Americans.And calling the constitution propoganda is just down right treason.Push your proganda elsewhere idiot lover.

  • Brad Warbiany


    Point taken on Abu Ghraib. I suspect that if the question had come to GWB asking “should we crucify this prisoner”, he’d have said no immediately (Cheney, I’m not so sure)… However, I’d send you over to visit Radley Balko’s blog if you want a continual stream of severe government abuses, most of which get papered over by superiors.

    Further, thanks for being here and helping me argue my side on this one… It being a holiday, I’ve been enjoying my family and haven’t had time to sit here commenting.


    I suspect that you, like many others today, found this link via Google News. As such, I’ll forgive you for the assumption that this is a Republican blog. I’ll also forgive you for the assumption that we’ve only begun criticizing the government since Jan 20, 2009. We’ve been here since Oct 2005, and if you look through our archives you’ll see COUNTLESS examples of us criticizing Republicans and government in general. This isn’t a new position.

    Paul Davis,

    Great comment. I agree with you completely.

    Jette Rink,

    This isn’t why there are tea parties, but the tea party movement is similar to what you might have seen after the Stamp Act. It is today an unorganized, unnatural outlet of frustration that hasn’t coalesced into anything coherent.


    lol@partisanfools answered better than I the criticism of changing this from within the system. As for Honduras, you might want to look a bit closer at this one.


    Long before there was an American war for independence, the battle was for “hearts and minds”. That battle was largely fought in the pages of the pamphleteers and newspapermen. Samuel Adams, who I spoke highly of, was writing for a long time before any action occurred. Thomas Paine, who many called the “father of the American Revolution”, was lauded for his pamphlet “Common Sense”, not his valor on a battlefield. Today’s bloggers are remarkably similar to those old pamphleteers in spirit. We’re trying to fight the ideological battles for hearts and minds, which is the first step to real change.

    Eric Munson,

    I haven’t seen such hogwash since the early 70’s, when leftists fantasized that ‘Amerika’ (as they liked to tag it) was well down the road to becoming fascist state.

    Good thing they were wrong, huh?

    As for my own interpretation of the founding fathers, I can’t claim that the result of change will end up as I hope. In that, I’m much like Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry, two of the men who were important in bringing about independence but who both felt betrayed by the end result after the war was won.

    At this point I’m content pointing out that things are wrong and need to change drastically, and have some confidence that if we tear it down and start over, we can end up with something better than we have now.


    Again, if you think this is merely anti-Obama rhetoric, you have no idea of the history of me or the fellow contributors to this blog. Again, since you likely came in through Google News, I’ll forgive you for that.

    Regardless, your statement about the stimulus is questionable. A majority of our elected “representatives” voted for it, yes. But exactly how many pages was the stimulus? Do you think those “representatives” actually read it and knew what was in it? If not, can you claim in any way whatsoever that they were offering their constituents proper representation?


    I know full well who was in power in 2005. I consider Bush a horrible president. Again, people drive-by reading this blog may not realize that, but I must mention it again lest people miss it (again). I’ve been complaining since long before a Democrat took office.

    Kelo has nothing to do with highways, railways, or public stations. It has to do with throwing people out of their homes so Pfizer can build a business park and generate more tax revenue for the town of New London, CT. You may call that a “public use”, but I don’t think taking land from a private party and giving it to a corporation or a real estate developer for another private use to be a public good.

    The failure of the banks goes back farther than is worth talking about in a comment, but if we could drop the Federal Reserve and go to free banking, I think we’d be better off. The housing/banking bubble was caused by Greenspan (and Bush) flooding the market with excess liquidity, fueling leverage and speculation that was unsustainable. To then throw more money at the banks to try to keep the bubble only forestalls the problem, which will become evident over the next few months as the current “sucker’s rally” turns.

  • Steve Gutenberg

    I blame everything on Dan Quayle. His inability properly spell has led this country on a downward spirale.

  • Victor

    What happening right now in the world is, Communist like Russia and China are modifying themselves into more capitalistic society and at the same time The US is turning slowly and steadily towards communism.

    Its our hard earned Tax money which is used against us in in the end of the day, Soon USA would be USSA (United Socialist States of America) and then disintegrate into many small countries.

  • Victor

    And about Protectionism ‘ We pay our taxes to protect ourselves and protect our economy and jobs” But our leaders using our tax money are sending Our Technology, Jobs and Capital to China , India and soon Russia to destroy us.

    Bring Our Capital Back, Jobs and stop sending our technology to others period.

  • lol@partisanfools

    Myra Tompkins

    So you are directly descended from people who enslaved millions of african Americans and slaughtered countless native Americans in the name of shared sacrifice.

    I for one do not share your love of patriotism nor your love of the current american imperialism.

    Albert Einstein said it best,
    “He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.”

    Nothing else really needs to be said, if you blindly follow yor leaders and cannot question their legitimacy or whether they are truly doing the right thing then you deserve no rights at all.

  • Eli Wallach

    Read what happened to congressman Louis McFadden.

  • Karl Marx

    Well kommrads, we have finally succeeded. After years of keeping the American masses completely dependent on drugs, lowereing their moral values to that of a So. Bronx prostitute, they are now ready to eat our agenda. Our agenda comprises of total loss of liberty, total dependence on the government for all basics of life (healthcare, food, income, protection, housing, etc.) Soon we will grab their ammunition (we will not go for their guns, this might wake up the American people).

