Quote Of The Day

Looks like we’ve found The Next Sarah Palin&#8482, a dream politician who has EVERYTHING!

“She’s young, she’s got a nice family, two little kids, married, photogenic, articulate, etc…” Spiliotes said. “All the things you want in a candidate. And she’s fresh. A lot of other Republican candidates have already lost other races.”

Hey, all we need to do now is find out what she believes!

Ahh, no matter, we’ll make that up as we go along.

  • southernjames

    I read the article – typical lame MSM drivel that both belittles this woman and Palin at the same time. The author must certainly assume this woman is not a liberal, otherwise she would have been described with a positive instead of negative spin.

    Oh no!! Another stupid rube hillbilly who might get enough racist illiterate retards to vote for her, because she is dangerously ‘folksy.’ Better neutralize her quick! Paging Tina Fey! Paging John Stewart, paging Dave Letterman!!

    At this point, who gives a damn what she believes in as long, as overall, it’s well to the right of the European Labour Party candidate she’ll be opposing. And I’m sure her positions will be fleshed out as time goes along. For now, it suffices for the bird cage liner publication to get in its snarky put-downs, with its unrebutted quotes from the state Dems. The funniest unchallenged comment, which the “journalist” tacitly agreed with, was the bald faced lie that Palin is “at the whim of DC handlers,” and is the “national party puppet.” She may be a lot of things, but Establishment GOP “puppet” sure as hell ain’t one of them. 180 degrees to the contrary, the Beltway GOP insiders are instead shitting the pants over the fear that Palin may go Perot on them; and/or actually campaign for conservative Dems against liberal Pubs as she has said she will do.

  • trumpetbob15

    I had to laugh at the Democrat response to her. They complain she resigned so she could run for office? Better than skipping votes to campaign. (Oh, this is New Hampshire? Eh, close enough to the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.) Gotta give her credit for at least resigning before running for another office, no matter what her beliefs are.