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September 14, 2009

Monday Open Thread

by Brad Warbiany

Possible discussion point — should we on the libertarian end of the spectrum start more aggressively using the rattlesnake image from the Gadsden Flag? I’m a huge fan, but may not be a representative sample.


UPDATE: Photo originally from this post. The post is itself worth a read.

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  • Amagi

    I think it would be great to use the Gadsden flag… it is recognized as historically relevant even to those outside of the liberty movement.

  • Sam M-B

    1. where’s that image from?
    2. the federalist response:,_or_Die

    Also, if right-libertarians use the snake, I’m going to start using a mongoose for left-libertarianism! ;]

  • Stephen Littau

    I like it. I say hell yes.

  • Brad Warbiany


    1) I don’t know where it originated. I am hosting it locally, but if you click it, it links over to Breitbart (but direct to JPG, not to a page w/ any context).

    2) Libertarianism is an end, federalism is a means. Federalism might be better than what we have now, but I no more want a state government telling me how to live my life than I want a central government doing the same.

  • southernjames

    “I no more want a state government telling me how to live my life than I want a central government doing the same.”

    You’re in California, right?

    What, is there a problem? :)

  • Anonymous Coward
  • JamesLloyd

    There is a long standing fear of snakes in the American populace (due largely to Christianity); an unrecognized reaction [from a deeply ingrained and then probably never questioned story] to an image could be counter productive. ~~~ ‘I don’t know why I dont’t like it-I just don’t’ ~~~

    Perhaps a jesus fish, a tai ch’i wheel, an amalgam or something non-dissimilar?

  • Jenn

    I am Canadian and even prior to moving to the US,I have long known the meaning of the rattlesnake as depicted here. It is entirely suitable.

  • John222

    I like the idea. As a symbol, it makes a lot more sense than the other two.

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