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September 15, 2009

What’s Next, Richard Gere’s Hamster?!

by Brad Warbiany

It's comin' right for us!

It's comin' right for us!

After reading the litany of Radley Balko’s Puppycide chronicles, I still took solace in the fact that if some brute squad mistakenly came to bust down my door instead of a neighbor’s, my 10 lb Yorkshire Terrier, who I refer to as a “barking cat” due to his laziness, would probably not get himself shot. After all, what cop would put a bullet into such a harmless little guy?

I’m sure you can see where this is going… From TJIC:

Cops find 19 year old deaf, declawed, 6 lb house cat that escaped … and wrap a rope around it’s neck, shoot it in the skull (twice), put it in a plastic bag, and throw it away.

Because, ummm, it probably had – like – rabies, or something.

What ?

City Manager Eric Berlin … said Tobey may have appeared to officers to be diseased because he was wet.

Oh, it was wet, from having been sprayed with a hose. OK, then, by all means, shoot it twice in the skull, spattering potentially rabies-carrying brain matter all over.

I’m sure there won’t be too much uproar, of course, because a deaf 19-year-old cat, wasting away at 6 lbs and suspected of disease probably didn’t have that great of a quality of life anyway. Maybe we should just call this an instance of “Death Panel v1.0″.

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