Quote Of The Day

Gennady Zyuganov, the head of the Russian Communist Party, gives a thumbs up to Obama-nomics.

“I said that I had thoroughly studied the U.S. president’s anti-crisis program, that I liked it, as well as that it is socially oriented and primarily aimed at supporting poor people and enhancing the state’s role. I said all this to President Obama,” he said.

Sort of makes you think, huh ?

  • http://franklinsvirtues.blogspot.com silvermine

    Oh, creepy old Zyuganov. Reminds me of when Zhirnovsky said Pat Buchanon was a good candidate. :D

  • TheFlamingoKing

    Yes, it does. In the same way that the white supremacists made me rethink voting for Ron Paul.

    … oh wait, it didn’t. That’s because someone agreeing with your policies doesn’t mean you agree with theirs.

    If you’re really trying to imply Obama is a communist because some Russian communist agrees with his policies, I think you need to read up on logical fallacies. Like there’s not enough reasons to dislike Obama besides some lame guilt-by-association attempt.

  • http://www.xanaduxero.blogspot.com Xanadu Xero

    Makes *me* think that maybe they’re screwing.