    Like the frog who stayed in the boiling water too long until he died, the Americans are now just realizing that they have given away their rights, their future and the future of their children. The Americans who had it all, now deserve to lose it all.

  • Christopher Maider

    What a stunning piece of literature. Thank you for the history lesson..Tune into Friday @midnight for “The Diatribe”. More Libertarian thoughts and a forum for your ideas. Tel# 508-753-2284

  • Robert

    Ironically we have become what we are celebrating what we defeated. No something worse. A radical egalitarian liberal dictatorship. The so called freedoms we cherish destroy true freedom. No other nation in history has sought the degradation of public morality to rule absolutely. America rewards vice and punishes virtue. So called patriots are nothing more than worms. They slither down their dirt crap holes when exposed to light leaving innocent families to be destroyed. They sure as hell will never rise in it, that takes a backbone.

  • Bill Lyons

    I shared this on facebook, and I will post a link from our website. Our government is and has been slowly eroding away our freedoms and our liberty, and we as a people are applauding the effort. It is a sad day in America. Many are awakened to that realization, but many are still very much asleep. So many politicians are self serving these days, they can’t even be called immoral, but they are amoral. They are without a moral compass at all. God help us, we’re going to bypass Socialism and embrace outright Fascism ladies and gentlemen.

  • Akston

    This is not about Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, Bush or Obama. These topics are distractions from the main issues:

    What should your government do?

    Should there be any limits to its power?

    How do we define and enforce those limits?

    Is liberty still a desired American value?

    How much liberty are you willing to trade away for the promise of physical or economic security?

    The original post focuses on what it means to celebrate the anniversary of that Declaration. Do we still value a government instituted among men deriving its just powers from the consent of the governed to secure unalienable rights? Are flags and sparklers the extent of our dedication to that value?

    Or can we speak up in defense of freedom? Can we refuse to tolerate government which routinely oversteps its bounds in order to serve a connected few at the expense of the rest of us? Can we wake from complacency before all of our liberty is gone? Is this still the land of the fee and home of the brave? Or are we the land of the regulated and home of the terrified?

    The Roman government was able to distract the citizenry with bread and circuses as the empire was fading into history. Will entitlement programs and American Idol be our version?

    Revolutions do not always require arms. They can start and succeed with ideas as well. Is liberty still an idea the means anything to you?

  • PulSamsara

    “This is not about Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, Bush or Obama.”

    Yes – it is.

  • PulSamsara

    “Revolutions do not always require arms. They can start and succeed with ideas as well. Is liberty still an idea the means anything to you?”

    America is great in that we have a ‘revolution’ every 4 years. We just had one.

  • Greg

    Congratulations Brian, and excellent piece of work!

  • Fidel X. Castro

    What about Cuba?

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  • Stephan Kinsella
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  • Steve

    Where did all these lefties come from? I have rarely seen “The Bush Administration” or even republicans defended or praised on The Liberty Papers, nor did I see it in this article. so they are clearly responding to an Obama memo to attack the critics at The Liberty Papers.

  • Akston

    I still find it a bit amazing that a call for liberty is not more popular than it seems.

    I’m reminded again of that Voltaire quote:
    “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”

  • Kathryn Rebecca

    You raise an incredibly salient point, Akston. I remember when I first discovered libertarianism, I was so excited about it that I was proselytizing to just about everyone I met; I had a conversation with my roommate about how I didn’t think the government should regulate speed limits because citizens who are responsible enough to operate motor vehicles *should* be responsible enough to operate them at a safe speed. She disagreed, and said that it was necessary for the government to protect us, even from ourselves. That statement, coming from someone I’d previously considered open-minded and willing to examine unfamiliar things, shocked me, and as I became more and more libertarian, I realized just how many people feel the same way.

    So many Americans are complacent and content with living in this illusion of freedom and liberty that not only do they not notice when their liberty is being taken away, but sometimes they are actively helping to destroy it.

  • Steve

    Although I don’t proselytize, I do try to demonstrate to my friends and associates when they are hipocrits. When they start whining about being regulated when it concerns them, I remind them how great it is to be protectect down to the lowest common denominator. These are generally the same people who want to be protected (read “I don’t want to be bothered with resposiblility”)when it is to their advantage or convenience.

  • Akston

    Most of the folks I know who resist a call for liberty do it out of a sense of fear or contempt.

    One group fears what might happen if people are left to succeed or fail as the “pursue happiness”. What happens when large companies invest badly then fail (most recently, after being heartily encouraged and “guaranteed” by government policies)? Does freedom include the freedom to fail? Are they “too big to fail”? To go bankrupt, reorganize, and start again? Many would have said no. Yet many of those companies did just that.

    Another group finds successful people and groups contemptible. The bigger a company, the more evil it has become. They could not possibly have succeeded solely by offering valuable goods and services to an expanding base of customers. They must have used force or fraud to achieve that success, and are therefore evil. Freedom is for me, for people I know, and for people I choose to pity. Freedom should not apply to successful or rich people.

    There have got to be other justifications for rejecting liberty, other nuances. But it is amazing how often opponents of liberty fall into a variant of one of these two perspectives.

    Another quote, this one from Phelps Adams which I first read at The Liberty Papers:

    “Capitalism and communism stand at opposite poles. Their essential difference is this:
    The communist, seeing the rich man and his fine home, says: ‘No man should have so much.’
    The capitalist, seeing the same thing, says: ‘All men should have as much.'”

  • Pam Bellino

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