Quote Of The Day

John Stossel, on Obama’s use of the USPS as an example of how well government works without destroying the private sector*:

But at least he’s willing to criticize the post office. On that note, economist Justin Ross points out on his blog how, for 44 cents, you could mail a letter via USPS – or buy a kiwi fruit that had to be grown and watered in New Zealand, picked, carefully packaged, and shipped across the world to a store near you.

* PS – Yes, I do realize that the USPS, by virtue of a statutory monopoly in first-class mail, has completely destroyed a private sector in that arena. Of course, most of the target audience of Obama’s speech don’t know that, which I’m sure is why he used the example.

  • Jeff Molby

    In fairness, there’s a different between “to your mailbox” and “to a store near you”.

  • thomasblair


    And there’s a difference between delivery intra-U.S. and from New Zealand to Alabama or Idaho.