Kevin Drum on Doha

Kevin Drum actually makes sense on this one!

Trade talks aren’t quite that bad. But they’re close. The Doha round in particular lives or dies based on the willingness of rich nations to substantially reduce tariffs and subsidies on agricultural products, and seriously, what are the odds of that? We can’t even have a serious discussion about reducing subsidies on corn ethanol, possibly the stupidest use of taxpayer dollars in the past century, let alone reducing farm support payments to ConAgra and Archer Daniels Midland. Meanwhile, the European attitude toward farming makes ours look positively levelheaded and beneficient. Paris would probably go up in flames if EU farm payments were ever rationalized.

So: what are the odds of making progress on agricultural issues? Especially these days, you’d need scientific notation to express it properly. Might as well wish for a pony instead.

He makes sense… And yet…

…and yet he’ll still put the same idiots in charge of agriculture in charge of our health care system.

And he doesn’t see the inconsistency in such a position.

  • tarran

    I honestly think it will take an event like the collapse of the Western Roman Empire to bring an end to the insanity.

    Most people don’t realize that the collapse actually improved the lives of the people living in the provinces; no longer where they facing prohibitive taxation and ruinous economic dictas from Rome. Rome lost control because people didn’t want to listen anymore and the Roman Empire lacked the funds to force them to obey.

    I still don’t see how these congressmen expect to pay for the current programs, let alone after taking over even more sectors of the U.S. economy. Either the economy will collapse, or they will repudiate the debt, after which no-one will loan them money anymore. Either way, they will lose the ability to force people to obey them.