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July 17, 2009

RINO of the Day: Nebraska’s Jeff Fortenberry

by Stephen Gordon

Rep. Fortenberry: Let's expand health care subsidies

It wasn’t all that long ago that Karl Rove was using an example of Republican socialized medicine to illustrate why Democratic socialized medicine is bad.  Now here’s Nebraska Republican Jeff Fortenberry calling for an increase in government health care spending:

In addition, we could expand subsidies for high risk pools for those with chronic illnesses and who are having affordability problems.

To a great degree, Republicans are currently fighting socialized health care by citing cost projections and then saying “we can”t afford it.” This leaves the door wide open for the Democratic response of shaving a few bucks off their plan to give us socialized health care “we can afford.”

I’d argue that the GOP leadership needs to make their arguments based on principles, but I don’t think there are senior Republicans who can even spell the word, much less put it into practice.

I’ll try to put it in language that even congressmen can understand, though: Expand subsidies=bad; decrease or eliminate subsidies=good.

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  • Rick Caird

    This is one time I disagree with Stephan’s analysis. The Democrats are pushing this monstrosity of national health care to address a few problem. One is whatever the real number of uninsured people (in this country legally. Estimates of that number runs betweem 10-25K people. The other problem is preexisting conditions and the difficulty in getting insured. I would suspect many of those with preexisting fall into the uninsured category.

    Usually, it is difficult to beat something with nothing. The Republicans need to have an alternative to pushing everyone into some crazy national program or some level of mandated, one size fits all, program.

    It seems quite reasonable to offer a program to subsidize those with preexisting conditions and to not allow insurance companies to drop someone for getting sick. It seems to me, we could do that with a lot less expense and no requirement for some mandated level of coverage.

    So, I don’t think Fortenberry’s suggestion is cause for calling him a RINO. I am very much against the Democratic proposals, but I don’t think it is unreasonable to address some of the current problems.


  • Moses

    Watch Adrian Salbuchi on Youtube.

    He tells us everything we need to know about what is coming. God help us.

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