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Michelle Obama on what our kids need:

We need all of our children to be exposed to the entrepreneurial ideals that our businesspeople from around the country represent, particularly this time in our nation’s history, where government taxation and regulation is strangling the economy and entrepreneurship opportunities dry up. It becomes increasingly harder for our kids to learn to be self-sufficient, in a nation where we’ve coddled their self-esteem through sports where we don’t keep score, social promotion in our schools, and a welfare-state mentality where they have little fear of failure. When we’re seeing rates of 18 to 24 unemployment over 50% due to minimum wage laws, it is so important for them to realize that if they want to succeed, the government is doing nothing but keeping them in a state of slothful apathetic dependency on their couch, waiting for the next unemployment check to arrive. We need to raise up the platform and recognize folks like Bill Gates, Paula Deen, Robert Johnson, Craig Newmark, and John Mackey, to ensure that our kids understand that it is not government that makes this country great, but the hard work and dedication of individuals trying to make their own lives and those of the people around them better.

Oh, wait, that’s not her quote. I made that up.

Her quote — in “advocacy” for Chicago’s bid for the Olympics — was a lot more condescending and appears to blame American kids’ obesity and laziness on a lack of government programs. In fact, rather than suggesting that Chicago is a great place to host the Olympic Games, she’s claiming that we need them here because without those positive role models, our kids will fall apart like the fragile little creatures we’ve let them become.

We need all of our children to be exposed to the Olympic ideals that athletes from around the world represent, particularly this time in our nation’s history, where athletics is becoming more of a fleeting opportunity. Funds dry up so it becomes harder for kids to engage in sports, to learn how to swim, to even ride a bike. When we’re seeing rates of childhood obesity increase, it is so important for us to raise up the platform of fitness and competition and fair play; to teach kids to cheer on the victors and empathize with those in defeat, but most importantly, to recognize that all the hard work that is required to do something special.

America used to bid on the Games by suggesting that we were the best place to host the Games — you know, from each according to his ability. Now, on the other hand, we bid based on how much the Games will bring to us — to each according to his need.

A bid for the Olympic Games is not where I’d ever expect to hear “it’s for the children”.

Hat Tip: McQ @ QandO

  • Dave

    Jeez, get a grip. It’s the friggen olympics, not some socialist plot to brainwash your children, or to cost you tax money to get their little butts up to play soccer.

    You seem to me to be the kind of person who would see a bright blue sky and the warm sun and blame the government because they warned you to put on sunblock. In other words, you’d find any reason to hate. Grow up.

  • John222

    I liked the first quote better. Too bad she’ll never actually say such things.

  • http://thelibertypapers.org/ Brad Warbiany



    I’m criticizing Michelle Obama for what I consider to be a completely wrongheaded statement. Instead of talking about how wonderful a city Chicago is — and I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, so I love the city — she’s trying to rely on pity. She’s not saying we should get the Olympics because we’d have anything wonderful to offer, she’s saying we should get it because we need it more.

    She’s saying that because our kids are too fat, they must have the Olympics in their own backyard instead of on their TV. She’s also blaming that fat on a lack of “funds”, as if exercise requires funds. Kids today could avoid obesity by merely taking walks.

    Even if you give her a pass on all of that, it’s not like Chicago is a city bereft of sports. Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, some soccer team nobody cares about, a WNBA team…

    But again, hate? Why, in your view of the world, must all criticism be hate? I don’t hate Michelle Obama. I don’t hate Barack Obama. I have serious ideological differences with both of them. I think they come from a collectivist (and yes, socialist) mindset, which I railed against in this post. I want their government to get out of my life. But hate is personal, and I have far too many important and wonderful things in my life to waste my time hating the Obamas.

  • southernjames

    You should give he poor woman a break. What Michelle is just trying to say – and it just didn’t come out quite right – or perhaps you’re just taking it out of context – – is that — Look, they are from Chicago, okay, and having done things the “Chicago way” their entire careers, the Obamas naturally have backers, supporters, and business associates who most probably all stand to make a shitload and I mean a shitload of money if the Games come to Chicago. Graft, payola, real estate holdings or rentals suddenly increasing in value. That sort of thing.

    So it really IS sort of for the kids if you think about it – Rezko, Ayers, Wright, Rahm, Jarett etc., – those folks all probably have kids – and perhaps even a few of them are obese. Bringin it home for the kids.

  • Sam

    Brad, it seems to me that the First Lady is not with this speech presenting an argument to the Olympic Committee as to why they should select Chicago, but trying to present an argument to *Americans* as to why *they* should care and want it to happen.

    And in any case, she’s not arguing to bring the “entrepreneurship olympics” to Chicago but the actual Olympics. Talking about Bill Gates wouldn’t make much sense. “Bring the Olympics to Chicago. Chicago is in America. Bill Gates lives in Seattle, which is also in America, and he’s really smart.”

    If you don’t like the Olympics, or don’t want to see the US government spend billions of dollars on hosting them, that’s fine. Go after that in the first place. I think you’re missing the boat on this one.

  • southernjames

    All moot now anyway, apparently.

    I just read that Chicago got eliminated in the FIRST round of voting. Michelle goes and raises the temperature of the globe by .00000001 degree, to take effect in 50 years with that cross atlantic jet hopping – all for NOTHING. Mother Gaia weeps.

    Damn. America’s kids are going to stay fat as a result. Seeing the next cute-as-a-button(!!) pixie gymnast with that heart-warming life story on t.v., (after this 6 minute word from our sponsers) broadcasted by NBC’s finest talking heads with the Sears Tower as a backdrop instead of watching the EXACT same thing but with Rio in the backdrop would have been SO much more inspiring to millions of chubby American kids…. leading to them ditching the video games and go outside do jumping jacks.

    Just out of gosh darn pure-blooded Patriotism and Love of the Red, White and Blue. Like what happened after the Atlanta games. We had a few really good years of skinny exercising after that one.

    NOW, with all the kids it will be — “who cares, Rio-Schmio – its not in the USA, so pass me the bag of Cheetos and let’s watch Hannah Montana.”

    Mayor Daley and all the other cronies and who were planning on cashing in must be pissed. I bet somebody’s going to get knee-capped over this one. I thought if anybody could bribe the intensely corrupt IOC, it would be Chicago-land crowd. Brazil and the other finalists must be bringing some REAL under the table $$ into play.