Monday Diversion

Well, when I was awoken by my toddler at 4 AM, and kept up by him all morning, I knew I was in for trouble. 40 oz of coffee later, I’m marginally ready to think.

In the thought that some readers might be as zombie-like as I am, I give you exploding watermelons:

This comes roundabout from FermiLab, a site close enough in proximity to where I grew up that I was assured of thermonuclear vaporization if it had come to MAD during my childhood.

Given that it’s coming from Fermi I strongly suspect that taxpayer dollars were utilized somehow in the destruction of those watermelons.

And part of me wants to get upset over that.

But that part has been overruled by the part of me that says “heheheh, them melons ‘sploded!”

  • tarran

    How did they do it?

    It looks like a high current vaporized the insides.

  • Brad Warbiany

    According to the email:

    “10KV, 30KJ cap bank, mercury ignitron switch. Blammo.”

    The interesting thing, now that you ask, is looking up Ignitron. I thought it might be a typo, but suspected that the guy who emailed it to me was careful enough not to type “ignitron” when he meant “ignition”…