Honduras sheds light on Obama

Juan Carlos Hidalgo asks the question of the day in a post at Cato@Liberty:

What Principle is Guiding Obama’s Honduras Policy?

The Obama administration is threatening not to recognize the result of Honduras’ presidential election in late November unless Manuel Zelaya returns to the presidency beforehand.

The presidential poll was already scheduled prior to Zelaya’s (constitutional) removal from office last June. The candidates had already been selected by their parties through an open primary process. The current civilian interim president, Roberto Micheletti, is not running for office and plans to step down in January as stipulated by the Constitution. Both major presidential candidates supported the ouster of Zelaya. The political campaign is playing out in an orderly manner, and there’s a significant chance that the candidate from the opposition National Party will win the presidency. The independent Electoral Tribunal is overseeing the process.

And yet the U.S. Department of State is signaling that it won’t recognize the result of the poll in the name of defending Zelaya’s return to power.

The Obama Administration has been going out of its way to be on the wrong side of both the law and morality when it comes to Honduras. Obama has his first chance to rebuke the shameful history of the US being propping up dictators in Latin America and what does he do? He goes out of his way to prop up a would-be dictator who had neither the support of the people nor of the Honduran Constitution. He’s laid sanctions on the Honduran people. He refuses to recognize the legal, constitutional government of a country.

Why would he do this? Zelaya was the elected President of Honduras. He had been given the power, through the vehicle of democratic election, to shape Honduras.

Let’s cast it again: Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. He has been given power, through the vehicle of democratic election, to shape the United States.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Remember this incident from the early days of the Obama administration:

President Obama listened to Republican gripes about his stimulus package during a meeting with congressional leaders Friday morning – but he also left no doubt about who’s in charge of these negotiations. “I won,” Obama noted matter-of-factly, according to sources familiar with the conversation.

Obama won. Zelaya won. To the victors go the spoils. There is no higher principle behind the US Government’s abuse of the Honduran people, just that.

Even more worrisome, though, is what the Obama Administration’s treatment of Honduras means for us when we try to hold them to the limits of our Constitution.

  • James Padgett

    Obama is a liar and deceiver. In reality, he has shown himself already to be a radical socialist. In fact, Putin of Russia warned him several months ago of the lack of wisdom of pursuing the Marxist path he could see Obama was on. So…Obama likes Zelaya..since Zelaya wants to take Honduras in a left, socialist direction.
    Obama’s penchant for lying was readily observable when he claimed not to have known what the pastor of the church he attended for years was preaching and advocating (Rev. Jeremiah Wright). Obama is bright and knew exactly what Wright beleived and advocated. His lying was obvious also in his claim to have not been familiar with Bill Ayer’s Weatherman (domestic terrorists group) past. Ayer’s sponsored Obama’s first major fundraiser in his house..and Obama is not familiar with Ayer’s sordid past? Hellooo???
    Obama lied to the Jewish people to get their votes – telling them he was for Jerusalem remaining unified and under Israeli control, only to reverse his position after getting elected – and now being for a divided Jerusalem.
    Obama claimed to be a Chistian before the election. He has yet to attend a service since getting elected; did not in any way participate in the American annual day of prayer; and yet did express support for the Muslim observation of Ramadan.
    Hats off to Roberto Micheletti and the de facto government for standing true to their principles and not cowtailing to this ridiculous unconscionable behavior on the part of the Fraud-bama administration. We are praying they will continue to be strong and do what is right, even if it does mean some temporary suffering. God is greater than Fruadbama.

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  • Billy Wingard Jr

    I was so sick of George Bush’s refusal to enforce laws protecting our borders. Obama seemed possibly the better choice in new policy. What a mistake. We need a third (constitutional) party or perhaps a revolution.

  • Jane

    This article is false on many levels. For once the Obama administration is supporting what the people in Central America want. If the people of Honduras are not against the coup then why do they protest? Why are they being beaten in the streets? Why are they being disappeared? If the Honduran people were not so completely against the coup, why would they risk their lives to denounce it. Past administrations have supported dictatorships in Central American countries. For once, we are on the right side of Central American policy.

  • http://pith-n-vinegar.blogspot.com/ Quincy

    Jane –

    This is decidedly *not* about what the people want. Even the worst dictators in history had plenty of supporters. This is about the Constitution of Honduras, which is unequivocally on the side of removing Zelaya from office.

    Also, if you have proof of your claims about repression of protesters from a source not connected to Zelaya, please bring it forward.

  • Ana Flores

    I would like to send this message: HONDURAS IS A FREE COUNTRY, HAS HER OWN CONSTITUTION, AND RULE OF LAW – Nobody else’s!! We stopped being the original “banana republic” and shall not kneel again to any other country who thinks they know and are better!! True, Zelaya was elected but was not given the right to become a dictator, the likes of Hugo Chavez who is the modern Hitler in Latin America! Hello, the USA has no knowledge of this? All they have to do is turn on CNN (Chavez News Network) but no, the USA has a new Ambassador in Venezuela but has closed the embassy in Honduras…..maybe it is a good choice!! The constitutional government we now have, respects our liberties and rights – those who are repressed are delinquents on Hugo Chavez’ payroll: they destroy, burn, and pillage – then, they scream; HUMAN RIGHTS!! What about our rights? 98% of 7.5 million support this new government – will the State Department revoke our visas? GREAT, start counting!! Maybe then, our industrialists, bankers, insurance companies, etc. will stop supporting the US economy and bring home their investments in Wall Street and bank deposits — Great idea!!

  • Robert Schenck

    I participated in a march in the town of La Ceiba. The march was in support of the new government. We had to have the police protect us from a violent mob of Zelaya supporters. We were marching with women and children and still they wanted to attack us. If any of Zelaya’s supporters have been hurt it is because they are being vandals and also attacking the police and innocent people. How the US government can support a con artist like Zelaya doesn’t say much for our leaders

  • http://pith-n-vinegar.blogspot.com/ Quincy

    Ana –

    I’m with you and the people of Honduras. As a US Citizen, I’m ashamed at the actions the US Government is taking in my name.

    Unfortunately, as proven by Jane above, many in the US don’t know the truth, as the media-government complex in this country has chosen to bury it.

    Stay strong and stay determined to keep the rule of law. When the day comes in this country that a President goes to far, I only hope we can show the same courage as the Hondurans have in standing up to him.

  • James Padgett

    Again, Obama is deceptive and not to be trusted. After Senator Jim DeMint and 16 other Republican senators strongly objected to the U.S.’s inital cutting of support for Honduras due to it’s action towards Zelaya, the State Dept. issued a conciliatory statement saying that Zelaya’s actions prompted the action by the Supreme Court to remove him.
    But 2 days later while with President Calderon of Mexico, Obama strongly deounced the ‘coup.”
    Most likely since he himself is a socialist, Obama is “in bed” with Chavez, Ortez, Correa and the Castro brothers. What else would explain these totally reprehensible actions taken towards Honduras to DEFENT its deomcracy and prevent a socialist takeover akin to what has occured in Venezuela?
    Unfortunately, Clinton has proved herself to be a spineless “yes” woman puppet of Obama. The woman will do anything to reach her political aspirations. Why else do you think she stayed married to playboy Bill – after multiple instances of marital unfaithfulness (that no woman havving a modicum of self-respect would have done?)
    We can only hope that DeMint, Lugar and other Republicans will put pressure on the administration to reverse these stupid and asinine actions against Honduras – the only country in Central America to have allowed the U.S. to maintain a military base on its soil. Just know there are many U.S. citicens who would like to see Fraud-bama removed from office and many millions who do not believe that he is even constitutionally eligible to be president.